Big Cash Unveils Classic Ludo Game: Play and Earn Real Money

big cash ludo

In a world where digital gaming is rapidly evolving, Big Cash has once again set the bar higher by launching the much-awaited Classic Ludo game on its platform. With a perfect blend of nostalgia and modern convenience, Classic Ludo on Big Cash offers an exciting opportunity to relive the joy of this timeless board game while also winning cash rewards. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the journey of playing Classic Ludo on the Big Cash app, from understanding the gameplay to mastering strategies to win cash rewards.

How to Play Classic Ludo on the Big Cash App

Playing Classic Ludo on the Big Cash app is really easy, even if you’re new to the platform. Follow these simple steps to deep dive into the world of dice rolls and strategic moves:

  1. Download the Big Cash App: If you haven’t already, download the Big Cash app from the App Store or the official website of Big Cash ( It’s available for both Android and iOS devices.
  2. Sign Up or Log In: Create an account if you’re a new user or log in if you’re an existing one. Ensure your details are accurate and up-to-date.
  3. Explore Game Options: Once logged in, navigate to the game section or go to the casual game section to look for “Classic Ludo.” Click on it to access the game.
  4. Choose a Contest: Depending on your preferred stake level, select a contest to join. Contests often have different entry fees and rewards, so choose wisely. You will find several ludo contests.
  5. Start Rolling the Dice: Once Big Cash matches you with a real player the game begins, roll the dice and strategically move your pieces to reach the centre of the board before your opponents.
  6. Winning and Rewards: The player who gets the highest score wins the game and earns prices that can be later redeemed into the user’s bank account.

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Rules to Play Classic Ludo on the Big Cash App

Before you start playing the classic Ludo game here are the important rules of Ludo you should remember and follow in order to win the game.

1- Each player will get 24 moves.
2- If a player fails to play 3 turns they will be dropped out of the game.
3- Players will get an extra move and +2 bonus points for capturing the opponent’s pawn.
4- Players will lose points as per the blocks pawn has moved on being captured by the opponent.
5- Extra moves and a multiple of +56 will be added to the total score for a pawn reaching home.
6- A player will get extra points for their pawns sharing the same space. For Example – if two pawns are sharing the same space player will get +2 points and for 3 pawns they will get +3 points.

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Tips to Win at Classic Ludo

Mastering Classic Ludo not only requires strategic thinking and time management. Here are some tips to play ludo game:

  1. Plan Your Moves: Think ahead and plan your moves strategically. Consider your opponents’ pieces and potential dice rolls to make informed decisions.
  2. Prioritize Getting Pieces Out: Focus on getting as many pieces out of your starting area as possible. The more pieces you have in play, the better your chances of winning.
  3. Secure Safe Spaces: Whenever possible, aim to land in safe spaces that can protect your pieces from being sent back to the starting area.
  4. Observe Opponents: Pay attention to your opponent’s moves. Adapt your strategy based on their actions and try to block their progress.
  5. Use Power-Ups Wisely: Classic Ludo on Big Cash offers bonus moves if you take out your opponent’s pawn. Use them strategically to gain an advantage.

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Classic Ludo FAQs

Is Classic Ludo on Big Cash Free to Play?

Classic Ludo on Big Cash involves real money rewards and entry fees. Players pay an entry fee to join rooms and have a chance to win rewards.

Can I Play Classic Ludo with My Friends?

Yes, you can invite your friends to play Classic Ludo on Big Cash. Alternatively, you can compete against random opponents online.

What if I Roll a 6?

Rolling a 6 allows you to move one of your pieces out of the starting area or advance an already active piece by 6 steps. But you do not get an extra move for getting a 6.

What Happens if I Get All My Pieces to the Center First?

If you successfully move all your pieces to the center of the board first, you win the game and earn rewards based on the room’s stakes.

Is Big Cash Secure for Transactions?

Yes, Big Cash ensures secure transactions through encrypted payment gateways, protecting your financial information.


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