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Make Every Friend Count

Make Every Friend Count

Play High Card Only On Big Cash App

High card wins is a simple card game which is played between players and a dealer on the table. This game on the Big Cash app uses tokens instead of real cash. In this game, each player is given a random card from a standard deck of playing cards. The dealer distributes these cards to the players and keeps one card for itself. If the card held by the player is higher than the card held by the dealer then the player wins the game. If you and the dealer have equal cards then the game will be drawn and you will get your bet amount back. 


The cards are shuffled and dealt face-down to each player, and the players then reveal their cards simultaneously. This game is often played as a quick and easy card game. It is popular in informal settings and can be enjoyed by players of all ages. 

Play High Card Wins & Earn Real Money

Card Games are much of a delight to us. Whether playing a real money game or not. One of the best and easiest card games is Hig Card Wins. In the dynamic world of poker, the unassuming High Card Poker plays a crucial role in breaking ties and influencing strategic decisions. Turning each hand into a potential pivot point on the path to victory at the poker table. This is a type of Poker game that not only involves lucid decisions but also involves some sort of Poker Techniques. The High Card game offers a refreshingly simple yet exhilarating experience. With just one card in play, the objective is clear: hold a card higher than the dealer's to secure a win. It does not need any Wild Card, Community Card, or any type of Poker hand rankings making it a much simpler game than poker. 

Gameplay Mechanics:

High Card stands out in taash as a minimalist game where each player is dealt only one card. The rules are straightforward—triumph is awarded to the player with the highest card. This simplicity makes the game accessible to players of all skill levels, making it an ideal choice for casual gatherings or quick rounds of entertainment.

The thrill of the Single Card Duel:

The essence of the High Card game lies in its singular, head-to-head showdown between player and dealer. The anticipation builds as the card is revealed, creating an instant rush of excitement. The game's swift pace and the immediate outcome contribute to its appeal, offering a quick dose of thrill without the complexities of more elaborate tash variants.

Luck and Strategy:

While luck plays a significant role in the High Card game, there is an element of strategy involved. Players must decide when to play aggressively with a high card or strategically conserve stronger cards for later rounds. The interplay between chance and choice adds an intriguing layer to the game, keeping participants engaged with every draw.

Here are the steps to play high card wins online on the Big Cash app. 

  1. Open the Big Cash app and choose the high card wins game. 
  2. Choose the type of contest you want to play. As of now, there are two types of contests offered by High Card Wins game. One uses a minimum of 2 tokens and the other one uses a minimum of 5 tokens. 
  3. The game starts and the dealer gives one card to each player face down. 
  4. After entering the game you have to move the slider to set a playing value that costs tokens. It will be based on the contests you choose to play. 
  5. After that, tap on the button to confirm the value you have set to play the game. 
  6. The moment you enter the game the token value you selected becomes double. This happens because the dealer plays for the same token value set by you. 
  7. If your card is higher than the dealer card then you win the game. If you win the game you will win twice the token values you had set.

1 - Can I win real money playing high card wins?

Answer- No, You can not win real money playing high card wins. But you can win Big Cash tokens playing high card wins and you can use these tokens to play other real money games on the Big Cash platform. You get an opportunity to earn real money playing these games. 

2 - Do I need to pay money to play high card wins?

Answer - No you do not need to pay money to play high card wins. High card wins is a token game. To play the game you need to have Big Cash tokens in your account. Based on the tokens you can decide how many rounds, or levels you want to play for.

3 - How to download the Big Cash high card wins game?

  • Android users to download the high card wins game can visit https://www.bigcash.live/ and click the download now button. 

  • For an iOS user to download the Big Cash high card wins game go to the app store and search for the Big Cash gaming app. 

  • Once the App is downloaded, click on high card wins and start playing the game.