India National Cricket Team Coaches: A Complete Guide

Indian National Coaches for Cricket

Hey, cricket fans out there! Let’s talk about one of the most talked about topics for you all “India National Cricket Team Coaches” which have been discussed after every successful match for India. 

Rahul Dravid, who is currently the head coach of the Indian Cricket Team and is in the 24th position for the India National Cricket Team Coaches. On June 25, 1932, the Indian National Cricket Team received test status following cricket-playing nations like England, Australia, South Africa, West Indies and New Zealand. 

Now, for the longest time, the Indian team did not have a dedicated coach but only a team manager who was able to supervise things in the backroom, which may be found to be a little beneficial for the team. 

A Whole List for Indian National Cricket Team Coaches

  1. Keki Tarapore – 1971
  2. Hemu Adhikari – 1971- 1974 
  3. Gulabrai Ramchand – 1975
  4. Datta Gaekwad – 1978
  5. Salim Durrani – 1980 – 1981
  6. Ashok Mankad – 1982
  7. PR Man Singh – 1983 – 1987
  8. Chandu Borde – 1988 – 1989 & 2007
  9. Bishen Singh Bedi – 1990 – 1991 
  10. Abbas Ali Baig – 1991 – 1992
  11. Ajit Wadekar – 1992 – 1996
  12. Sandeep Patil – 1996
  13. Madan Lal – 1996 – 1997
  14. Anshuman Gaekwad – 1997 – 1999 
  15. Kapil Dev – 1999 – 2000
  16. John Wright – 2000 – 2005
  17. Greg Chappell – 2005 – 2007
  18. Ravi Shastri – 2007, 2015, 2017 – 2021
  19. Lalchand Rajput – 2007 – 2008
  20. Gary Kirsten – 2008 – 2011
  21. Duncan Fletcher – 2011 – 2015 
  22. Sanjay Bangar – 2016
  23. Anil Kumble – 2016 – 2017 
  24. Rahul dravid – 2021 – 2023 

Keki Tarapore: First Coach for the Indian Team

He was a popular Karnataka cricketer and more than a coach, he is an incredible player! Having some really amazing skills for playing cricket made him achieve the Ranji trophy match as well, which is commendable in his journey on the field! Also, Keki Tarapore was a highly respected player on the Indian team and was seen as a great coach by everyone. 

He turned out to be an amazing coach for the team where the players were giving great performances under the leadership and definitely he would always be regarded as the first Indian national cricket coach. 

With his guidance and expertise, he not only coached the team but also instilled in them a spirit of determination and excellence. His passion for the game and commitment to nurturing talent continue to inspire aspiring athletes across the country. Keki Tarapore remains a revered figure in Indian sports, revered for his invaluable role in shaping the nation’s hockey legacy.

PR Man Singh: First Achievement of Indian Team under ICC World Cup Championship

He was known to be not exactly a team coach, but a great manager for the Indian cricket team! He has definitely created history by becoming the first lead who managed team India and made them achieve the very first ICC World Cup title! Isn’t this incredible? 

The Indian cricket team was firmly playing at that time and managed to achieve the title for the whole nation! By 1992, the Indian cricket team had adopted the policy of taking coaches on a long contract basis rather than appointing them on a tour basis. Then, the Indian team had some great coaches with them like Chandu Borde and Bishan Singh Besi in the meantime. 

He is definitely the unsung hero for the whole cricket community and the whole wide Nation! People loved him at that time and still have a lot of respect for him to make them win a prominent title! Singh’s contribution not only brought pride to the nation but also laid the foundation for future successes in Indian cricket history.

Ajit Wadekar

He was a well-reputed Indian cricket player and was at the helm from 1992 to 1996 and was also a head coach at that time with Mohammed Azharuddin. Also, Ajit Wadekar was among the very few Indian national cricket team coaches who also served as a test player, a captain, a coach and the chairman of selectors! He was a gem of a cricketer who was playing a pivotal role in the team. 

Wadekar’s elegant batting style and astute leadership made him a beloved figure in Indian cricket. His contributions both on and off the field inspired generations of cricketers. Wadekar’s legacy continues to shine brightly in the annals of Indian cricket, reminding us of his remarkable achievements and enduring impact on the sport.

Kapil Dev: A Controversial Stint as Indian Coach for the team

After so many knockout stages in both the 1996 and 1999 world cup, BCCI bought Kapil Dev to action. He was India’s only World-Cup winning captain to the helm by replacing Anshuman Gaekwad. 

Also, he started his coaching with a home series win over New Zealand before losing to Australia away and South Africa in the test series at home with Sachin Tendulkar as the skipper. 

The legendary all-rounder of Indian cricket, took on a new role as the coach of the Indian cricket team, but his stint was not without controversy. There were reports of clashes between Kapil and certain players, leading to a tense atmosphere within the team. Despite his best efforts, the team struggled to find consistency under his leadership, failing to deliver the desired results in major tournaments. Ultimately, Kapil’s tenure as coach was marked by both highs and lows, leaving a mixed legacy in the Indian cricket history.

John Wright: India’s First Foreign Coach for Indian Team

This was something big, when the BCCI had to clean the image following the match-fixing scandal, and they decided to bring in former New Zealand player John Wright in 2000. 

Under Ganguly’s great captaincy and Wright’s incredible management skills, team India made home great wins in history! These include India’s famous test match win against Australia in the 2001 Kolkata test, an away series win in Pakistan and victories in test cricket matches. 

Under his guidance, the Indian team achieved notable successes, including memorable victories in both test matches and one-day internationals. Wright’s calm demeanour and strategic approach endeared him to players and fans alike. His tenure laid the foundation for future foreign coaches in Indian cricket and left an indelible mark on the sport in the country.

Greg Chappell: The Infamous Era of Cricket 

Do you know about this fact? As we know, John Wright made a great example out of his camaraderie with the Indian captain, the very famous Sourav Ganguly, but Greg Chappell did the opposite of it! Yes, it is true as the skipper lost his captaincy as well as his place in the Indian cricket team. 

Also, these consequences were not proved to be fine for the Indian cricket team, also they were able to win only 32 matches out of 62, which was not at all good. So, he was removed in 2007! 

Gary Kirsten: The first foreign Indian team coach with World Cup title winner

He took the place of the Indian team coach in 2008, and before that, they had Ravi Shastri as the interim manager for the same. Kirsten’s coaching style was not just about tactics and techniques; he also instilled confidence and unity within the team, turning them into a formidable force on the cricket field. His achievement not only showcased his coaching prowess but also highlighted the power of teamwork and determination to achieve great success.

Ravi Shastri: The Indian cricket team touched new heights

As you know, Ravi Shastri and Kohli made a formidable coach-captain duo as Team India remained the Number 1 test team in the world, also for a commendable 42 months from 2016 to 2020! It was a great achievement which needs to be marked here! 

With his amazing leadership, the Indian team was able to win the 2018 Asia Cup, and he should also be given credit for beating Australia Down Under twice and taking the team to the ICC World Test Championship final, which was a big thing. 

Shastri’s leadership has instilled a sense of confidence and determination in the players, enabling them to excel under pressure situations. His passion for the game and unwavering commitment to the team’s success have made him a revered figure among fans and players alike. Shastri’s contributions to Indian cricket have been invaluable, and his legacy as a coach and mentor will continue to inspire generations to come.

Rahul Dravid: The Current Indian Team Coach

After he led India’s U-19 Team to the world cup title in 2018, Dravid was given the responsibility of managing the national cricket academy where was helping young and new players from the team. 

After Ravi Shastri stepped down from his coaching role in 2021, Rahul Dravid was considered for this role and indeed doing a great job for the whole team! Dravid’s dedication to the game is unparalleled, and his emphasis on discipline and hard work inspires all. Under his guidance, the Indian team has shown remarkable improvement in skills and their mindset and approach to the game. He has greatly impacted the whole team, making them do well on the fields! 

People love the way the Indian cricket team plays now and make the whole nation proud! They have been doing their part well under the best leadership and management, indeed! It has been also proven a lot of times. 


The Indian cricket team has a deep history where they have evolved time after time! The progress has been really evident under the leadership of every coach or mentor. The nation loves cricket and the Indian team cricket coaches have been doing their part really well, where we can see they have made them win a number of titles eventually. 

The journey started from 1971 and has been continuing to make the team a great one in the whole wide world! 

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

1- Who is the bowling coach of the Indian cricket team?

Paras Mhambrey is known to be the current bowling coach of the Indian cricket team and is doing that under the staff of Rahul Dravid. 

2- Who have been the Indian cricket team coach since 2000?

The team had nine different coaches since 2009, starting from John Wright, Greg Chappell, Ravi Shastri, Lalchund Rajput, Gary Kirsten, Duncan Fletcher, Sanjay Bangar (Interim), Anil Kumble, and then Rahul Dravid. 


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