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Learn To Play pool Rummy

Learn To Play pool Rummy

Introduction To Pool Rummy Online

Pool rummy is one of the variants of the 13-card Indian rummy. This game consists of 2 to 6 players who contribute a fee to the Big Cash prize pool. While this game shares a few components as other rummy variants, Big Cash pool roomy rules create the distinction. In addition, pool rummy has a unique method of calculating winnings. Pool rummy allows you to play more than one round to push your opponent past the point limit. Any player who reaches the highest limit of 101 or 201 exits the game. Big Cash offers players the advantage of instantly withdrawing the funds they win from the game.

Play Pool Rummy & Earn Real Money

Pool Rummy, a captivating variant of the timeless Rummy card game, combines strategy, skill, and a touch of luck to create an enthralling gaming experience. As players meld their cards into valid sequences and sets, the thrill of competition intensifies with every move. There are different rummy variations where you can play this card game in different versions. 

Pool Rummy Game stands out among the diverse rummy variants of the classic card game. Unlike Deals Rummy, where players compete in a fixed number of rounds, or Points Rummy, where each hand concludes independently, Pool Rummy's game operates on a cumulative scoring system. Players who have rummy passion aim to avoid accumulating penalty points, which contribute to the pool until they reach a predetermined threshold.

1. Dealing Cards: A standard deck of 52 cards is used, and each player is dealt a specific number of cards at the beginning of the game.

2. Objective: The primary goal is to form valid sequences and sets using the cards in hand. A valid declaration must include at least one pure sequence, which comprises consecutive cards of the same suit without the use of a Joker.

3. Turn Sequence: Players take turns drawing cards from the closed or open deck and discard unwanted cards to optimise their hands.

4. Melding Cards: As players organise their cards into sequences and sets, they may choose to use Jokers as substitutes for missing cards. However, a pure sequence must always be present in a valid declaration.

Pure Sequence and Sets

In a Pool Rummy game, a pure sequence holds paramount importance. It is the foundation of a valid declaration and must be formed without the use of Joker. Once a player has created a pure sequence, they can focus on completing the remaining melds using Joker or additional cards.

Penalty Points and Pool Thresholds

1. Penalty Points: Players incur penalty points for unmelted cards in their hands at the end of each round. Face cards and numbered cards carry points corresponding to their face value, while Jokers hold zero points.

2. Pool Thresholds: The game continues until a player accumulates the maximum penalty points agreed upon at the outset. At this point, the player exits the game, and the remaining participants continue until only one player remains in the game, declared the winner.

Rummy Tips for Success

1. Focus on Pure Sequences: Prioritise forming a pure sequence early in the game to secure a strong foundation for your hand.

2. Observe Opponents: Pay attention to the cards discarded by your opponents to gauge their strategies and anticipate their next moves.

3. Manage Risk: Assess the risk of picking cards from the discard pile versus the closed deck, considering the potential implications for your hand and overall strategy.

4. Discard Wisely: Be strategic in discarding cards, avoiding those that could benefit your opponents while maximizing the potential of your hand.

Pool rummy rules are easy to understand for beginner and professional players. Here are the standard pool rummy rules across all versions.

  • Big Cash pool rummy hosts five players, with a maximum of six. The game uses 2 52-card decks with printed jokers.
  • All players must arrange their 13 cards to create a valid declaration with sets and sequences. A winning declaration must have at least two sequences with one pure sequence.
  • Players may use printed and wild jokers to create impure sets and sequences.
  • The cards A, K, Q, and J each carry 10 points. All other cards add points based on their face value.
  • As per the pool rummy rules, use joker cards to make an impure sequence.
  • The first player to make a valid declaration while maintaining the score limits wins the game.
  • There is a toss to determine the first player to make a move
  • If a player does not pick a card from the open or closed deck before their time is up, the next player takes the turn.
  • If a player picks a card and fails to discard one before their time runs out, it is automatically discarded.

Follow these steps for playing pool rummy for the first time on Big Cash after the pool rummy cash games app download. Pool Rummy is a brilliant cash game where you can earn real money. 

  • First, open the Big Cash app on your mobile phone and scroll to the ‘Rummy’ section. Select pool rummy from the various options available and enter a tournament that meets your entry fee requirements.
  • The game has five to six players, and other opponents will be waiting to take on you.
  • Once the pool rummy table has enough players, you will be dealt 13 cards to start the round of picking and discarding cards. The objective is to make the best card combination called melds (sets and sequences). Based on the pool rummy rules, winning players must correctly declare their hand and meld the cards.
  • The remaining cards (draw pile) are shown face-down at the table. One card is picked randomly and placed under the draw pile face up. This card is the wild card or printed joker that serves the rest of the deal. The pool rummy player to the right side starts the round by forming hand combinations.
  • Players can make a valid declaration when they have at least two sequences: one pure sequence and another pure or impure sequence. A player can make a valid declaration when making at least two sequences and other sets/sequences. A 'Declare' button is on the screen for making a declaration.
  • Once they click this option, the system reviews their combinations, and 80 points will be added to an invalid declaration. This move aims at pushing the player out of the table. The point value of the opponent's unmatched cards will be calculated if the declaration is valid. The winner is the player with a score point closer to 0.

Calculating scores in pool rummy is quite straightforward for any player to understand. The player who makes a valid declaration gets 0 points and wins. If a winner makes a valid declaration with unmatched cards, the value of the unmatched cards will be deducted from the total points of the opponents. Pool rummy rules add that the value of their unmatched cards will determine the other players' scores. After calculating all scores, the winnings are calculated in the following format.

Entry fee x number of players = Total winnings

The winner takes the prize money and has the option to start a new game. When playing this game online on Big Cash, there is a time limit that players must beat before the game ends.

In the scoring of Pool Rummy, maximum points are assigned for valid set melded during gameplay. This variant, akin to classic rummy, introduces specific rules regarding scoring and play. Rummy players aim to form valid sets by arranging cards of the same rank but different suits or by creating sequences of consecutive cards of the same suit. Each card carries points based on its face value, with higher points allotted to face cards. In Pool Rummy, players strive to dispose of their remaining card swiftly to avoid accumulating penalty points. The game concludes when a player reaches the pre-decided maximum point limit, marking the end of a thrilling round of strategic card play.

Only the ungrouped cards will add to the points if a player has a pure and impure sequence. Any invalid declaration will get a penalty of 80 points. In addition, if a player makes a declaration without a sequence, the cards' points will be calculated. Moreover, if a player misses consecutive turns three times, they will be automatically dropped from the game, and this is the middle drop for calculating points.

Follow these steps to play pool rummy on the Big Cash app and win real money.

  • On the bigcash.live website, enter your phone number, and an app download link will be sent. You can scan a QR code directly to get a download link.
  • Use the link to download and install the app on your mobile phone.
  • After the pool rummy app download, open it to verify your phone number and receive a Rs 20 sign-up bonus.
  • Open the game section and select pool rummy. Join a tournament alongside other opponents and win the pool prize.

1. What Is A Sequence In Online Rummy?

A rummy card sequence is a group of three or more cards organised consecutively and from the same suit. A rummy sequence is either pure or impure, depending on how a player uses a joker card.

2. Where Can I download the pool rummy app from?

The Big Cash app is available for download online to play pool rummy. Enter your phone number to receive the app download link to install it on your mobile phone. After installing the Big Cash app, you can play all versions of rummy, including pool rummy.

3. Can I play free rummy tournaments without adding any cash?

No. Before your play pool rummy on Big Cash, you must have money to contribute to the prize pool. The contests have lower entry fees, starting from Rs. 1, meaning it is easier to start playing rummy tournaments on Big Cash.

4. When does the pool rummy game settle?

The pool rummy game ends when a player makes a valid declaration with a hand of sequences and sets. The winning hand must have two sequences, and one must be pure. Therefore, a pure/pure or pure/impure sequence still earns the player points.