Best Real Cash Games In India To Play And Win Money In 2024

Real Cash Games Play & Win Money

Gaming has always been associated with more than having fun. A few folks put their skills and efforts into the games, they play to win. Owing to technological advancements and an increasing number of gaming apps, things have gone a step further. Players now use their skills and experience to win real money by playing online games. However, finding the best games to play can be quite challenging with so many cash games available.

Here Are The Best Cash Games To Play And Win Money In India


Regarding the best real cash games, rummy consistently ranks first for Indian fans. This 13-card game is an icon and a favourite for many because people have played it since time immemorial. With good card game skills, you can win big by playing rummy. In the game, players are given two card decks and must create hand combinations by picking and discarding cards to create a valid declaration. You can play Rummy right here on Big Cash for an authentic and realistic gaming experience, as well as on other apps in India. Even for players less familiar with the game, there are free contests where you can practise your rummy skills. Besides, winning in rummy is easy, and you can win a decent amount of money through it.

Fantasy Cricket

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India is cricket and cricket is India! It’s an obsession, a hobby, a most beloved pastime and what better way to make money than by playing something you enjoy? Online cricket games have become very popular over the years, and Big Cash offers each user a great gaming experience. When playing cricket games online, you choose 11 players from the teams involved in a certain league and score points based on how each player performs. In other online fantasy cricket games, you can play against other opponents and score more points to win. With the right gaming expertise and skills, you can beat more opponents and win more.


Poker is the most widely recognised card game in the world, and the iconic game is now widely available on gaming apps like Big Cash. This real cash game is also one of India’s most-played card games, with more players jumping on board daily. The objective of the game is simple; you have to contribute to the pot and use hole cards and community cards to make a winning hand. The winning player is the one who has the most substantial hand. However, poker is a skill game that requires practice and analytical skills. When playing on the Big Cash app, you can choose between Hold’em poker, Omaha poker, and Super Omaha. Thousands of opponents are ready to take you on a ride playing online poker. Each contest has a specific entry fee determining the overall pay-out after winning.

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Big Cash brings your childhood back with Ludo, a classic game that is a favourite for most people. Even before the game was online, it brought many people together. Online Ludo allows you to play online among other opponents. However, online this money-winning game now features a colourful interface instead of a classic board and dice. Your best play is rolling the dice and moving the pieces based on the dice numbers. With opponents waiting for you online, you can play this game with your friends. Win more money by becoming the Ludo king and try out different tournaments.

8-Ball Pool

8-ball pool, pool for short, is a globally recognized game that gets creative. The 8-ball pool online has a table, 15 colour balls and one cue ball. This is a skill game where players must use a stick to strike the cue ball and hit other balls. However, most people confuse this game with billiards and snooker. The online pool is easy to play, and there are guides to help you make the best plays. Please try out free contests before playing for real money. One secret, though, try to focus on hitting your group of balls and pot them faster than the opponent. Any wrong move subjects you to fines which would impact your winnings.

Knife Hit

The knife hit game tests your darting skills, but instead, you throw knives on a rotating wooden block. This game tests your reflexes, skills, and precision; players must score more points to win. In this game, the rotating block has numbers equivalent to their points. Players must hit these numbers without landing on the negative numbers or bombs. Knife Hit is one of Big Cash’s popular real cash games, with thousands of opponents to play against. The faster you finish the game, the more bonus points you get to grow your pot. Start playing the low-entry contests if you are still building your skills.

Bulb Smash

Bulb Smash is a fun-filled game, and you might lose track of time playing it. In this game, you have a rotating carousel with bulbs mounted on it. These bulbs are different colours, and you must have excellent memory skills to remember their points. Once set, it would help to use a slingshot to hit the coloured bulbs as they appear. The highest point you can achieve is 100, and the game ends. Big Cash app has thousands of players you can play against to win the pot prize. This game is engaging and has multiple pay-out options depending on the tournament you are playing. Like all other money-winning games, start with the low levels as you advance to other high-paying levels.

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Call Break

Call break is a popular card game in India, only that it involves more trickery skills. In addition, it is also strategic and competitive for experienced players. In this game, players must win tricks, earn points and get money. When playing on Big Cash, cards are given to you, and you will use a trump card to make winning calls. Essentially, you bid the hands that you will call to win. The lowest bid is one, and the highest is 13. You lose the game if you call fewer tricks than your bid, but the cash prize is yours if you win more.

By taking your time to learn more about playing this game, you pave the way to win more in the long run. Fortunately, these games are commonly played offline, meaning the experience is similar. Besides, online cash games have thousands of skilled opponents, and it would be awesome to test your prowess against them.


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