How Many Players Can Play The Ludo Game Online?

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Ludo is quite popular in India, considering the game originated from the sub-continent. The emergence of technology worldwide has led to the transformation of traditional Ludo games played on a physical board with dice to the online format. Developers have incorporated various features into these games to make them fun and engaging. As a result, players can now enjoy a more immersive and interactive experience while playing Ludo online, with features such as different numbers of players, virtual chat options, and different game modes.

One question lingering in everyone’s minds is the number of players who can participate in Ludo games online. This blog will cover the number of players in a Ludo game and the rules.

How Many Players Can Play Ludo Online?

Ludo is a multiplayer game you can play with online opponents for a thrilling and exciting experience. Most Ludo tables allow up to four players who compete for the pot prize.

Traditionally, this game was played among two or three players, but the few players made it less fun. As a result, modern Ludo games online allow up to six players at a go. Such a huge number of players can also impact the gameplay and strategy of the game.

More players mean there will be crowding on the board, making it harder to move your pieces. Alternatively, having a few players makes the game very predictable. Hence, it is easier to employ strategies. While selecting a Ludo game, make sure to choose the one that matches your expertise and proficiency to fully enjoy the gameplay.

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Two and Three Player Ludo

The two- and three-player online Ludo games use the standard Ludo board shared among the players. Although there are four slots, only two or three are available for use. Each player will pick their side and try to move their tokens across the board to reach the final spot. However, most online Ludo apps do not offer these options because they are less competitive. The gameplay follows the basic Ludo rules, allowing players to play in a traditional manner.

Four Player Ludo

The four-player Ludo is the most popular version of the game for online and offline gaming. Each player is assigned four tokens of different selected colours. The goal for each player is to slot all their tokens in the final spot.

However, completing this move is challenging, considering the other three opponents have the same goal. Therefore, they will try to kill your token when you are in an unsecured spot. Here is the gameplay for the four-player Ludo.

  • The Ludo game online starts with a dice roll, and the player who gets a six on the face moves the tokens first.
  • The player picks a token to move after each dice throw, and if the token cannot move further, the chance is passed to the next player.
  • If the next player rolls a six on the dice, they get an extra chance to roll the dice and push their tokens further. Since online games are timed, players only have 30 seconds to make a move, or they’ll miss the turn.
  • A player who misses three turns is dismissed from the game and will lose their entry token.
  • If a player kills the opponent’s token, they get an additional chance to throw a die. The first player to place their token in the final spot also gets a second chance to throw the dice.
  • The player who moves all four tokens in the home spot first wins the pot prize.

Six Player Ludo

The evolution of online ludo has paved the way for a new version of the game that allows six players. The six-player Ludo borrows the same concept as the four-player variation, with slight differences. For instance, this game has a hexagonal (six-sided board) for six players instead of a square board. Online Ludo download makes it easy for players to play the game at their fingertips anytime.

Each player receives four tokens of the same colour that they must move to the home triangle. Considering the intensity of the six-player Ludo, it requires skills and strategies to outshine the opponent. The game is fast-paced and competitive but pays more than the other versions.

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The players move clockwise as they try to kill each other’s tokens. The rules for six-player Ludo are as follows –

  • Players will take turns rolling the dice, and the player who gets a six makes the first move. They will try to move their tokens towards the home triangle without being blocked or captured.
  • The dice determine the number of moves a player must make, and the player must roll a six on the dice to move a token to the starting square. If they fail to roll a six, the turn will pass to the next player.
  • If the player already has tokens in play, they can move them according to the number on the dice face.
  • When players roll a six, they get an additional turn where they roll the dice one more time to move further across the board.
  • If your token lands on the opponent’s token square, their token is taken back to the starting base.
  • The board has 12 safe squares; opponents cannot capture your tokens on these spots. You must capture any of your opponent’s tokens to enter your home column. Once you reach the home column, you can only make steps according to the dice roll. If the dice roll exceeds the steps you need to reach the home triangle, the turn passes to the next player.
  • The first player to land all the tokens in the home triangle wins the pot prize.

Traditionally, Ludo was played between two or four players sitting around the board, moving their tokens, hoping to reach the home triangle safely. However, the challenge was manoeuvring the opponents’ tokens without being captured or blocked. These little elements give a thrilling experience, leaving players yearning for more.

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