Top Rules to Follow While Playing Ludo Game

We all had that time when we played Ludo! The game is really popular for its fun, excitement, and simplicity. The board game is where players take turns in a clockwise order and every player needs to throw off a die and decide which piece to move. The pieces would go on the track and reach the winning position. 

Everybody definitely knows about the basic ludo game rules, but let us learn how the online game for Ludo works. 

What Are The Primary Objectives of Ludo? 

The main objective for the ludo game is to move the four of your pieces in a clockwise direction around the board. To begin, the player must roll a six to move a piece out of the base and onto the start position. Then, the piece comes into play. 

Moving all of them cordially and making them reach the winning position is the ultimate goal of the game. 

What Are The Rules of The Ludo Game? 

Here are the basic ludo rules that you must know to play ludo online. The player must certainly avoid fouls during the same. 

1- Number of Players

The game is meant to be played among 2 to 4 players only. Every player would be assigned a specific colour piece that he has to take to the winning position. You should know which piece to move at what time. 

2- The Pawn Movement 

The player has to navigate the pawns on the board. It is done corresponding to the score of the player which he/she gets on the dice every time. 

For example, when a player scores three on the dice, that means the piece would move three steps ahead on the board. And according to you, whichever piece should be moved can go ahead and reach the winning zone. The first player to reach all four tokens would be considered the winner. 

3- Releasing The Pawns

You can play with a particular piece when it comes to action, only after you get a six or one on the dice. He/she should be able to have that number or else they won’t be able to play. So, play the game accordingly because you have four pieces to move and it would be your choice to release the pawns or move the existing ones on the board. 

4- Cutting Your Opponent’s Pawns

More elimination of the opponent's pawns would lead to your own winnings. When you have the piece in your way, you have the option to cut it out of the game. The player needs to release that particular piece again and restart the journey which makes it easier for you to move faster and make immediate winnings. Also, you get a bonus turn in that case. 

5- Lead Your Pawns Home

The pieces need to complete the whole track to win the game. There is a home where they need to enter and accomplish the game. And, wholly that is the main objective to move your four pieces in that home area. 

So, get going and make your pawns to the home for the big winnings. 

6- Moving the Pawns:

  • A token can only enter the board from the starting area if the player rolls a 6.
  • Tokens move in a clockwise direction around the board.
  • Tokens can pass other tokens of the same colour without affecting them.
  • If a token lands on a space occupied by an opponent's token, the opponent's token is sent back to its starting area.
  • If a token lands on a space occupied by one of the player's other tokens, the tokens form a block, which cannot be passed by the opponent's tokens.

Master the art of ludo game by adhering to the fundamental rules of the game and harnessing the strategic tips and tricks of Ludo. These invaluable insights will guide your moves, enhance your decision-making, and ultimately lead you to triumph over your opponents.


If you're eager to experience the excitement of Ludo on your device, don't forget to explore the options for Ludo app download. With Ludo apps readily available, you can enjoy this classic game conveniently and challenge friends and family to a virtual match anytime, anywhere. Happy playing!

FAQs Related to Ludo Rules

1- How to play an online Ludo game? 

Download the Big Cash app, and create your account on the app. When you enter, search for the ludo game and get started with the same. In order to learn how to play ludo online you can read the rules and tips. 

2- Is eliminating or killing mandatory in a Ludo game? 

No, it is not necessary to cut the opponent’s pieces. But, it eventually gives you the advantage to move faster in the game and have the winning position. So, you can use this thing and eliminate more of the opponent’s pieces. 

3- What happens if a player gets 6 for three times in a row? 

The player would lose his chance of moving the pieces and get passed on to the other player. 

4- What are the rules for moving pieces?

There are no hard rules for moving your pieces in the Ludo game. In order to move the pieces you throw the dice and move your tokens based on the numbers you get on the dice. For example, if you get a three then you move your token three steps. 

5- What is a "safe zone" in Ludo?

Safe zones in the ludo game are the places where your opponent can not eliminate your tokens and you can stay on the places safely. 

6- What are the rules for rolling the dice?

In the ludo game in order to roll the dice you need to pick up the dice and roll it in a way that no side of the dice can be placed manually on the ludo board. 

7- How to customize the rules for a game of Ludo with friends?

Well, we would prefer if you play a ludo game with your friends as the rule suggested by the game but if you want to customize you can add any rules you want based on your and your friend's preference. 

8- What is the main strategy to improve the chances of winning Ludo?

In order to improve your chances of winning a ludo game you need to make sure that your tokens reach home safely and you eliminate maximum tokens of your opponents.