Best Trick Shots In 8 Ball Pool

trick shots in 8 ball pool
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Trick shots have become a significant aspect of the popular online game 8 Ball Pool. Skill and precision are paramount, and while pocketing balls strategically is essential, sometimes, the awe-inspiring trick shots truly steal the show. One thing to note with the 8-ball pool game is that the rules don’t change; only the players’ techniques and how they perceive the shots change to give them an added advantage. Players worldwide usually showcase their skill and creativity by executing incredible trick shots that amaze spectators. Here are some trick shots you can employ to give you a winning edge in the game.

List of Best Trick Shots In 8 Ball Pool

1- The Massé Shot

The Massé shot is undoubtedly one of the most impressive 8-ball pool trick shots. This shot involves hitting the cue ball at an extremely low angle, causing it to curve dramatically before striking the target ball. To execute this shot successfully, players must apply reverse spin on the cue ball while using an elevated cue stick position. The result is a stunning curved trajectory that can navigate around obstacles and pot balls seemingly positioned out of reach.

2- The Jump Shot

Players often resort to the jump shot technique when faced with obstructing balls or challenging angles. This manoeuvre involves lifting the cue stick sharply and striking down on the cue ball, propelling it into the air to clear intervening balls or pockets before hitting its intended target. Timing, accuracy and using the right amount of force are crucial for achieving success with this shot, as misjudging or poor timing can lead to scratching or missing the target ball altogether.

3- The Bank Shot

Bank shots are classic 8-ball pool tips and tricks commonly used by most players. The player must rebound their target ball off one or more rails before pocketing it. These shots demand precise calculation of angles and speed as players aim not only for potting but also for positioning themselves for subsequent moves. Whether it’s a double bank shot or an intricate triple rail bank shot, mastering these techniques requires practice and a deep understanding of geometry within the game.

4- The Carom Shot

A Carom shot is one of the 8-ball pool tips and tricks that involves pocketing one ball by striking another ball into it. This shot requires careful planning and accurate aim to ensure that the first ball strikes the target ball at the correct angle and sends it into the pocket.

5- The Rail Shot

Rail shots are 8-ball pool tips and shots where players aim to pot a ball by bouncing it off one or more rails before pocketing it. These shots require perfect alignment, spin control, and accurate power calculation. Players must also consider how much force they need to avoid scratching while maintaining enough momentum to make the ball reach its intended destination.

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6- The Combination Shot

Combination shots involve using one ball to strike another and then hitting the target ball. This advanced 8-ball pool tip and trick is often used when there is no direct path for potting a particular ball. Players must accurately assess angles, rebounds, and potential deflections to get a successful combination shot. Timing is also crucial since hitting too early or too late can result in missed opportunities or unwanted clusters.

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7- The Curve Shot

Curve shots are one of the most amazing 8-ball pool tips and tricks that involve bending the cue ball’s trajectory around obstacles or between tightly grouped balls. To achieve this shot successfully, players must have excellent control of the cue ball and how to apply the sidespin. Imparting a spin on the cue ball at a specific angle can help the players make it curve along an unexpected path. This will surprise the opponents and give the player an advantage to pocket their intended balls quicker.

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The Tricks

  • Familiarise yourself with the game rules and use them to your advantage,
  • Choose your gaming group based on strategy and not conventions,
  • Always create a mental strategy before taking the shot,
  • Focus on torque spin and cutting techniques,
  • Always utilise the bridge,
  • Practise the masse 8-ball trick shots a lot,
  • Avoid combination shots,
  • Make draw shots,
  • Break the rack with a legal shot,
  • Be prepared with different cut shots, for instance, the bank shots, rail cuts, and kick shots. They take time to master, but once you get them right, you can easily use them to sink your object regardless of where the cue ball is.

The game of 8-ball pool is not only about pocketing balls strategically; it is also a canvas for players to showcase their creativity and ingenuity through incredible trick shots. From the stunning angles and mind-bending spin to the precision and control displayed by players, trick shots add an extra layer of excitement and entertainment to the game. However, remember that these trick shots require practice, precision, and patience to master. Therefore, it’s best to keep experimenting with different techniques to develop your skills, and thus you can enjoy the thrill this game brings and the fun of executing these impressive shots.


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