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Play Fantasy Cricket Online

Play Fantasy Cricket Online

Introduction To Fantasy Cricket Online

Welcome to your one-stop destination for playing fantasy cricket. At Big Cash fantasy app, you can grab great opportunities of winning  massive cash prizes by using your sports skills and cricket knowledge. You can simply play by selecting the match, participate in the contest by creating a virtual team from the set of players available, and boom you are all set. 


We provide our users with a world-class fantasy cricket gaming experience on their fingertips. At Big Cash you can unlock the potential of your cricket knowledge and fulfil your dreams. Big Cash fantasy is a popular fantasy sports app where you can play multiple fantasy games on your device anywhere, anytime. Big Cash platform is completely safe & secure and allows users to enjoy fantasy cricket at their leisure. Join the thrill of cricket by competing in leagues from around the world. 

Play Fantasy Cricket And Earn Money

Fantasy cricket, the name says it all. It’s an online cricket game where you can be a selector, a manager and a creator of a virtual cricket team of 11 players from an upcoming real-life match. You can also choose a captain with players like wicket-keeper, batsman, bowler & all-rounder and lock the team. The main aim of this game is to score maximum points and get a position by competing with your opponents. In this game there are a set of points for wickets, catches and runs. 

Playing fantasy cricket at Big Cash is very simple. All you need to have is the right skills & knowledge about the sport. If you love playing cricket, you will surely enjoy joining the game. Think how cool it is to have your own virtual team that plays and wins cash. It is similar to having your own league team.

You should meet these minimum requirements before playing fantasy cricket on Big Cash App -

  • A smartphone with a working internet connection. 

  • The latest version of the Big Cash app. 

  • Activated and verified your account on the Big Cash app. 

  • The minimum amount in your Big Cash wallet to participate in the game. 

  • Knowledge about current games being played, and players participating in the game. 

You are all set to participate in a fantasy cricket game. Now just go through the rules before participating in the game. 

To play fantasy cricket on the Big Cash the only thing you need is your mobile phone with an active internet connection. Here is how you can play fantasy cricket on the Big Cash app- 

1- Register your account

Download the Big Cash app by visiting the official website of Big Cash and download the app. Once installed register your account and verify it by submitting OTP asked. 

2- Navigate to Fantasy Cricket Section

Open the Big Cash app and click on the fantasy cricket section. Once you go to the fantasy cricket section you will find the details of all the matches going on or scheduled to happen. 

3- Make Your Dream Fantasy Cricket Team

Now choose a match based on your preference and knowledge and start making your dream team. Make sure to find out about the players playing in the game before you select them for your team. Do your own diligence research and create a team. 

4 - Wait For The Results

Once you create your team and submit it you are ready to participate in the tournament. Once the game starts based on the performance of the players your score will start updating. After the game ends your real cash winnings will be decided based on your score and your competitor's score. 

A Big Cash fantasy player is given 100 credits to use for team formation. Each player you select has a set credit that might fluctuate based on how well they play and how well-known they are. Your goal is to put together an evenly balanced 11-player squad with 100 credit points. A squad may select a maximum of 7 players from the same team. Your fantasy cricket squad must have the players listed below:

  • Wicket-Keepers (Minimum - 1, Maximum - 4)

  • Batsmen (Minimum - 3, Maximum - 6)

  • All-rounders (Minimum - 1, Maximum - 4)

  • Bowlers (Minimum - 3, Maximum - 6)

Once you've selected the 11 players, the captain will be selected. Once you've submitted your team, you're ready to play.

As long as they go by the fantasy cricket regulations, users are free to create any number of teams depending on the size of the competition. Before the first ball is thrown, users are permitted to make adjustments to their fantasy cricket squad.  


On Big Cash, a lot of players have won massive cash prizes, and you can too! If your teams outperform the competition in a paid contest with a variety of prizes, you win! You can opt to withdraw your winnings from Big Cash fantasy cricket app directly into your bank account and celebrate your achievement.

By taking part in Big Cash's Fantasy cricket games, you can win real cash. You just have to make sure to follow some of the given tips and you can win lakhs. 

  1. Do thorough research before finalising your own squad.
  2. Look over the match forecast and consider what the expert has to say.
  3. Recognize the playing surface as it aids in player selection.
  4. Before you adjust your players, check the weather forecast.
  5. Because their performances have a big impact on your score, choose your captain wisely.
  6. Keep an eye on the winning players' team and the standings. 
  • If you are using an android device, Visit Big Cash website - bigcash.live and click the "Download App" button to begin downloading the "Bigcash.apk" file.
  • In case you are visiting bigcash.live on desktop/laptop then add your mobile number and you will get a link to download the app over SMS. 
  • Apple users can simply visit the store and search for "Big Cash App" to download the same. 

There are several reasons why one should play Fantasy Cricket on the Big Cash app. Here you will find the top reasons you should do it. 

1- Several Contests

Big Cash offers several contests for one single game and several National, and international games at once. The app also offers you the chance to make your fantasy cricket team for matches happening outside India. 

2- Win Real Money

You can win cash prizes worth lakhs by making your dream fantasy team on the Big Cash app. The only thing you need to do is be updated about the matches happening and make your fantasy cricket team based on that. Once the players you have selected perform really well you will win money. 

3- 24*7 Support

If you have any questions regarding the fantasy cricket or score-related query you can contact Big Cash support anytime and get it resolved. The big Cash team is available to solve your queries 24*7/365. Contact us in case you have any questions related to the game, withdrawal process, KYC process etc.

Q1 - Is there a fantasy cricket league?

On the Big Cash app, There are several fantasy cricket leagues going on. You can join them based on your expertise and knowledge and win money online. Make your dream fantasy cricket team and be a part of your game.

Q2 - Can I play fantasy cricket without money?

The fantasy Cricket game on the Big Cash app is a real money games app. You need to deposit the participation fee in order to make your team and win money. 

Q3 - Is Playing Fantasy Cricket in India legal and safe?

Yes, playing fantasy cricket in India is 100% legal and safe. You can download Big Cash app and make your fantasy cricket team, without worrying about your safety or legality.