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Make Every Friend Count

Make Every Friend Count

Introduction To Ice Blaster Game Online

Ice Blaster is a fun online game at Big Cash app where the player controls a cannon that shoots Balls. The objective of the game is to destroy blocks of ice that are falling from the sky before they hit the ground. The player must move and aim the cannon to shoot the snowballs at the ice blocks.


As the game progresses, the ice blocks fall faster and become more difficult to destroy. The game features multiple levels, with increasing difficulty, and high scores can be recorded to compete with other players and win real money. Overall, Ice Blaster is a fun and challenging game that requires quick reaction and good aiming skills.

Play Ice Blaster Game & Earn Money Online

  • Once you have downloaded the Big Cash app register using your phone number. Complete the KYC and you are ready to play ice blaster online.
  • Tap on the ice-blaster game icon in the casual money games section.
  • Now it will be redirected to the contest page. Here you will find more than 6-7 ongoing contests to choose from. Select the contest in which you want to play.
  • If it is a free contest then you do not have to pay any fee but if you decide to play a paid contest then you have to pay the entry fee before you could play the game. 
  • Once you start playing an ice blaster game you will see your score on the scoreboard. 
  • Once the ice blocks touch the tank the game ends or it will end in three minutes automatically. 
  • You can check your score and based on that you win the cash prizes.
  • Tap and hold the tank and move it to crush the Ice cubes falling from the sky before they hit the ground. If the ice cubes hit the ground they will bounce back and start falling again. 
  • Do not let the ice cubes touch the tank because once the cubes touch the tanks the game will end. 
  • Ice blaster also has a protection shield for your tank which prevents ice cubes touching the tank. This protection Shield will only be active until you score 20 points.
  • There are diamonds and gems hidden in the falling ice cubes. Once the cube is destroyed these diamonds and gems will fall on the ground. 
  • You have to collect them before they touch to increase your score. On collecting 1 diamond, you will get 30 points and on collecting 1 gem, you will get 20 points.
  • After the game ends check your score on the scoreboard and results will be declared within 30 minutes after league completion.
  • Players scoring the highest will win the content price, which they can withdraw in their bank account. 

Here are the following benefits of playing the Ice Blaster game on the Big Cash app- 

1 - Chance to Earn Lakhs in Cash - This is one of the best benefits of playing the Ice Blaster game on the Big Cash app. You can join cash contests and win lakhs of rupees in a day. 

2 - Competing Against Real Players - On the Big Cash app whenever you play a game you are always competing against real players. So, the hustle of playing with bots is eliminated automatically when you choose to play the Ice Blaster game on the Big Cash. 

3 - Time-Saving - This Ice Blaster game is not like other games that take hours to complete and show you results after hours. Ice Balster on the Big Cash app ends in less than 3 minutes and also tells you your result in 30 minutes only. If you win you get cash price as well. 

4 - Easy withdrawal - Now you won't have to go to a great length to withdraw your own winnings by playing Ice Blaster on the Big Cash app. You can just put your bank account details, UPI, or Paytm wallet and get your money transferred in your bank account in seconds. 

1- Is playing Ice Blaster on the Big Cash app costs money? 

Answer - No, Ice blaster on the Big Cash app is a casual game which is free for the players. However if you want to win real cash then you have to select a contest that requires you to pay an entry fee.

2- How to withdraw my winnings from the ice blaster game?

Answer - You can withdraw all your winnings using so many methods available on the Big Cash platform. You can withdraw the money using a bank account, online wallets, UPI, ect. 

3- Can I win real cash playing ice blaster on Big Cash?

Answer - Yes ice blaster offers players an opportunity to win real money. You can choose the paid contest going on, on the app and start playing the game. Once you pay the entry fees you can start competing and if you score the highest you will win the pre-decided amount.