Mastering Ludo: A Guide To Playing And Winning Online

Steps to play ludo

Ludo traces its origins back to 1896, claiming a spot among the classic games people play in India. Over the years, this game has brought friends and family together, as it can accommodate up to 6 players. Another factor that makes Ludo an impressive fun game is its straightforwardness, where even novice players can beat experienced ones. 

The shift from classic to online Ludo has been tremendous in recent years as more players access smartphones and the internet. As a result, there is a growing need for educational material to help people improve their gameplay. Here are more details on how to play Ludo and win real money.

Online Ludo 

Online and offline, Ludo is similar in many ways; the only difference is the physical and screen boards. Therefore, when you play Ludo online, learning about the various equipment used to make the gameplay successful is crucial.

  • Ludo Board

The Ludo board is the surface where players move their tokens. It features a square grid subdivided into four different-colour starting areas with a central track. A traditional Ludo board also includes a game layout that helps players determine where to move their tokens.

  • Tokens

Ludo tokens are small, brightly coloured pieces players move across the board to score points. Each player receives four tokens, and the objective is to move the tokens from the starting point to the “home” area or the end zone. A dice roll determines the number of spaces a player can move their tokens; the first player to place all the tokens in the home square wins. 

  • Dice

The dice are the key to success when you play Ludo online. This cube decides how far you can go before your opponent catches you. The online Ludo dice is a button that you click to spin and make a move as per the score.

The dice has six sides, numbered 1-6. If you are lucky enough to get a 6, you are in a better position than your opponents. Big Cash uses an interactive interface for the Ludo board, dice, and tokens to make the game fun.

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Steps to Play Ludo

The objective of online Ludo is for a player to take all four tokens from the starting point and move them clockwise to reach the home square. You must take all your tokens to the home box before your opponents are declared the winner. Here is a step-by-step process for playing Ludo online –

Step 1: Start the Game

Choose your preferred board before you play Ludo online since they come in different colours. Each Ludo board can hold only four players, but some versions have up to 6. After deciding the number of players and board, everyone chooses a colour and places the respective tokens on the provided spaces. Each player is given four tokens to make their moves.

Step 2: Roll the Ludo Dice

Each player on the board takes turns rolling the Ludo dice in a clockwise direction. The player who rolls the first 6 starts the game, and in the rules to play Ludo, rolling 1 is valuable enough to kick off the game.

Step 3: Move Tokens Around the Board

Once you roll a 6, move your tokens to the playing areas as you march them toward the home square. Roll again and move your token according to the number on the dice score. If a player fails to roll a 6, they must make more attempts to land a 6 and activate their tokens.

After rolling a six and activating your first token, you have the option to either place another token on the playing area or use the six to advance an existing token forward.

Step 4: Get and Safeguard Tokens

Land on an opponent’s token to capture it, and if this happens, the player whose token is captured will be taken back to the starting square. The opponent must try and roll a 6 to activate the token once more. Based on the rules to play Ludo, a player who successfully captures one’s token gets an extra turn to advance their position.

Ludo boards also have safe boxes marked with a star symbol. Landing on these zones protects your tokens from being captured or blocked by the opponents. 

Step 5: Win the Game

After reaching the home area, you need to roll the dice and score the exact number of points required to reach the home square. Rolling more or less than required means moving your other tokens on the board or passing the turn to an opponent.

The player who lands their tokens in the respective home boxes wins the game. Even after declaring a winner, the other players can proceed with the game and take the second, third, and fourth positions.

Steps for Playing Ludo Online

There are different versions of Ludo to play on Big Cash. Although these games are similar, minor elements differentiate them, but the gameplay stays the same. Here is a breakdown of how to play Ludo online and win real money.

Step 1: Start the Game

Once you open the Big Cash app, pick the Ludo version you want to play, and you will be directed to a page with ongoing contests. The selections are Free Games, 1vs1 battles, One Winner, Two Winners, or Three Winners. Pay the entry fee, and you will enter a table where other players are waiting to play Ludo online.

Step 2: Roll the Dice

Click on the dice icon on the screen when it is your turn, and it will reveal a score. Move your tokens on the board based on this score. When you play Ludo online, all tokens are in an open position, eliminating the need to roll a 6 for activation.

Step 3: Move the Tokens or Pass the Turn

Move your tokens on big cash by selecting a token, and it will move automatically following the score on the face of the dice. You can also skip your chance, but the game limits you to two skips because if you skip thrice, you get disqualified.

Step 4: Capture and Safeguard Tokens

Land on your opponent’s tokens to capture them; this move takes your opponent back to the starting point. They also lose the points they had accumulated using the captured token. Furthermore, the opponent must roll a 6 to reactivate the captured token.

In addition, the player who captures a token gets an extra chance to roll a die. Use the safe boxes on the board to protect your token from being captured or blocked by the opponent. These safe zones are marked using stars, and players can land different-coloured tokens to avoid being cut.

Step 5: Reach the End Zone

As you play Ludo online, you earn 1 point for every move you make on the board. If an opponent cuts a token, you lose all its earned points. Additionally, each token that reaches home earns you an extra 56 points. After reaching the homerun area, roll the die to land the exact number required to land on the home box.

Rolling more or less than the needed number of moves implies that you should move a different token over the board or miss the turn. For example, if you need three steps to reach your space and you roll a 4, you must pass your turn. Ultimately, the player who scores the most points wins the game. The money will be split depending on the format. Big Cash will also split prizes between players in case of a tie.

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Ludo, a widely popular online game in India, offers players various strategies to outsmart opponents and score more points. While some focus on capturing the opponent’s tokens, others prioritise their own tokens. Understanding the intricacies of Ludo rules is crucial for a successful gameplay experience. Once familiar with the rules, you can enhance your Ludo journey by downloading the Big Cash ludo app and challenging thousands of opponents online. Get ready to showcase your skills and compete in exciting Ludo battles!

FAQs About Online Ludo

How do you play Ludo and win money?

To win real money in Ludo, you must play strategically and ensure all four tokens reach the home area successfully. Some ludo tips and tricks can help you advance your game to beat opponents.

What are the rules of playing online Ludo?

There are many rules to follow when playing Ludo; the basic one is that you must roll a 6 to activate a token. If you roll a 6, you get another chance to roll. However, since there are different Ludo versions online, it is advisable to understand what they entail.

How do you play Ludo online?

You can play Ludo online by downloading the Big Cash app, where you must follow the same objective as classic Ludo. This game requires you to move your tokens clockwise on the board, upward from the home column towards the home area. You win by collecting maximum points instead of taking all four tokens home.


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