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All About Indian Ludo: Classic Board Game From India Now Available Online

October 19, 2:21 pm

Ludo has been a popular Indian board game for ages. From the baby boomers to the millennials, everyone as a child had played the ludo game. The fun of capturing other’s tokens/pawns and making the players start all over again is a different emotion.  However, the classical offline ludo game was only limited to physical …


The Ultimate Guide to Online Ludo Success with 4 Players

October 18, 10:14 am

Ludo is like a mix of luck and planning. Luck encompasses elements beyond your control, except for the ability to influence how you roll the dice, especially when you obtain two sixes in succession. Therefore, it is crucial to devise a strategic approach to play the “ludo game” intelligently. Here, we will discuss the winning …

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2-Player Ludo Game Online | Join the Multiplayer Action

October 18, 10:02 am

Ludo is a versatile game that accommodates two or four players, making it an ideal choice for 2 to four players. It is available on all online gaming platforms. The rules are simple for playing on a Ludo money game. Before the game starts, players will be assigned unique house colours. The primary objective when …

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Tactical Ways to Use Your Ludo Tokens Wisely

September 21, 10:32 am

Online ludo has taken the gaming community by storm. People have been consistently looking forward to downloading and updating to the latest version of the game. All thanks to the lockdown, which impeded the online ludo games, keeping families entertained and connected.  However, one aspect that many people miss out on is using the ludo …