Tips and Tricks to Play 3 Patti Card Game

The Teen Patti game helps you add spice to the monotonous routine while also boosting your bank balance simultaneously. Winning this teen patti game is based more on planning your strategy and building up a strong knowledge of the game’s fundamentals than on good fortune. 

In terms of popularity in India, nothing can beat the love for this game. This one of the best card games is really popular among social gatherings and online platforms. Also, played avidly during the festive season in India! As the game has been introduced in the digital realm, more and more players are using it to stay entertained and make cash winnings with their skills. 

The Teen Patti game requires expertise and great strategies! In order to ace the game, you should come up with a solid plan and execution to take over other players. Sounds amazing? So, here are some of the best tips and tricks that you can use for playing and winning the game. 

Top Tips and Tricks For the Teen Patti Game

Have a look at some of these and begin with your game to bag the big winnings on the online platforms. 

1- Start With the Smaller Stakes

To win more during the Teen Patti online game, it is recommended that the users give themselves some time. Don’t rush into the bigger games and start out modestly to raise your stakes eventually with the game. Simply, make your small winnings with the lower stakes and build up your game while gaining more experience. This strategy would help both the new and experienced players to manage their bankrolls effectively and also learn more about the game. So, when you have a firm grasp on the game, put your hands on the higher stakes and make your progress with the same. 

2- Play Blind

During the game, you can spice up the average game by elevating your moves during the same. What it means to play blind is to wager without seeing your hand of cards. Play more of the blind wagers as per your understanding and skill set. Raise the stakes for every player while doing this move in the game. Also, when the stakes get high, players usually allow emotions to take over their judgment, which makes them easier to be attacked. The blind bet doesn’t harm the bankroll much if the table limits are moderate or hands start with smaller bets. So, your game gets easier and safe to place more bets and eventually win big! 

3- Understand Your Cards

In the online Teen Patti game, there is nothing as such terrible cards. The essence of the game is to estimate the cards of your opponents. Many times, players are caught acting hastily, folding or raising their bets without seeing what the other players are planning and doing on the table. So, there are more chances for players to fold even though they might have a stronger hand than you. Understand your cards thoroughly and know that there are no bad cards during the gameplay. 

4- Practice More and More

In the Teen Patti online game, you should know that winnings come only with unique strategies. To win cash rewards, you must outsmart your rivals with your wit, confidence and new strategies. You have the chance to imbibe the skills while practising more and more on the cash tables. Also, there is a popular saying known as “Practice makes a man perfect”, it is true in this sense. To keep up with your consistency and good winnings, you can make the most out of the game by practising more and more. 

5- Don’t Play Under the Pressure of Your Emotions

You must know how to control your emotions during the gameplay. Emotions obstruct your power of rational thinking which might result in regrets. So, always play when you are in the mood of enjoying and winning the game, not when you are under the pressure of something or feeling upset about something. Also, when you feel exhausted from the game, go for a break and return after you feel fine. Many people find it difficult to resist letting emotions influence their choices, but ensure your rational thinking during this game! 

6- Don’t Be Predictable

It is crucial in the Teen Patti online game, that you do not become too open about the game. The predictability would ruin your game and also affects your prospects. Players sit at the table to judge the move of their opponents by observing more. Say you have a tendency to boost your bets after having a strong hand and give up after having weaker hands. As the game proceeds, many people can get to know if there is something wrong! So, you should never be predictable during the game to avoid your chances of losing during the same. 

7- Use More of Sideshow

While playing the Teen Patti online game, sideshows would help the players to mitigate the risk of losing out on big money amounts as well as know their stance at the table. While wagering on the table, many players get to privately view the cards of any other player who did the last wager. So, sideshows cannot be requested for the players who are playing it blind. The profit from the sideshow wager to increase your earnings and minimise the losses. You should do a sideshow when you are sure about having better cards in comparison to other players. 

8- Make Use of Your Bonuses

Online platforms give you the chance to play with lucrative rewards and additional bonuses. You can use such advantages for your own benefit and win more during the game. Ensure about having the best additional bonuses and rewards side by side to take over the huge winnings. 

9- Manage Your Bankroll Well

The prospects of winning would surely depend on the ability to control the finances. When you indulge in the Teen Patti online game, having a bigger bankroll enables you to take losses and play for a longer period of time. You must have a playing limit that you must not exceed! It must be done under strict awareness of not losing more of your money during the gameplay session. 

10- Observe Well Even After the Fold

Players have the tendency to fold and then divert to something else. But, it’s not the correct thing to do during the game. It prevents the players from gaining a particular edge in the forthcoming games. You would not be able to understand the basic strategies of the other players and be unknown with the various experiences on the platform. 

3 Patti FAQs 

1- What is the golden rule for winning the Teen Patti online game? 

The golden rule of winning the game is to know about the game thoroughly! You should know how to use your strategies for the big winnings during the game. Also, understand the cards which you have got during the round. 

2- What are the best tips to win the Teen Patti online game? 

The best tips to ace the Teen Patti online game is by starting with the lower stakes and always make your moves wisely. You should not get more predictable during the game, it might hamper your growth. 

3- Is it a luck-based game? 

The game needs to be played with great strategies and tricks to bag the winnings. You cannot rely on your fortune to have your winnings. 

4. What is the best combination in 3 Patti?

The best possible combination in 3 Patti games is a three-of-a-kind or a set. And the best set or three of a kind in the 3 Patti game would be a set of 3 Aces. (A-A-A)

5. What is the order of the 3 Patti sequence?

Creating a set or three of a kind is the highest 3 Patti sequence one can make. Three aces (A-A-A) is the highest sequence in the 3 Patti game, meanwhile, three 2s (2-2-2) is the lowest sequence in the 3 Patti game. Other orders of 3 patti sequence are Straight Flush, flush, Color, Pair, and High Card.

6. What is the Colour rule in 3 Patti?

Colour rule of 3 Patti states that any three cards of the same suit can make a flush. For example 4 of hearts, 8 of hearts, and 10 of hearts can make a colour or flush in 3 patti game. 

7. What is 999 in 3 Patti?

999 is one of the variants of the 3 Patti game. In this variation, hand rankings closest to 999 win the game. In this variation apart from the ace, other face cards hold no value whatsoever. And ace is regarded as 1 in this type of 3 patti game.