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Make Every Friend Count

Make Every Friend Count

Introduction To Bulb Smash Game Online

Bulb Smash or bulb shooter is a casual online game that most people relate to their childhood days. If you miss the sound of hitting and breaking bulbs, smash bulbs and win big on the Big Cash Bulb Smash app. Big Cash allows you to play against thousands of potential opponents across India. The more points you score, the bigger your winnings will be. Win online cash from the Bulb Smash game and withdraw instantly via Paytm or  UPI. While the  Bulb Smash game does not require you to be highly skilled, you must be a precise shooter who does not miss the target. Also, a good memory is an advantage because you must remember all the points associated with a particular colour.

Play Bulb Smash Game & Earn Real Money

When playing Bulb Smash on the Big Cash Bulb Smash app, you must first enter a contest and pay the entry fee. You will be assigned a random opponent with whom you will play head-to-head.

  • After the Bulb Smash game download, the game starts with a fidget spinner randomly assigning points to each bulb. The scores will differ for each game, so there is no specific point range for one colour. The bulbs have point scores ranging from 40, 30, 20, and 10 and the colours are red, blue, yellow and purple.
  • The bulbs will rotate above the screen; you must smash them using a slingshot. The game has four sets, and players have four chances to break the bulbs. Aim at the bulbs with higher points to win more. When you hit a bulb that is outside the four selected colours, or if you miss a bulb, you lose points. 
  • After each player finishes their set, the results will be tallied to announce the winner. If you win, you receive a payout in your Bulb Smash pot.

When playing the Bulb Smash game for cash, there are some rules to follow to ensure you make the best out of the game;

  • All contests require an entry fee to win real money.
  • Remember the bulb score of each colour because the score changes for each game. In one game, there are eight bulbs, 2 for each colour.
  • You have four chances to smash bulbs from the four sets.
  • Score more points to beat your opponent in the Bulb Smash earning app, the maximum number of points being 100.
  • In case both players score equally, the player who takes the minimum time to smash bulbs earns 10 points. 

Bulb Smash is an exciting game that requires skill to win. Players with experience can win more by making accurate hits with the slingshot. Once you open the app, choose from one of the three contests available.

The contests are the Mumbai club, where the entry fee is Rs. 2 and you win Rs. 3. Delhi club, with an entry fee of Rs. 5 and a payout of Rs. 8. Finally, there is the Goa club, with an entry fee of Rs. 8 and a payout of Rs. 12.

Aim and hit the bulbs with the highest scores to make more money. The more contests you play and win, the more money you get.  

1- How to download the Bulb Smash app from the website?

When you are on the bigcash.live website, enter your phone number and wait for a download link to be sent or scan the QR code on the site. Use the link to download the app and sign in with your mobile number.

 2- How to earn money by playing Bulb Smash?

Bulb Smash is an easy-to-play game where you win money playing online against other players. Score more points than your opponent to increase your winning chances. Besides, entering a contest with a higher payout earns you more money.  Thus, play and win more rounds for a bigger payout.