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Make Every Friend Count

Make Every Friend Count

Introduction To Basketball Online

The basketball game offered by the Big Cash app is a casual multiplayer game that offers players a chance to win cash online. One can play the game by going to the Big Cash app and winning real money within 5 minutes. A few years ago no one would have thought Basketball can be played online. But Big Cash not only provides the opportunity to play the game online, but It also provides a chance to win real money online. You only have to spend 5 minutes playing the game and you will get the scores shown. The score will be compared with your opponents and then you will be given the cash price based on the score.  It is an interesting game that requires precision, aim, and attention. In this game, you have to hit the ball so that it enters the court.

Play Basketball Online & Earn Real Cash

  • To play basketball online on the Big Cash app you need to install the app and search for the basketball game. 
  • Tap on the game and select a contest you want to participate in. Big Cash offers more than 5 contests to play basketball. Some of these contests require money while some can be played free of cost. 
  • After selecting the game you will see a basketball court and a ball.
  • Throw the ball in the court in 5 minutes. You have to hit 60 balls in these 5 minutes. 
  • Hitting into the basket gets more difficult as the level increases.
  • If a player gets the ball into the basket while touching the ring of the basket, the player will get 20 points.
  • If the player gets the ball into the basket without touching the ring of the basket, the player gets 30 points and a 2x multiplier of the score for the next hit
  • If you miss hitting a ball in the court you will lose a life. You will get 5 lives, and once you lose all 5 lives the game will end. 
  • Once the game ends you can see your score in the leaderboard category, you can also see the score of your competitors at the same place. 
  • Results will be declared within 30 minutes after league completion. 
  • If you score the highest in the game you will win the decided cash price/token. 
  • If less number of users participate in your contest then your money will be refunded within 24 hours.

There are several benefits of playing basketball online on the Big Cash app. 

  • This is a casual game that can be played anywhere, anytime which only takes 5 minutes. 
  • It gives an opportunity to win real money. 
  • You can practice the game to perfect your aim. 
  • You can win tokens playing the game which you can use to play other games on the app. 

1- How to earn money playing basketball game online? 

Answer - In order to play basketball online and earn money you have to choose a tournament on Big Cash and start playing the game with real players. Once the game ends, the player with the highest score will win the money. 

2- Can I play a basketball game online for free?

Answer - Yes, Big Cash gives you the option to play basketball online for free. You can practice as much as you want without spending a single penny. Once you think you are ready then start playing with cash for a chance to win real money. 

3- What is the best basketball game on mobile?

Answer - The best basketball game available to play on mobile is the one on the Big Cash app. It is easy, time-saving, and most of all gives you the opportunity to earn real money.