Tips and Tricks to Play Ludo Game

This is one nostalgic game that would definitely remind you of your childhood. Ludo game is one of the most played games that is popular since immemorial. Traditionally, people used to play “Pachisi” which was a little tricky game and Ludo is a simpler version of it. 

Everyone wants to refresh their childhood memories around the game and up until now, this game has succeeded in keeping you entertained. The tremendous popularity of money-earning games has reached the fingertips where we can still play without wasting time. Ludo is one of the most loved and played games that can be played whenever you want without any kind of practice. Just know all about the ludo rules and guidelines of the same to move forward in the game.  

People come with a winning attitude by showing up their skills and strategies on online platforms. Ludo has been played for ages now and here are some tips and tricks that can help you make the big winnings. 

Top Ludo Tips and Tricks

As we are aware of the skill-based game, you must know about the top ludo tips and tricks used to have big winnings. Without further ado, let’s get started with the strategies that you must apply to your own gameplay session. 

1- Open All The Tokens

A player can open all his tokens when he gets a 6 in the rolling dice. So, whenever you get one, just open your tokens with the same. This way, you won’t be struggling to open your tokens during the game. As they are opened in the game, you would be able to succeed and take them to the winning position in order to have the winnings. Playing with all the tokens would take you forward in the ludo game and have big winnings. 

2- Never Proceed With a Single Token Only

You can win in a Ludo game online only if all of your four tokens reach the home triangle. So, open all of them simultaneously rather than moving forward with only one token. You should spread your tokens all over the board. When you go on with all four tokens, there would be more chances of coming to the winning position with more urgency. 

3- Capture More of Your Opponent’s Tokens

During the ludo game, it is not just about opening your own tokens but also capturing your opponent's tokens. It’s also about sending them back to their play-yard by taking over them. It is considered to be one of the best ludo tips and tricks that one can use during gameplay. So, wherever you get a chance just capture the other token to reach fast at the winning position. 

4- Block Your Opponent’s Token

Now, many times it is not possible to capture your opponent’s token during the game, but another way to stop them is by blocking them. So, they won’t be able to move past your token. So, stay alert with every token where you can use the chance and make the big winnings. 

5- Put Your Tokens in A Safe Place

There are numerous places and techniques to keep your tokens safe across the board. You should never move a token that is about to reach the home triangle rather move the other tokens that would be likely to be captured by the other ones. You should know which token should be moved with wise decisions in the gameplay. 

6- Decide Your Gameplay 

Everyone comes up with their unique strategies to take over. Some might think differently about their own gameplay where people like to win without taking over other tokens but on the other hand, some like it to keep aggressive from the starting phase. So, decide your gameplay before you initiate the game. Also, play with safety so you also enjoy the game rather than just make money out of it. Keep the thrill on its way while planning your game. 

7- Prioritize Your Moving of Pieces in the Game

You should concentrate on getting as many pieces out of the home zone as quickly as you can in the early going. Your versatility would boost up and also get improved while receiving a high roll in the game. So, you should know which token should be moved at which time in the game. 

8- Don't Be Afraid To Take Risks

You should never be afraid of taking risks in the ludo game. For instance, if you are behind in the game and your opponent has a piece on the board that’s close to the finish line, you should want to take a chance and try to knock the piece back. This would help you to keep your opponent back on track and also help you to move forward. 

9- Keep Your Pieces Together

You should keep your pieces together during the gameplay. Stop your opponents from advancing and going ahead in the game. People have their blockage for the other tokens so that they don’t move forward towards the winning position. 

These are the 9 best Ludo-winning tricks. With careful play, you can earn big rewards from such the best ludo-earning app.

FAQs About Ludo Tips and Tricks

1- Is there any trick to win in the Ludo game? 

It is a strategy-based game where you use more of the tricks in the ludo game. So, the best trick that you can use is to use your tokens wisely in the game. More prioritization helps you win the game. 

2- Is it a good strategy to open all tokens in Ludo? 

Yes, you need to open all the tokens in the Ludo game. It is important to move forward with all four tokens so that you win and have massive cash rewards. 

3- Is there any color that wins the most? 

No, there is no such color strategy in the game. You should be more comprehensive for the game to win big. It is dependent on your skills and strategies to win the game. 

4- Is there any trick to get 6 in Ludo? 

No, you need to roll the dice and see which number will come. The number would come randomly on the dice.

5. Is ludo good for the brain?

Yes, ludo is definitely good for the brain. In the Ludo game, you use your brain to figure out which token to move first and which token to save for the last. You also have to figure out how to cut the tokens of your opponents and win at the game. 

6. Is it a good strategy to open all tokens in Ludo?

Yes, opening all tokens in ludo at the start is one of the best strategies to play the ludo game, because you do not know when your opponent cuts one of your moving tokens. So, if you have all your tokens open then you can move some of your other tokens if one gets cut. 

7. How to make money in ludo?

In order to make money in the ludo game you need to select a contest on the Big Cash app which offers real money if you win the game. Once you win the ludo game you will win money. 

8. How to always win a ludo game?

There is no short cut or easy way to always win at ludo game. You have to play and give it your best in order to win at ludo game and that does not guarantee that you will always win the game.