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  • Poker 50K Weekly Tournament

    Big Cash, one of the leading online gaming platforms, has announced an exciting poker tournament for its VIP users. With a winning amount of Rs. 50000, the tournament is sure to attract players from all over the world. The tournament has an entry fee of 100 and offers a grand prize of Rs. 9999.

    • The tournament is open to Big Cash's VIP users.
    • Only the first 1000 players to register will be able to participate.
    • With such a limited number of seats available, players need to act quickly to secure their spot in the tournament.
    • The tournament has an entry fee of 100 and offers a grand prize of Rs. 9999.
    • The tournament will begin promptly at 9 pm every Sunday, giving players plenty of time to prepare and get into the right mindset for the game.
    • The tournament will follow standard poker rules. There will be four levels in the tournament. 
    Level Time Pt. Value Re-Buy Reload
    1 7 Mins 5.0 ₹50.0 1000
    2 7 Mins 10.0 ₹50.0 2000
    3 7 Mins 20.0 ₹50.0 2500
    4 7 Mins 40.0 NA NA

    • There is a prize pool of Rs. 50000 up for grabs. Here is the break up of the Prize Pool - 
    Rank Price
    1 ₹9,999
    2 ₹5,001
    3 ₹2,500
    4-5 ₹1,000
    6-100 ₹200
    101-215 ₹100

    Players who are new to the game or need to brush up on their skills can take advantage of the many resources available on Big Cash. The platform offers tutorials, guides, and practice games, allowing players to hone their skills and improve their chances of winning the tournament.

    In conclusion, the Big Cash poker tournament is an exciting opportunity for poker players to showcase their skills and win big. With a winning amount of Rs. 50000 and a grand prize of Rs. 9999, the stakes are high, and players need to bring their A-game to the table. The limited number of seats available and the 9 pm start time to make this tournament all the more competitive and thrilling. If you're a VIP user on Big Cash, don't miss this opportunity to participate in one of the most exciting poker tournaments of the year!