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Make Every Friend Count

Make Every Friend Count

Play Candy Cash Online at Big Cash

Candy Cash is an interesting, match-three puzzle game on the Big Cash app. The game tests your decision-making skills, strategic thinking, pattern recognition, focus, and concentration. At Big Cash, you can play real cash games free as well as in cash game contest format which offers players a chance to win real cash prizes. The gameplay includes a board containing multiple candies of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Players have to swap these candies to make a matching line of three or more candies. This action makes the identical candies burst and a new set of candies appear in the place of those candies. The more candies you burst, the more points you score. The player with the highest score wins the game and the prize money too. So, download the Big Cash App and Start Playing Candy Cash Now.

Play Candy Cash Game & Earn Real Cash

Here are the step by step instructions on how to play candy cash online on Big Cash- 

  1. Open the Big Cash app and select the candy cash game. 
  2. You will find different contests inside the game, select the one that matches your requirements and pay the entry fees.
  3. If there is money in your Big Cash wallet then the entry fee to play candy cash online will be deducted from the wallet. Otherwise, you have to add cash to the wallet. 
  4. Once you enter the game you will see a grid of candies, start making a matching horizontal, or vertical line of three or more candies.
  5. Each player will have a playing board with multiple candies to play with. These candies will be in different shapes, colors, and sizes. 
  6. In each game, players will be given a certain amount of time to play the game. Players have to earn maximum points in the given time.
  7. Players can earn points by swiping the candies to make a sequence/shape or to generate master candies. The more candies swiped to make a shape the more scores a player will earn. 
  8. While you play candy cash online you will be able to see your own score along with the opponent's score on the top of the game screen.
  9. While the game is running you will see ranks assigned to each player. These ranks are assigned to the players based on their scores.
  10. Swiping master candies on the playing board or creating a sequence with master candies will add more scores for the players.
  11. Results will be displayed to the players once the game timer ends.

Matching more number of candies and master candies will result in higher scores, here are the rules - 

  • Matching 3 Candies - Once you make matching candies they will burst and you will earn 60 points. 20 points for each candy. 
  • Matching 4 Candies - You can swipe a candy to match 4 candies of the same colour. This action will provide you with a striped candy and you will earn 120 points. 
  • Matching 5 Candies - Swipe a candy to match 5 candies of the same colour. You will get a bomb candy by doing this and earn 200 points. 
  • L or T shaped - You can also swipe a candy to match 5 candies of the same colour in the shape of “L” or “T” to clear them. This action will reward you with wrapped candy and 200 points. 


  • Swipe and match a striped candy with at least two candies of the same colour. This action will blast a whole row or column based on the horizontal or vertical stripes of candy. This action will get you 140+ points based on the other candies in the row or column.  
  • Swipe and match a wrapped candy with at least 2 candies of the same color, it will explode all surrounding candies. You will be granted 160+ points for this step. 
  • Swipe striped and wrapped candy with each other, it will clear 3 lines horizontally and vertically. This step will earn you a score of 740+. 
  • Swipe a color bomb candy with a regular candy, it will eliminate all the same color candies from the board. This step will earn you points based on the number of candies being burst.
  • If no valid sequence is left on the board a color bomb will be formed and placed. This color bomb will replace a master candy and if no master candies are found then it will replace a regular candy in the bottom row. 
  1. To win money playing a candy cash game you need to focus on the candies and try to use your pattern-making skills to decide the candies that can make a pattern. In turn, these patterns will burst the candies and might even make a master candy. 
  2. Focus on making master candies because making more master candies means earning more points. And more points mean higher chances of winning real cash. 
  3. To win a cash prize while playing candy cash players have to keep a check on their competitors' scores and score better than them. 
  4. Keep your master candies as it is and try to use two-three master candies at once. This will increase your score. 
  5. Set an amount to play the game and stick with the decision. Try to start with a low amount and as you improve your skills you can increase the playing amount. 

1- Can anyone win real money by playing Candy Cash?

Answer - Absolutely Yes. Candy cash game on the Big Cash app offers players a chance to earn real money. There are different contests a player can join. Each contest offers different winning amounts. 

2- For how long does the Candy Cash game last?

Answer - On the Big Cash app one round of candy cash games lasts for 2 minutes only. One has to score the highest in these two minutes. 

3- Can I play Candy Cash for free?

Answer - No as of now you can not play the game for free. The Candy Cash game on the Big Cash app is a cash game which means to play the game you have to pay the entry fee. 

4- How many Candy Cash contests are there in the Big Cash app?

Answer - Candy cash games on Big Cash have two types of contests. One with 4 players and one with 3 players.