Rummy Sequence

Rummy is one of the most popular card games played by many users all across the world. It is enjoyed and played with skills and strategy to make you win big. When you talk about the rules of rummy, you should keep your eyes on the concept of a rummy sequence. 

To win the online rummy game, the ability to make quick rummy sequences also demonstrates your rate of success in the game. To win the rummy online game, the user needs to make at least two sequences. 

What is a Rummy Sequence? 

When you play online rummy, the formation of sequences would matter a lot to win the game. The main goal in the game is to make valid sequences and sets at the first position to win the game. Whenever you make a sequence in the game, it is considered to be the most crucial part of the whole game. 

It is a combination of three or more cards arranged in consecutive order of the same suit. It can either be a pure one or an impure one! But, both of them are equally important for the winnings to happen in the game. 

The player with the first valid declaration would win the rummy game. The rules should be followed to win and the most important one stands to be the sequence only! So, get along and make the right sequences for the winnings to happen. 

Declaring your cards without any proper sequence would not make you win any game. So, it is important to understand the role of this concept for your benefit. 

Types of Sequences In Rummy Game

Understand the concept of 13 card rummy sequence in the game. It is a group set of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit. So, get to know more about the types of sequences in the game, it is pure and impure! 

Pure Sequence In The Rummy Game

It is a group of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit, without jokers! Also, a wild joker can be used to complete your pure sequence if it is used in its original value and not as any substitute for any kind of missing card. 

It is an important part of the whole rummy game for a valid declaration to be made because you cannot make any without the pure sequence. In the rummy game, if you declare your cards without pure sequence, it would be known as an invalid declaration, also causing a penalty of 80 points in the game, which you cannot afford to win! 

An example of a pure sequence is 2,3,4 of any same suit or 7,8,9,10 of the same suit or it can be even J, Q, K, A. 

Impure Sequence In The Rummy Game

An impure sequence is a combination of three or more cards in which one or more sequential cards have been replaced by a joker or joker. Both printed jokers, as well as wild jokers, can be used to create an impure sequence. 

Examples would be 5,6, joker and others would be 9,5, J, Q, where 5 is a wild joker.

Pure Sequence With and Without Joker

In a rummy game, for a pure sequence game rules mandate three or more consecutive cards of the same suit. The pure sequence can not be created using Joker. 

For example, the pure sequence in a rummy game: 3,4,5 with the same suit 

As per the Indian Rummy rules you can make a pure sequence using wild card Joker when the wild card Joker is used at its original place. For example - 6, 7, 8, 9 from the same suit where 8 is a wild card joker. 

Rules to Make Rummy Sequence

When a rummy game is played, the users have to make a minimum of two valid sequences for a valid declaration to be made. But, there should be at least one pure sequence to hit the winnings button.

There should be at least 3 cards to make a sequence or set in the online rummy game. Any declaration without a pure sequence is said to be an invalid declaration. Considering the rules, any invalid declaration would cause you a penalty of 80 points in the game, which is not affordable! 

Also, the mandatory demand of having two sequences would lead you to the winnings, the players have this choice to make a pure or impure sequence or sets with the remaining cards. 

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Rummy Sequence FAQ

1- What is a pure sequence?

A pure sequence would consist of three or more cards, particularly of the same suit in the game also placed in a consecutive order. It would not include the wild joker or a printed joker unless the joker would have an original value in the game. 

2- Can I use a Joker in a pure sequence? 

Only a wild card Joker can be used in the pure sequence, but only with the original value. Also, it should be of the same suit but not used as a substitute for any type of other card. 

3- Can I use a printed Joker to make a pure sequence?

No, a player cannot use this card to make his pure sequence. But, you can use a wild joker only if it is the original value in the game. 

4- What is an impure sequence?

In a rummy game, an impure sequence would be three or more cards in which one or more cards have been replaced by a joker or more joker cards. Both the printed and wild jokers can be used to form an impure sequence in the game. 

5- How To form sequences in the rummy game?

Even if you are a beginner for the rummy game, and want to learn more about the sequences in the game. It is a group of three or more consecutive cards but particularly of the same suit. 

A user should make at least two sequences to make a valid declaration in the game. So, get going and make the right ones for the big winnings to happen.