Ludo Tips to Help You Win The Game And Be A Pro Ludo Player

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Ludo, traditionally known as Pachisi, is a game that has been part of the Indian gaming industry for many years. This game is friendly for all generations as it is engaging and easy to play. The Ludo game has now gone online, and players can play ludo game on their mobile phones anytime, anywhere. It is now more entertaining, with thousands of opponents playing online. As a result, Ludo fans are incorporating various tips and strategies to defeat their opponents. Considering the competitiveness of the Ludo game online, having a few tips up your sleeve is advantageous.

Here Are Five Ludo Tips That Can Help You Win Every Game

1- Open Up All Your Tokens

Immediately you launch the Ludo game on the app, your first move is to open all your tokens before it is too late. This step allows you to be more flexible, giving you an edge over the opponents at the table. For instance, there are games where the player reaches home with only one token. The other tokens remain stagnant at the start, and this is not a great start if you want to win.

You increase your winning chances by opening up all your pieces, simultaneously taking three and preserving one. If you use one or two tokens to proceed with every dice roll, your opponent will likely overplay you.

Players only win in Ludo online when all four tokens reach the home triangle. Therefore, opening up all tokens allows you to move simultaneously instead of one token at a time.

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2- Spread your Tokens on the Board

Another strategic move in playing on the Ludo game app is focusing on spreading the tokens all over the board. Tactically placing your tokens allows free movement on the board if no opponent is in sight. For example, if you have two tokens in a spot surrounded by opponents, moving a single token gets you killed instantly.

Keeping all your tokens together as you move towards the target increases your chances of losing. Moreover, this strategy allows you to block your opponent’s tokens to prevent them from pushing past your tokens or capturing them. Therefore, try to closely monitor each token on the board while acting smarter than your opponents.

Do not move a token close to reaching the home triangle to keep your tokens safe. Instead, move the pieces likely to be captured by your opponents on the board. Moving your tokens wisely is an indisputable tip to playing Ludo online, especially if you participate in competitive contests.

3- Formulate an Attacking Strategy

Ludo is a simple game with only two playable strategies; defensive and attacking. When playing a defensive strategy, you try to shield your pieces from coming close to the opponents. In the attacking approach, you go for your opponent’s pieces and kill them off.

Therefore, adopting a solid attacking strategy adds thrill to the game, even when your tokens are at risk. Besides, winning in Ludo means being ruthless with your attacks. However, always take calculated risks before killing off the opponent’s token.

If your tokens are in the third or fourth quadrant, only attack if there is enough space to land in a safer spot. A safe distance is seven steps ahead, known as ‘The rule of 7’. This rule means that your opponent has low chances of scoring a 6 and 1, thus minimising their chances of killing your token.

4- Block your Opponent from Crossing

When playing Ludo on the Ludo game app, you either try to block your opponents or focus on your target. Since it is advised to use an attacking strategy during gameplay, aim at blocking your opponents to win. You only win when your opponent loses, and blocking them prevents them from crossing to reach the winning line before you.

As your tokens approach the home, your opponent may attack and capture the piece before it reaches home. To be safer while playing Ludo online, chase your opponent’s pieces to block them from reaching the home. At this point, use ‘The rule of 7’ to minimise their chances of getting you.

5- Be Patient

Like all other board games, Ludo requires players to be patient if they want to win. Patience allows you to think and react according to the situation at hand. Avoid overreacting to the winning position because you may make some wrong moves.

Your opponent will patiently wait for you to make a wrong move to kill your token on the spot. For instance, if you move your tokens to star-shaped zones, your opponents cannot kill you. Even if you fail to land a decent number with the dice roll, leave the token in the safe zone even if the opponent’s tokens surround you. Instead, move the other pieces to safe zones to prevent you from starting over again when your token gets killed.

Bonus Tip: Master the Rules

You can benefit from the tips mentioned above as you play Ludo online by mastering the basic rules. Understanding the game is crucial, especially if you are a beginner. This allows you to play more efficiently and effectively as you minimise the chances of playing fouls.
Besides, Big Cash outlines the Ludo rules and instructions, which will help you build a solid strategy to outsmart the opponent. You will know when to protect your tokens, capture the opponent’s tokens, and move your tokens into the final quadrant. For example, the dice rolling rules allow you to roll the dice immediately after the previous roll in situations when;

  • You score a six on the dice
  • You send an opponent to their home base
  • You make it to the last square in the board’s centre

These rolling rules help you better understand the Ludo game app to make quick strategic decisions.

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Online Ludo is a popular game in India, and losing every against your opponents is not one of the most desirable experiences. While there are many tips and tricks to incorporate into your gameplay, these five are unmistakably the best. The online version of this real money game has added a new twist where the player with the best strategy walks away with the pot prize. Therefore, try to play practice contests frequently to sharpen your skills. These tips and tricks will reward you with the much-expected wins.

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