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Although the 8-ball pool is one of the most played table games globally, the online version adds a new twist. Regardless of how much you play this game, you never feel like a pro because you are always one foul away from losing. Since the online 8-ball pool involves playing with real money, the game is now more competitive than before. Therefore, you must strive to refine your skills and unlock new ways to beat your opponents. 

Here Is A Simple Breakdown To Understand How To Play An 8-Ball Pool And Win Real Money

8-Ball Pool Game Rules

As you learn how to play 8-ball pool online, first take note of the table features.

  • Pool table with pots and cushions
  • Seven striped balls
  • Seven solid balls
  • One cue ball
  • One black ball

Learning about 8-ball pool rules gives you some leverage while maintaining balance. Consider the following rules when playing an 8-ball pool online for cash.

  • An online 8-ball pool table holds between two and four players.
  • One of the players must place the cue ball on the head string or behind it to commence the game.
  • Players must make their shots with the cue ball.
  • Players are assigned seven balls each, one pocketing solid colour balls from 1 through 7. The other player pockets striped balls from 9 through 15.
  • Players must only hit their respective balls to prevent forfeiting the game.
  • The 8 ball (black ball) should be potted last after pocketing the solid and striped ones. Potting this black ball before the rest will end the game instantly.

How to Play 8-ball Pool Game And Win Real Cash

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Basic 8-Ball Pool Moves

  • Drag the stick in a circular motion to aim at the cue ball.
  • Pull it down to increase the force and release it to hit the cue ball.
  • Use the strike point option to spin the ball for stronger precise hits.
  • Pull down the stick to control the force hitting the ball

Breaking The Rack

After launching the 8-ball pool game, the cue ball will be positioned on the head string facing the triangle rack. One player must shoot the cue ball towards the balls in the triangle to break the rack. This must be done with enough force and precision for a valid shot that either pockets a ball or pushes four numbered balls to the edges.

Choose Balls

When breaking the rack, the table is open, meaning players still need to be assigned balls. Sink any numbered ball to choose a group. For example, if you sink a striped 12-ball, you must pocket striped balls throughout the game.

Find balls that are easy to pocket and dip as many as possible before your opponent. If you pocket both striped and solid balls, pick the group you believe is advantageous and proceed with the game.

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Keep Shooting The Balls

After pocketing one striped ball, your turn is still active, and you must find more striped balls to dip. When you scratch or miss pocketing the ball, your turn ends, and the opponent takes over.

Pocket All Your Balls

Since you decided to pocket striped balls from numbers 9 to 15, aim at making all the balls. If you accidentally pocket your opponent’s balls (solids from 1-7), your turn ends. After pocketing all your striped balls, finish by potting the 8-ball.

Check the table and control your cue stick, applying enough force to land the ball in the easiest pocket. If you pot the 8-ball, you win the round, and the game ends. At this stage, your opponents will leave the table, and you will walk away with the pot prize.

If you fail to pot the 8-ball, your opponent continues to pocket their solid balls as you take turns. You lose the game when they pocket all their balls, including the 8-ball before you do.

Big Cash is among the best platforms to play 8-ball pool, with tournaments running every minute. These tournaments have varying entry fees that you can select based on your goals.

What Should You Do In Case of A Foul?

A scratch is a foul where a player accidentally smashes the cue ball into a pocket. Most fouls revolve around scratching, and we will highlight the steps to take if it happens.

Scratching When Breaking Rack

When you scratch when breaking the rack, the game partially starts. Your opponents will choose to play the table by taking the next shot or re-rack the balls for a new break. They will either break or give you another chance to try.

Pocketing 8-Ball At Break

When you pocket the 8-ball during the break, you either re-rack or spot the 8-ball to continue the game. If you forfeit the turn, the next player either re-racks or spots the 8-ball and hits the cue ball from the head string.

Scratching After Breaking

The pocketed balls retain their position if you scratch after making a legal break in the 8-ball pool. However, the turn passes to another player since the table is still open at this stage, and they must play with the ball they sink without scratching.

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Jumping A Ball Off The Table

When you jump a numbered ball off the table, the other player accepts the table position or takes the next turn. They will place the ball behind the head string to make their shot and pocket their respective balls.

The 8-ball pool is a thrilling game that constantly presents new challenges for every player. Even seasoned poolers sometimes lose their pot money to new players occasionally. Therefore, there is no hard and fast way to win in a pool game. Luckily, this guide covers the basic steps to follow when playing an 8-ball pool online for real money. The best way is to practice more and try different tournaments to find one with higher payouts.

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