How To Earn Real Cash By Playing Ludo Game Online

play ludo and earn real money

Ludo is a straightforward game with uncomplicated rules and regulations. So, it’s a suitable game for family and friends to play as they chill during holidays or weekends.

Most players play the game for entertainment and to relieve stress after a long day at work. However, you can enjoy the ludo real money game online and play cash-winning games online. Here is how you can do it from your home or office. Playing Ludo online has become a popular pastime, offering players a chance to engage in this traditional game with friends and opponents from around the world. Whether you’re a seasoned Ludo player or a beginner, understanding the various rules and strategies can significantly enhance your gaming experience. 

What Are the Rules to Observe When Playing Ludo?

Before playing Ludo for real money online, you must understand the rules and regulations. It will offer you an advantage over other opponents. The followings are the rules and conditions every player has to know if they are a starter:

  • Ludo is a game that can be played by two or four players
  • Before the game starts, the players get the house colours.
  • To win the game online, you must attain the highest score.
  • It’s crucial to understand the scoring system of the Ludo app you are playing.
  • You are required to move the tokens from the starting points to the home. Then eliminate your opponent’s tokens and get into the home square.
  • When you receive an extra six, you get one more chance to roll the dice.
  • In order to win, all your tokens must go through all paths on the board, i.e. from the starting point to the home.
  • The player that gets all their tokens to home first wins the game.
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Understanding the Basic Ludo Rules

The fundamental Ludo rules are crucial for both offline and online Ludo games. 

  • Ludo Board: The game is played on a square board divided into four coloured sections – red, blue, green, and yellow – with a cross-shaped path in the middle.
  • Pawns: Each player has four pawns of the same colour. The goal is to move all four pawns from the starting square to the home area.
  • Ludo Dice: Players roll a single die to determine their moves. A roll of six grants an extra turn and is required to move a pawn out of the starting area.
  • Clockwise Movement: Pawns move in a clockwise direction around the board.
  • Capturing Opponents’ Pieces: Landing on a square occupied by an opponent’s pawn sends that pawn back to the starting area. This is one of the most important ludo rule. 

Playing Ludo Online: Game Features and Tips

Playing Ludo online introduces several features and conveniences that enhance the experience. 

1. Ludo Game App: Various apps like Ludo Supreme and Ludo Ninja offer different modes and features. These apps allow you to play against AI or real opponents, participate in tournaments, and even win Ludo money.

2. Game Modes: Online Ludo games often include classic Ludo, speed Ludo, and other variations to keep the gameplay exciting.

3. Ludo Tips and Tricks: 

  • Strategic Placement: Spread your pawns across the board to increase your chances of capturing opponents’ pawns.
  • Extra Turn Utilization: Use the extra turn wisely when you roll a six, balancing between moving a new pawn out and advancing existing ones.
  • Safety Squares: Utilize safe squares, which are usually marked with your colour, to protect your pawns from being captured.

Advanced Strategies for Ludo Gaming

To excel in online Ludo, consider adopting advanced strategies:

  • Ludo Tournament Strategies: In competitive play, understanding your opponents’ strategies and adapting quickly can give you an edge. Focus on both offence (capturing opponents’ pawns) and defence (keeping your pawns safe).
  • Dice Roll Management: Anticipate and plan your moves based on probable dice outcomes. This can help in making better decisions, especially in critical game phases.
  • Pawn Distribution: Avoid cluttering your pawns together. This minimizes the risk of losing multiple pawns at once and maximizes board control.

Embracing Ludo Culture and Community

The online Ludo community is vibrant and welcoming, with numerous platforms offering opportunities for casual games, competitive play, and community interaction. Engaging with fellow Ludo enthusiasts can provide insights into diverse strategies and enhance your enjoyment of this classic board game.

How Can Players Earn Real Cash When Playing the Ludo Game Online?

Whether you are a master or you are just starting to play the game, you can earn money. It’s not that challenging, but you must stay well-versed with the rules and work on your skills. So, you need to know the following:

  • You can play for free and paid pots. You can earn different cash prizes when you win in the pools to earn real cash.
  • In many Ludo earning apps, you can get bonuses and referral points to play the game.
  • You can get welcome bonus points when you sign up as a new player on these platforms. The Points are added to your game account.
  • When playing online, you must pick a paid pot to earn Ludo real money. This is because if you acquire the highest points, you become the winner and get the prize.
  • You can withdraw the cash. If you are doing it through the bank, it might take 2-3 days.

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What Are The Pros of Playing the Ludo Game Online?

  • Ludo games are gaining popularity as the Ludo earning apps have introduced new features. This attracts more players to test their game skills and brain power.
  • There are rewards weekly and monthly, making the gameplay more exciting.
  • Ludo earning apps have sizable deposit offers to replenish your wallet and receive bonuses.
  • You can make real money on Ludo apps by playing games for free.
  • Players can withdraw the cash they have won
  • The apps offering Ludo offer various ways to withdraw money.

How do Ludo Online Games Ensure Fairness?

Apps that offer Ludo games are required to provide transparency and integrity. However, sometimes it’s hard to tell if they adhere to all these. Here are ways, as a player, you can check if they ensure fair play.

1- RNG Certification

Ensuring the Ludo games you play have an RNG certification is essential. This random number generator certificate guarantees statistical randomness in generating the results. Even though the app might have the certification, it must get approval from the RNG testing authority.

2- Security and Safety

Safety and security are crucial to protect your personal details when playing online games. The Ludo apps are required by relevant authorities to use the best data security methods to ensure users’ data safety. As a player, when carrying out transactions, ensure safety and security by checking the app’s authentication process. If you feel that the site is not genuine, avoid using the app. Additionally, you should know the information you share with the app can only be used for verification unless required by law.

How do Ludo Apps Identify Actual and Valid Users?

Ludo apps always ensure that only verified players participate in the game. They use authentication to ensure no robots join to play the game. They also put policies and procedures to monitor violations. Players must also provide their identification and account, such as their bank accounts, before depositing or withdrawing.

Tips to Help You Win in Ludo Games

Playing the game is easy, but the following tips will help you ensure your win. They include:

1- Open all Pieces at the Earliest

One of the best tips when playing the game is to get all tokens out of the starting point as early as possible. Most beginners start by moving a token at a time, and by the time the token gets to the finishing point, they have no option. All they have is waiting for 6s to get their game on track.

2- Keep Moving all the Pieces

Players should avoid moving a token simultaneously because they have fewer options. It’s recommended to spread your tokens across the board. It allows players to play during a turn and helps avoid unnecessary risks.

3- Understand When to Cut Your Opponent’s Tokens

Getting your token to take a similar space on the square as the opponent sends the latter back into the starting zone. It means the opposition will have to score another 6 or 1 to move the piece from the starting zone. It’s possible to do this anywhere except the safe zone and the coloured finishing areas. Cutting an opponent token is a great tactic, but you must examine the other pieces on the board as well.

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4- Play it Safe Closer to Home

Seizing the opponents’ tokens is thrilling. It helps clear the path for your tokens but does not guarantee to win. Players must move all their tokens to the end zone to win online games. However, it can be problematic if players are careless with their tokens close to their home area. But you can reduce the risk associated with your tokens near the home area by keeping them in the safe zone. If the piece is at the second-last safe zone, professionals recommend players move it when they score 6.

Ludo is a simple game, and its popularity is increasing rapidly. More players are getting to online apps to enjoy the game. Players can enjoy the Ludo for free to have fun and play and earn money. While playing the game, you can socialise with other players. Before enjoying the game on these apps, check certifications and their security and safety. Lastly, learn the rules and regulations to beat your opponents to win. With the advent of online Ludo, the game has become more accessible and exciting, allowing players to connect and compete globally. By mastering the essential Ludo rules, utilising effective strategies, and embracing the community, you can elevate your Ludo gaming experience and enjoy endless hours of entertainment. Hope this online ludo guide would have helped. Whether you’re playing a quick match on a Ludo game app or participating in a high-stakes Ludo tournament, the thrill of the game and the satisfaction of strategic play are always within reach. 

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1- How does earning real cash by playing Ludo online work?

Earning real cash by playing Ludo online involves participating in tournaments or competitions hosted by gaming platforms. Players usually need to register, pay an entry fee, and compete against other players. Winners receive cash prizes based on their performance.

2- Is it legal to earn real cash by playing Ludo online?

The legality of earning real cash through online gaming varies depending on your country’s laws and regulations. In some regions, online gaming for real money may be considered illegal or restricted. It’s essential to research and understand the legal aspects of online gaming in your jurisdiction before participating.

3- What are the risks involved in playing Ludo for real cash?

Like any form of gambling or gaming involving real money, there are inherent risks. These include the potential loss of money if you don’t win tournaments or if you’re not careful with your spending. Additionally, some platforms may not be trustworthy or secure, posing risks to your financial information.

4- How can I improve my chances of winning cash in Ludo tournaments?

Improving your Ludo skills through practice and understanding strategic gameplay can enhance your chances of winning tournaments. Additionally, studying the rules and regulations of the specific platform hosting the tournament can give you an edge. Joining communities or forums where players share tips and strategies can also be beneficial.

5- Are there any fees or costs associated with participating in Ludo tournaments?

Yes, most online gaming platforms require players to pay an entry fee to participate in Ludo tournaments. The entry fee can vary depending on the platform and the prize pool of the tournament. It’s essential to review the entry requirements and associated costs before joining a tournament.

6- How do I withdraw the cash I’ve earned from playing Ludo online?

Withdrawal processes vary depending on the gaming platform. Typically, you’ll need to link your bank account or payment method to the platform and follow their specific withdrawal instructions. This may involve meeting certain criteria such as reaching a minimum withdrawal amount or verifying your identity.

7- Can I play Ludo for real cash on mobile devices?

Yes, many online gaming platforms offer mobile apps or mobile-friendly websites where you can play Ludo for real cash. These apps often provide a convenient way to participate in tournaments and manage your account on the go. However, ensure that you download apps from reputable sources to avoid security risks.

8- Are there any age restrictions for playing Ludo for real cash?

Yes, most online gaming platforms have age restrictions in place to comply with legal requirements and ensure responsible gaming practices. Players typically need to be at least 18 years old to participate in tournaments involving real money. Always adhere to the age restrictions and gaming regulations in your region.


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