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  • 100% GST Refund On Add Cash

    Exciting News Alert! 

    Attention all gaming enthusiasts! Starting from October 1st, 2023, the Indian Government has implemented a 28% GST on Deposits and added cash in the Real Money Online Gaming Sector. But hold on to your seats, because we have some game-changing news for you!

    Introducing India's beloved Gaming App, Big Cash! We're thrilled to announce that we're shouldering the entire GST burden for you, ensuring you have an unparalleled gaming experience. That's right, no GST will be levied on Add Cash transactions on the Big Cash App!

    Say goodbye to worries and hassles – with Big Cash, you get the full amount of your added cash to fuel your gameplay. Let's break it down for you: imagine adding ₹100 to your Big Cash Wallet – you'll have a grand total of ₹ 100 ready to play with, no deductions, no fine print, just pure playability!

    Your transaction summary will reflect: ₹78 (Add Cash) + ₹22 (GST). But here's the kicker – that ₹100 is all yours, inclusive of GST. So, no need to fret about GST payments, it's all on us!

    Why choose Big Cash? It's not just a platform; it's your ticket to:

    • 100% Playable Bonus
    • 100% Tax Refund
    • 100% Safety & Security

    And now, a whopping 100% GST Refund too!

    Don't miss out on this opportunity! Head over to Big Cash now and dive into an exhilarating gaming experience, worry-free and GST-free! Your gaming adventure awaits!