Top 10 Tips For Becoming A Pro In 8 Ball Pool Online

Tips to Win 8 Ball Pool Game
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The 8-Ball Pool is among the most played online games out there, and it gets even more thrilling if players win money. A skill-based game is challenging and requires players to try different strategies to beat opponents. In addition, it is necessary to play the game frequently to build on 8-ball skills to earn more money. However, consecutive losses can quickly kill the spirit of playing an 8-ball pool. If you are struggling with something similar.

Some Tips To Help You Become A Master Of The 8 Ball Pool Game

Try And Play Daily

Try to practice the 8-ball pool game a bit each day and play a few shots. This is one of the most effective 8-ball pool tips and one that won’t cost a penny. When playing on the Big Cash app, there is the daily spin and win feature where you get free coins and tokens. Use these to play a game or two, or collect them to buy cues later. Even as you play 8-ball online, there are bonus spins that you can use to practise and become a better player.

Master The Rules

While many apps have 8-Ball pool, the rules are more or less similar. Here are some rules to 8 ball pool tips to keep in mind:

  • You lose the game when the cue ball goes in after you pot the black ball, so aim your shots better.
  • Always pot the black ball last after potting the object balls.
  • In a tiered game that requires calling on the 8 ball, potting the 8-ball in an uncalled pocket means you lose the game.

Here are some rules that are considered fouls;

  • The ball must hit the edge around the table; failing to hit the edges would declare the shot a foul. Your opponent will move the cue ball anywhere they wish.
  • Potting the opponent’s ball
  • Hitting the opponent’s ball
  • Potting the cue ball
  • The cue ball missing the selected ball

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Take Breaks

In 8-ball pool tips there are multiple breaks to make but only a few that stand out;

  • Hit the first ball within the triangle with the top spin to break the pack more effectively.
  • Shoot the second ball from the end clearly with a whole backspin for the cue ball to hit the table edges and fall back into the pack.

Using the first break guarantees hitting many balls at once, spreading them cleanly on the table. With these tactics, maintaining a winning streak will be easier.

Learn The Power Of Cues

Every 8-ball pool cue has its unique properties; these are;

  • Spin – This is the amount of spin applicable to a shot
  • Force – this is how hard you can shoot at the cue ball
  • Aim – Determines your length when shooting a ball
  • Time – This determines the duration you need to take your shot

Understanding the power of cues helps you determine which ones to choose in specific situations.

Get Better Cues

After earning pool coins, use them to buy better cues which will give you an edge to win nearly every game. Advanced cues increase the chances of winnings, boosting the number of rewards you get. Although fewer cues will improve your performance, getting more coins gives you cues with advanced shooting power, better aim, and maximum cue ball control. Buy more pool coins and invest in your cues for clean and precise shots.

Choose Better Tables

As you begin your gaming journey, a great 8-ball pool tip to keep in mind is to start on low-entry tables. These have lower entry fees and allow you to try out different strategies. When you perfect your cue shots and improve your cue, advance to higher tables. A table with a higher entry fee has a bigger pot, and you play against more formidable opponents. Take time to learn about the tables before you pay the entry fee.

Appropriately Charge Your Shots

Power and accuracy are critical factors for playing 8 ball pool; you must deploy them in your shots. Hitting a hard shot has a high chance of staying out, while being gentle with the stick gives the ball a chance of pocketing. This is one of the best skills for those tricky middle pockets. Try to charge your shots accordingly and go for the win. The ball’s position determines whether you will use a soft touch or more force.

Time Your Shots

The 8-ball pool is a timed game, and you should aim at potting all your balls before the timer stops. When improving your shots, time is your best friend. Tap and drag the pool table surface before the cue’s tip to move it faster. From there, make precise shot adjustments by dragging from the cue’s handle to the position where you want the shot. This helps you utilise your time effectively.

Plan Your Shots In Advance

Plan your shots two or three shots ahead and the type of spin and the shooting power you need. For instance, if you swipe sideways or make your shots faster. The main element of planning your shots is to hit the pocket more accurately and faster. In all online pool games, a white line guides the direction where the ball is pointing. Adjust the white line to see where you can target your next shot. Next, consider the strategy to apply when hitting the remaining balls on the table and how hard/soft the shot should be for a perfect hit. Hitting the ball means more deflection, while a softer hit takes the ball through.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Practice and perfection go hand in hand, even when playing pool. The only way to win online pool games is to practice and refine shooting skills. Advanced players understand power regulation for making perfect shots, choosing the right spin, planning the series, and cueing faster. The best way is by playing against a better opponent to actually understand your strengths and weaknesses. When playing on the Big Cash app, there are multiple contests to choose from. Start with the practice and free tournaments where you use your skills to record the most wins.

Although mastering 8-Ball Pool does take some effort, the above tips will simplify the process. Given the numerous cash prizes to be won, this is the best time for you to become better than your opponents. Additionally, you can check out our 8-Ball Pool guide to explore different tournaments and test your skills.

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