How to Play Ludo Game on Big Cash

Introduction to Online Ludo Game

In recent years, the popularity of online board games has soared, and one game that has stood the test of time is Ludo. Originating in ancient India, Ludo is a strategy-based board game that has captivated players of all ages. With the advent of technology, you can now enjoy online ludo game with friends and family from the comfort of your own home.

The advent of online gaming platforms and mobile applications has revolutionized the way we play Ludo. Now, instead of gathering around a physical board, you can join a virtual Ludo community and challenge opponents from anywhere at any time. Online Ludo brings together the nostalgia of the traditional game with the convenience and excitement of digital gameplay.

Playing Ludo online offers numerous advantages. It eliminates the need for physical boards and game pieces, providing a clutter-free and portable experience. With just a few clicks, you can create an account, invite friends, and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of virtual Ludo. The online version also offers additional features like customizable themes, chat options, and multiplayer modes, enhancing the gaming experience.

Whether you're a seasoned Ludo player or new to the game, the online version provides an opportunity to test your skills, strategize your moves, and compete against players of varying levels from around the globe. It's a platform that fosters social interaction, friendly competition, and the joy of shared gaming experiences.

So, gather your friends, join an online Ludo community, and embark on an exciting journey filled with dice rolls, strategic manoeuvres, and the thrill of victory. Get ready to relive the joy of the Ludo board game in the digital realm and create lasting memories with every move you make.  In this guide, we will walk you through the process of playing Ludo online, from game setup to important rules and frequently asked questions.

Ludo Game Set Up

Ludo is a popular board game that can be played by two to four players. The game board, dice, and tokens are the essential components of Ludo. Here's an explanation of each:

Game Board:

The Ludo game board is a square-shaped board divided into coloured sections, usually yellow, green, red, and blue. Each section represents a player's home area and pathway. The board consists of a central cross-shaped path where the tokens move, connecting the home areas to the main goal area. The goal area is located in the centre of the board, with four coloured triangles representing the final destination for each player's tokens.


Ludo utilizes a six-sided dice, similar to the one used in traditional board games. The dice typically have numbers 1 through 6 marked on its faces. It is used to determine the number of spaces a player can move their token on their turn. Rolling the dice introduces an element of chance into the game, as the number rolled determines the available moves.


Each player in Ludo has a set of tokens, typically four in number, represented by small coloured discs or pieces. The tokens are differentiated by their colour, matching the coloured sections on the game board. The purpose of the tokens is to navigate around the board and reach the goal area. At the start of the game, the tokens are placed in the player's respective home area.

How to Play Ludo Game on Big Cash - 

Once you download the Big Cash ludo game app and register your account you can navigate the home of the gaming app and look for the ludo game. Select a ludo type from Big Ludo, and Fast Ludo to play and you’re all set to go. Here is how you can play the Ludo game on the Big Cash app- 

  • There are several Ludo contests running on the Big Cash app. These contests vary on the winning amount and number of players. 
  • You can choose either to play with 2 players or with 4 players. Select a contest that suits your preferences and you’re good to go. 
  • If you choose Big Ludo then you will get pre-defined 24 moves meanwhile if you choose Fast Ludo then you will get predefined 12 moves. 
  • At your turn, you need to move one of your tokens according to the number on your dice. 
  • If you miss 3 of your turns and do not move your tokens you will be dropped from the game. 
  • Each move will give you a point and these points will be considered at the end to decide who is winning the game. 
  • If you are capturing your opponent's token you will be rewarded an extra move and two additional points. 
  • If a player captures your token you will lose the number of moves you have walked on the board. 
  • If you are playing Big Ludo then once your token reaches home you will earn an extra move and you will get 56 additional points as well. But, if you are playing fast ludo then you will get 29 points. These points will be doubled and so on based on the number of tokens making it home. 
  • If two of your tokens share the same space, you will get an additional 2 points, and if three of your tokens share a space, you will get an additional 3 points. 

Important Call Break Rules to Follow

To play Ludo online successfully, it's crucial to understand and follow the game's rules. Here are the key rules to keep in mind:

  • Objective:

The objective of Ludo is to move all your tokens from the starting point to the centre of the board before your opponents.

  • Gameplay:

Each player takes turns rolling a dice and moving their tokens accordingly. The number on the dice determines the number of spaces a token can move.

  • Start and Finish:

Tokens start in the player's base and enter the main track upon rolling a six on the dice. They move around the board in a clockwise direction, aiming to reach the home column.

  • Safe Zones:

Coloured squares within the main track are considered safe zones. Tokens on safe zones cannot be captured by opponents' tokens.

  • Capturing:

When a player's token lands on a space occupied by an opponent's token, the opponent's token is sent back to its base, and the capturing player gets an extra turn.

  • Special Moves:

Rolling a six gives the player an additional turn. If a token reaches the centre, it cannot be captured and is safe from other tokens.

  • Winning:

The first player to move all their tokens to the centre of the board wins the game. In the case of Fast Ludo player with the highest score wins the game.

Why Play Ludo On Big Cash 

There are several reasons for you to play the Ludo game on the Big Cash app. Here are a few plus points of playing ludo on the Big Cash app- 

  • Big Cash offers Variations of Ludo -

Big Cash offers two types of Ludo games, one is Fast Ludo and another one is Big Ludo. So if you are tired of playing that same old ludo game and looking for some new and exciting ways to play ludo then Fast Ludo is for you.  Here the game not only ends in less than 5 minutes but you also get to have the rush of unknown. 

  • Chance to win real money-

While you can play online ludo on various platforms not every platform offers you money to play ludo. That is where Big Cash wins, if offers you a way to earn real money while playing the ludo game. You can choose from the available contests to play games and earn money if you win the game. 

  • Playing in real-time with real players -

You can not only play the game with ease but you will also play it with real players. This eliminates the possibility of robots, or AI interfering with the game or ruining the experience. Play the game with real players and enjoy the thrill in your own time.

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How to Play Ludo Game FAQs

Q1. Can I play Ludo online with my friends who are not in the same location?

Absolutely! Online Ludo allows you to connect with friends regardless of their geographical location. Simply share the game code or invite them through the platform.

Q2. Are there different variations of Ludo available online? 

Yes, you may find various versions of Ludo with slight rule variations, different board designs, or additional features. For example, Big Cash offers two types of ludo game - Big Ludo and Fast Ludo. 

Q3. Can I play Ludo online by myself? 

While Ludo is typically played with multiple players, Big Cash offers the option to play against real players, in which you do not need to look for other players yourself. Since it is an online game you will be paired with games automatically, providing a single-player experience.

Q4. What if I get disconnected during a game?

In case of disconnection, that round will end and you will be considered out of the contest. And the entry fee will be deducted. 

Q5. Is there a time limit for making moves in online Ludo? 

Yes, Big Cash has a time limit for each player's turn to ensure smooth gameplay. The duration may vary, but typically it ranges from 10 to 15 seconds per move.