Top 7 Rules To Play Ludo & Win Real Money

rules to play ludo

Ludo, a classic board game loved by people of all ages, has now entered the realm of online gaming, offering the opportunity to win real money. To excel in the Ludo game and increase your chances of winning, it’s essential to understand the top rules and strategies. 

This introductory guide aims to provide you with valuable insights and tips for playing Ludo strategically. From understanding the movement rules of the game to employing effective strategies to gain an advantage over your opponents, mastering these key elements will enhance your gameplay and give you a competitive edge when playing Ludo for real money.

Game Objective of Ludo

The game starts with each player having four tokens in the starting position. The first player to release their tokens from the starting square and successfully move them across the board to the home column wins. Moving these tokens throughout the board is determined by the score from a dice roll in each turn. For instance, if a player scores a three on the dice, they must move their token forward on the board by three moves. Learn how to play Ludo and follow these tips and rules as guidance.

Top Ludo Rules

After understanding the game’s objective, the next step is reading the rules to ensure you play safely without making erratic moves. These rules are broken down as follows –

Ludo House Rules

Most Ludo platforms in India allow two to four players per game, taking turns playing in a clockwise direction. Players are assigned a colour, receiving four tokens each in their home square on the board. For example, red-coloured tokens must be placed within red pockets, and so on. There is also a dice that players roll and move their tokens depending on the number on the dice.

Therefore, if the dice result is a 6, the players must move a token across six squares in the home column. Rolling consecutive 6s means that you can bring another token out. Sticking to the token movement rule, the Ludo game processes until three players land their tokens at home successfully

Rule 1: Number of Players

Ludo is played between two and four players on the Big Cash app. As the game starts, each player is assigned a particular colour, blue, red, yellow, or green.

Rule 2: Releasing Tokens

As per the rules to play Ludo, a player must score a 6 or 1 to release a token from the starting area on the board. If a player fails to achieve their first 6 or 1, they cannot keep tokens in the starting squares because there will be no tokens to move. After releasing the first token, every 6 or 1 scored by the player gives them the option to either place a new token at the starting square or move existing tokens on the board.

Rule 3: Eliminating Opponent’s Pawn

If a pawn lands on the square where a different coloured pawn sits, the latter pawn is removed from its path to the home area. A player who opts to cut an opponent’s token gets a bonus turn, which gives them leverage.

The Big Cash app Ludo game also has safe squares within the main squares, specifically the fourth square from the top in the right of the home columns of the token. Once you land your tokens in these safe zones, other players cannot eliminate them. Look out for a star symbol to locate safe squares, also known as globe spaces. Moreover, the safe square can hold multiple tokens from different colours.

Rule 4: Leading Tokens Home

One of the rules to play Ludo is that a token will only reach the home column after it completes its entire track, from the starting square to the dedicated end zone. The home area has six squares; the end zone is the last one where a pawn finishes the game. Players are therefore expected to move all these four tokens to the end zone.

Players can apply their dice roll results on other tokens if the score does not apply to the tokens in the end zone. For example, if a player scores a five and a token only needs two steps to reach the home area, the player will move a different token five steps on the board.

However, a player will forfeit their turn if there are no more tokens on the board, and this happens when the remaining tokens are already in the home square or have been retired.

Rule of the 6s

Rule of the 6s is among the rules to play Ludo for a higher success rate. If a player rolls a 6, they can move a token out of the base to the starting position or move a token already on the game board. Alternatively, if a player rolls a six, they receive an additional bonus roll once they make a move. After rolling a 6 three times, the player loses their turn to the next player.

Rule of 7

When playing online Ludo, try starting 7 boxes ahead of your opponent. Since the highest number on the die is 6, the probability of landing a 2 is less. Therefore, stay 7 boxes ahead of your opponent’s tokens. Doing this makes it harder for your opponent to catch or block you.

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How to Play Ludo on Big Cash

First, you must download the Big Cash app on your device before learning how to play Ludo. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. Follow these steps to play the game –

  • Launch the Big Cash app and search for Ludo games
  • Pick a contest based on your experience level and pay the entry fee
  • The game will find you an opponent who matches your skill level
  • When it is your turn, tap on the dice to roll or play using the number mode
  • Move your token based on the score on the dice
  • You earn more points by capturing an opponent’s toke; if the opponent captures your token, you lose points.
  • Reaching the home square with a token also adds more points to your score
  • The game is played within four minutes, where you must try and take all your tokens home
  • The player with the most points wins the game

Tips to Winning Online Ludo

While learning the rules to play Ludo is critical for getting more points, a few ludo tips and tricks will build your gameplay based on the rules. Here are some of the popular tips for winning the Ludo game –

1- Open all Your Tokens

Getting 6s is the objective for most players because it sets the direction for the game. However, players do not have control over scoring a 6 even after learning how to play Ludo. Therefore, if you get a 6 when opening your token, you have a high chance of putting all your tokens in play.

In addition, you will be able to reach your home triangle easily. This is one of the least explored tricks for winning in a Ludo game. Having more tokens on the board helps you gain more options, which is a great strategy for winning the game.

2- Do not Race One Token

Aim to move all four tokens to the home triangle to win a game. Hence, it is crucial to move all tokens simultaneously instead of playing with one token at a time. Try to spread your tokens all over the board so that you can block or capture opponent tokens, giving you an upper hand.

3- Capture Your Opponent’s Tokens

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The best part of learning how to play Ludo is capturing the opponent’s tokens and preventing them from advancing on the board. Besides trying to get all your tokens to the home triangle, capturing your opponents and sending them back to the starting point also earns you points. When you get the chance, capture all the opponent’s tokens to minimise their chances of winning the game.

4- Block the Opponent’s Tokens

Failing to capture an opponent’s tokens should not worry you because there are many ways to stay ahead on the scoreboard. Instead of trying to catch the opponent’s tokens, consider blocking them. This not only makes winning easier but also makes the game fun to play. This move prevents your opponents from crossing your tokens or capturing them. Ensure you keep a close eye on your opponent’s token and their positions on the board.

5- Secure all your Tokens

Instead of trying to capture or block your opponent’s tokens, try to win the game by securing all your tokens. Ensure you do not move any token closer to the home triangle; instead, consider moving other tokens closer to the starting square. This move safeguards your tokens, making it harder for the opponent’s tokens to capture them. As per the rules to play Ludo, moving your tokens wisely is the key to better gameplay; moreover, ensure you play wise moves to guarantee a win in the online Ludo game.

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The Ludo objectives and rules highlighted above are a great way for players to improve their gameplay, win, and earn more. The basic rules of this game have remained the same as the traditional version, only that the digital formats are slightly tweaked to serve an ever-growing user base. Try to understand these rules and practice frequently to confirm whether you are on the right track. These rules also make it easy to determine when to use tips and tricks to defeat the opponent.


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