Tactical Ways to Use Your Ludo Tokens Wisely

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Online ludo has taken the gaming community by storm. People have been consistently looking forward to downloading and updating to the latest version of the game. All thanks to the lockdown, which impeded the online ludo games, keeping families entertained and connected. 

However, one aspect that many people miss out on is using the ludo tokens tactfully for a guaranteed win, especially if stakes are involved. If you have been thinking that online ludo is all about lucky numbers on the dice, then that’s not the case. Online ludo is about gauging opportunities, implementing witty strategies, reaching the destination first, and yielding wins with limited luck. 

Explore Ludo Game Secret: 5 Tactics to Use Your Tokens Strategically

If you are about to download the ludo game app, start playing using the below-mentioned ludo tips and tricks for a consistent win: 

1- Free All Your Tokens From the Base Camp

Although an underrated tip, but an important one – bring all your tokens out from the base camp. As you roll the dice, grab every opportunity and free all your tokens, allowing them to enter the game. It will help strategically position them, improving your chances to outsmart your opponents. Having all your tokens out of the base camp improves your chances of moving closer to the destination before your opponent does.

2- Set a Trap for Other Players

It is a risky strategy; hence use it tactfully, especially when stakes are involved. Here, you challenge your opponents by aiming primarily at only knocking their tokens down. However, it is suggested to implement this strategy when your tokens are in the first or second quadrant, minimizing the risk of your tokens being attacked. If abiding by this strategy, remember to send every token of your opponent back to their starting point. 

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3- Pursue and Hunt Your Opponents

If your tokens are moving closer to the destination, watch your opponent’s tokens. The game will be no fun if your opponent is moving closer to the destination. Thus, try chasing your opponent’s token and sending them back to the starting point before they enter a safe zone or the third or fourth quadrant. Ensure targeting their evolved tokens, as losing them might frustrate your opponent, leading to rash decisions. It will give you a competitive edge.

4- Value the Tokens Nearing Destination

The most valued tokens in online ludo games are those inching toward the third or fourth quadrant. It is because they are closest to the destination in the game. Although nearing the home, they are the most vulnerable to risk and potential threats from your opponent’s tokens. Your opponents will use all their intellectual might to attack your tokens, trying to pull you away from the home square. Thus, ensure you move them only when no opponent token is around.

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5- Avoid Unnecessary Risks

As your developed tokens are your gateway to victory, do not risk using them unnecessarily to hunt your opponent’s tokens; keep them well-protected. However, you can surely use your underdeveloped tokens or those in the first or second quadrant. Your opponent’s evolved tokens will cross your starting point at some point in the game. At this time, start chasing them and do not allow them to escape. 

Some Important Ludo Game Rules You Must Know

Here are some of the most crucial ludo rules you must be acquainted with while playing a game of Ludo:

  • A roll of six on the dice has two options for players, either you release a token from the base camp to the starting point or move your in-play tokens six steps ahead in the game. Also, you can reroll the dice a second time after your first move, post rolling a six.
  • If a token is on a colored square, it is considered safe and cannot be eliminated. However, if the opponent brings down a token, it has to return to the base camp and wait for a six on the dice to start its journey back in the game.
  • Tokens can reach the destination only by rolling an exact number on the dice. For example, if one of your tokens is one step away from the destination, your dice should roll an exact one for it to enter the destination zone. If you roll a two or a three, you won’t be allowed to move forward.
  • Your aim must be to get all your tokens to the home square before your opponent does, moving clockwise through all the colored tracks on the ludo board.

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An online ludo game is filled with the excitement and thrill of hunting your opponent’s tokens down, and reaching the destination before them. Raising a stake in it makes the game even more interesting as it demands the implementation of thoughtful strategies. The more you play this game, the more you get allured to it. An enhanced way of keeping yourself and your loved ones entertained, download the ludo game app now and get a chance to win intriguing rewards and cash prizes. 


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