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Play Fantasy Cricket Online

Play Fantasy Cricket Online

Introduction To Cricket Game Online

Cricket is an entertaining casual game on the Big Cash app which is available for users to play for free. It is a fun and easy game that can be played in under 10 minutes. The game also offers its players a chance to win real money. Cricket lovers who want to experience the rush of a game, the sound of hitting a 4 and 6 this game is for you. 

On the Big Cash app, you can play the game and earn real money. If your goal is to win cash online while having some fun then this Cricket game is the perfect game for you. Not only the game ends in less than 10 minutes, but it also gives you the results immediately. You can play against real players, compete with them and check how well you can play the cricket game. 

Play Cricket Game & Earn Real Cash

  1. Go to www.bigcash.live, Click on the download option and download the app.
  2. After installation, open the Big Cash App where users have to do the registration by entering the required credentials.
  3. Once the registration is done, the Big Cash app will open and will land you on the homepage where all the game icons are displayed.
  4. Select the cricket game and you will be redirected to the cricket game page, select the contest in which you want to participate. 
  5. If it is a contest that has an entry fee then pay the entry fee and start playing the game. However, if you want to play a free cricket game, you can choose the same as well.

Cricket on the Big Cash is really easy to play with only a few rules to keep in mind. If you are looking for a small and fun game then you can start playing the game in less than a minute and win money. Here are the main rules you need to remember before playing cricket on the Big Cash.

  • You will get 60 balls to play the game and you can only be the batsman. You can not choose to bowl or field. 
  • You have to hit these 60 balls within 10 minutes.
  • You will get 3 wickets to play. Once you are done with all three wickets the game will end and your final score will be displayed on the scoreboard. 
  • After the game, you can go to the scoreboard to check your score and the score of your opponents.
  • Results will be declared within 30 minutes after league completion.
  • Once the results are declared you will get the winnings amount in your Big Cash game wallet. You can transfer that amount to your bank account using a bank transfer, UPI, or Paytm.

There are several reasons to play cricket online on the Big Cash app. 

Free and Easy to play- 

Cricket on the Big Cash app is free and really easy to play and you can play. The moment you click on the contest you will be assigned to bat and you can start playing. You can play end one round of the game in less than 10 minutes. Once you end the game you will be given your score which you can compare with your opponents and see your rank.

Quick 10 minutes Game- 

Unlike other apps, you do not need to devote hours to playing a single game of cricket. You can finish one round in under 10 minutes and you only have to hit 60 balls. Once you are done hitting 60 balls the game ends. 

Chance to Win Real Money- 

The big Cash app offers a chance to win real money for cricket gamers. If you want to earn some money then this is one of the easiest games you can play. Just select the contest and if you score the highest you will win the amount which is pre-decided.

1- Is playing cricket on the Big Cash app costs money? 

Answer - No, cricket on the Big Cash app is a free game and anyone can play it without spending a single penny. 

2- What is the difference between fantasy cricket and online cricket game?

Answer - Fantasy cricket is based on the matches going on live and the winner is decided by the actual player's performance on the ground. But a cricket game online on Big Cash is a game where players play with a bat and the winning is decided by the performance of the player playing the online game. 

3- Can I win real cash playing cricket on Big Cash?

Answer - Yes you can win real money on the Big Cash app by playing the cricket game. Choose one contest from many contests going on, on the Big Cash app and based on the pre-decided winning amount and your score you will win the money.