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  • WON ₹ 35,000

    Big 3 Patti on Big Cash is a game-changer! Look of the game is top-notch, and it has helped me win cash apart from being a constant source of my entertainment.



  • WON ₹ 40,000

    Big 3 Patti on Big Cash is a game-changer! Look of the game is top-notch, and it has helped me win cash apart from being a constant source of my entertainment.




Play Tash Game Online and Win Real Cash

Play Tash Game Online and Win Real Cash

Introduction to Tash Game

The word “Tash” is usually used for “cards”. It is generally known as the cards game only and is a type of table game that involves players and playing cards. Different variants can be well-known by the majority of people in India. It’s the popular Hindi variation of the card game and also differs based on the rules and practices of the games. 


Earlier people used to gather in social meetings or during festive seasons when they had this urge to play different card games. But now with the availability of smartphones and an internet connection, you can easily get involved in the cash games and also win some Big Cash rewards by showing your skills and gaming abilities. 


Whenever bored, you can pick up your cards or smartphone to enjoy the game online or offline. It has been made an ultimate source of entertainment and during the outbreak of covid-19, more and more people have diverted towards the same. 

Play Tash Game and Earn Money

With the availability of smartphones and easy connections, you can enjoy the Tash games online and grab huge cash rewards! Participate in daily challenges, tournaments and contests to demonstrate your skills and bag massive winnings like never before. 

The monetary values and huge rewards make it an attraction for the users to play and withdraw their winnings within seconds. It has also been made a certain source of passive income while enjoying free time. 

The Tash games are played by most people in India who love online gaming and the concept of winning cash rewards with such games. You can be a part of it too! Download the Big Cash app and sign-up to start your gaming journey and play real money games by participating in daily contests, tournaments and much more. 

Tash games are very popular in India and have been played since the ages of kings and maharajas. It was the ultimate source to keep them entertained and eliminate all types of boredom at that time. In a country like India, children are also well-aware of the Tash games and have been playing them since a very young age as it is said to be developing cognitive and strategic thinking. 

The first Tash game was played in the 9th century AD in the Tang Dynasty and ever since the 11th century, there has been an evident view of Asian and European countries having it as their culture as well. 

The origin of Tash games has come up with so many different variants that people have their preferred versions now. They also have their expertise in one kind of variant and keep their gameplay regular for winning Big Cash amounts with the same.

Tash card games are usually played with a deck of 52 cards, which are separated into four different suits of spades, diamonds, clubs and hearts. Also, there are other suits with 13 cards that include, 

2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, Ace, King, Queen and Jack. 

The rules and guidelines of every different variant would depend on the one you would be playing. Every game would have its different rules and ongoings to win in the game and you need to master them to pick your game online. 

Before diving into the cash games, get along with the practice games also so that you have a better pick on such games to make the big winnings. So, start playing now and have your cash prizes lined up! 

Now, the Tash games have been divided into five different types which you can see! Have a look at them and choose your preferred variant. 

Trick-taking Tash Games

In this type, the user needs to win the trick which is based on the value of the cards that are played every round. Also, there can be different objectives in the game, for example - the heart card game. 

Matching Tash Games

In this game, the user needs to assemble different groups of cards before the opponent does. Here, the example would be the rummy game. 

Shedding Tash Games

In this type, the user needs to discard all the cards which he is holding and that too very quickly! It is a fun game if you get to know more about its rules and guidelines to play. 

Collect & Catch Tash Games

The main aim of this type is to collect all the cards present in the deck. You need to go through its rules to know more about it and play to win big. The example includes slapjack. 

Comparing Tash Games

If you play this type of Tash game, your main goal is to compare the hand values of every player to know who is the winner. They are also known as the showdown games like poker, baccarat, and blackjack. 

The Big Cash app is a revolutionary place to enjoy your favourite Tash games like call break, rummy, poker and much more! You can participate in daily contests and tournaments for relentless chances to win cash prizes and big rewards! 

You can have a look at such amazing benefits of playing Tash games on the Big Cash app. 

Responsible Gaming

The platform comprises amazing features to encourage the concept of responsible gaming. The app comes with a randomized card layout and high-quality video and sound effects with an amazing user interface. There are different tools to help players maintain their playing limit and deposit amounts for a day so that the game does not become addictive for anyone. 

Amazing Opportunities

When a player comes on the Big Cash app, you can explore so many options in the Tash games with lucrative rewards and different tournaments. It has a lot many opportunities that give you the chance to take your skills to the next level. There are guaranteed prize pools with which you can win the biggest cash amounts. 

20+ Games

The Big Cash app is the ideal destination to choose your favourable Tash Wala game on the platform. Download the app and see how amazingly you can make your choice and participate in different tournaments to make your winnings. Enjoy the amazing benefits, user interface and many more offers to win big from the gaming platform. 

Instant Cash Withdrawals

Play, win and withdraw within seconds! It lets you play against your friends and win real cash prizes. It is easy to withdraw your winnings from your bank account with a hassle-free procedure. It reaches the users in the most secure methods and helps them to make the most out of it. 

1- How do we call the Tash game in English?

In English, Tash games are popularly known as card games. They can be played in various family gatherings or with friends. 

2- Which are the popular Tash games in India for real money?

The popularity of Tash games in India is at a different level. A massive amount of people love the game and are involved in it. The most popular ones are: Call Break Tash game, Blackjack Tash game, Baccarat Tash game, 3 Patti Tash game, online rummy Tash game

3- Are they skill-based games?

Yes, they are based on skills and knowledge and you need to come up with proper planning to make your moves in the game. So, get your knowledge to come up with ways to win the different Tash games online.