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best earning apps for students

20+ Best Earning Apps for Students in 2024

April 9, 4:46 pm

Are you a student looking to earn some extra cash? With the rise of mobile apps, there are now numerous opportunities for students to make money right from their smartphones. Whether you want to earn a few bucks during your free time or you’re looking for a more substantial income, there are plenty of money-earning …

Must Have Players in Your Fantasy Cricket Team

Must-Have Players in Your Fantasy Cricket Team: IPL 2024 Edition

April 9, 10:33 am

Love for cricket has not been an easy task in India. People are crazy in love with this game and play it in every nook and corner. This has led to the commencement of IPL in India in 2008. The Indian Premier League (IPL) has evolved from being just a cricket tournament to a cultural …

Best Card Games to Play Online

Best Card Games To Play For Fun And Profit: A Comprehensive Guide

March 11, 1:10 pm

Card games are great for passing the time and interacting with family and friends. Most people in India, at some point, have interacted with card games and understand how challenging it is to select the best. Since these games are considered part of Indian culture and tradition, they are now available online for endless gaming …

powerful break short in 8 ball pool

Breaking The Rack: Tips For A Consistent And Powerful Break Shot In 8 Ball Pool

February 22, 4:48 pm

Are you a fan of 8 ball pool but struggle with getting a flawless pool break? This guide provides insights into the rules and techniques for achieving it! In 8 ball pool, the ultimate objective is to pocket all your designated balls (whether stripes or solids) before sinking the black ball (8 ball) as the …