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Make Every Friend Count

Make Every Friend Count

Introduction To 8 Ball Pool Online

The 8-ball pool game is rapidly becoming popular online among gaming enthusiasts. This 8-pool game is enjoyable, engaging and yet challenging simultaneously. Big Cash allows you to have fun with a superfast 8-ball pool online. This online casual game has variations where you can play 1v 1 with random real players, score points, and win cash prizes. With ongoing contests for online pool games, players stand a chance to win these real cash games that they can withdraw immediately. Even for beginners, Big Cash outlines the directions and rules to follow when playing the best casual game to win big.

Play 8 Ball Pool Game & Earn Real Money

  • When starting the 8 ball pool game, the object balls will be organised in a triangular rack before positioning them at the lower end of the table. While other balls are placed randomly, the 8-ball will be in the middle of the third row and the white ball will be behind the service line.
  • A player who breaks the online pool games will be selected randomly. After that, players take breaks in turns.
  • For a successful break, you must hit the balls, and four of them must hit the cushion without the cue ball going down a pocket. When a player pots the 8-ball in the break, the next player will go for a re-rack.
  • The first player who pots an object ball will continue potting the balls from the same category, either stripes or solids. After that, the opponent will pot balls from the other group.
  • Players will continue making shots in this casual game online until they foul or miss potting an object ball. At this point, the opposing player shall take the turn and continue to play through the rest of the game.
  • When a player fouls, the other player can place a cue ball anywhere on the table.
  • After a player pots all their balls, the last round is sinking the 8-ball. They will first decide the pot to slot the 8-ball and take a shot. If the player fails to sink the ball, it is the opposing player's turn to try. If they hit the ball to a different pocket, they forfeit the 8 ball pool game.

Besides the rules in 8 ball pool, there are other fouls that players must watch out for in casual games online.

  • Pocketing an opposing player’s ball
  • Hitting an opponent’s ball with the cue ball
  • Pocketing the cue ball
  • The ball you hit failed to touch the table rail
  • The cue ball failing to touch  one of your balls.

1. Go for Easier Shots

When you have easy shots, take them before they move out of positions. For example, when playing 8 ball pool, ensure you put all your balls before the opponent. Taking these easy shots ensures you stay ahead of the game.

2. Disrupt your Opponents Chances 

When you do not have any shots at hand, or you cannot pot a ball in 8 ball pool online, hit any of the balls to ruin the opponent’s chances. This is possible by pushing the easier shots from the potholes or where they are difficult to hit. 

3. Avoid Potting the Wrong Balls

Potting the wrong balls is dangerous for playing 8 ball pool games. In addition, when potting balls, avoid connecting them to the opponent's balls.

4. Hit Precisely

How you hit solely makes or breaks your chances to win this best casual game. Hit as if you are hitting in a traditional 8-ball game. Precise hitting ensures you seamlessly pot your balls. Although it takes time to master the art of precise hitting, you will build your skills eventually.

Read more about 8 Ball Pool Game Tips to win this exciting game.

After downloading the Big Cash 8 ball pool apk, find the 8 ball pool game and download it to start playing. The gameplay goes as follows.

  • Once the 8-pool game launches, you will be handed balls, either stripes or solids, depending on the ball pocketed, at any moment after the break.
  • Drag the stick down in a circular motion to aim the cue at the ball you want to hit
  • Pull down the stick on the side of the table to control the force of the cue stick and release it to take a shot.
  • Pocket all your assigned balls before your opponent to pocket the 8-balls and win the casual game online.

A) Straight 8 

Straight 8 is the ideal game 8 ball pool game for beginners. The player who pockets any 8-balls from the 15 wins the game.

B) Fast Rack 8 

This 8 ball pool online game is played like a 9-ball game with four striped balls and four solid balls with the 8-ball at the centre. However, since every player has three fewer balls to shoot, the game is quicker.

C) Rotation 8 

In this online pool game, players must pocket solids and striped balls in numerical order to finish with the 8-ball in the pocket where the last ball sinks. This game is good for two players with varying skill levels. 

If you are an android user then enter your mobile number on bigcash.live to get a download link for the 8 ball pool apk via message. Or, you can scan the QR code to download the app. If you use iOS then you can download the app using the app store. After downloading the app, scroll through the list of games and click on the 8 ball pool and start playing.

All the information you need to start playing an 8 ball pool game is available here. If you are a beginner, the above mentioned tips will ensure you enjoy more winnings on Big Cash. Big Cash app is easy to use, with colourful and intuitive buttons for easy controls and game selection. So stay tuned for 8 ball pool online free rolls and win more every day.

1- What is the best break in an 8 ball pool?

The best break in an 8 ball pool is when you position the cue ball to the left side of the baulk line and hit the second ball. This break does not spin the ball; when you hit with maximum power, it breaks up the rack nicely.

2- What is the easiest way to win the 8-ball?

Choosing tables depending on your skills and experience guarantees the best wins because you will have better cues and precision. Shooting faster also helps you get maximum points from pocketing balls.

3- How many people can play 8 ball pool?

8 ball pool online is commonly played among two players, but playing online at Big Cash allows up to  two players. Therefore, the game's duration will differ depending on the number of players.

4- Can I make money playing 8 ball pool?

Yes. You can win real money playing 8 ball pool when you join a tournament or ongoing cash game on the Big Cash app.

5- How do I withdraw money from 8-ball?

Open the Big Cash app, select the menu and press the 'redeem' button. Choose between Paytm and bank to withdraw. Enter the amount to withdraw, give your Paytm or UPI ID, and confirm withdrawal with the redeem button.

6- Is 8 ball pool an Indian game?

8-ball online pool games are internationally recognized games, including in India. Indian players can play 8-ball game variations on the Big Cash app for instant winnings and withdrawals.

7- Can I Play 8 ball pool Games For Free?

Yes. You can play a free 8 ball pool against the computer or another player without paying any fee. However, if you want to win real money, play 8 ball pool for cash.