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    Want to become a pro at the real cash Teen Patti game? You need to come up with your skills and grab all the expertise for the same to win some massive cash amounts! Also known as the Teen Patti order or Teen Patti Hand ranking, the game has its origins in the South Asian regions of India as well as Pakistan. 

    The game has been originally derived from the British game called, Three cards brag and is also similar to the game of poker. Same as other card games, it is also played with a deck of cards and with 3 to 6 players at a time. 

    In the Teen Patti Game, you have to make the highest-ranked hand in comparison to the rest of the players on the table. The ranking would tell the winner amongst all of them and also ranking would compare the strength of different hands in the game. 

    There are different categories of sequences, and every one of them has different rules as well as conditions. In order to take over this game, players need to understand the value of the ranking system. Also, in teen patti, the ranking system is really different from other card games, compared to poker or rummy. Even as a beginner, you have to comprehend the basic rules to initiate your gameplay and dig into your success. 

    What is the 3 Patti Sequence and its Role?

    Teen Patti sequence, comprises three cards with a hand, determining whether or not the player holding it wins or loses the round. There are two different categories - pure sequence and impure sequence. 

    Three cards of consecutive values of the same suit, (3-4-5 of diamonds) are called Pure Sequence and an impure sequence means a group of three cards of consecutive values but with different suits. (3H-4D-5S). 

    As said, the impure sequence is the weaker one but still comes out to be strong, depending on where it features in the sequence list. But, when we are playing the Teen Patti game, a pure sequence holds more value in the game and has the potential to make you win the game, ultimately! The players should do their best to acquire the cards that will turn into a pure sequence, as it obviously comes with a bigger value in this card game. 

    But, the players should know that forming a pure sequence is not the only way of winning in the 3 Patti real cash game. There are strengths and weaknesses of the impure hands as well that would make you win during the game. Become a master, by knowing all the types of hands and their strengths in the game. 

    How Important Are Sequences in The Game of 3 Patti? 

    When we indulge in the Teen Patti game, the main aim is to make the most significant three-card handout of all the players at the table. This can be done through both pure and impure sequences! So, you can see these as the winning factor during the 3 Patti game, this is how important they are. You need to steer off the herd and come off with your own sequences in the game. 

    Both types of sequences - pure and impure hold a different value in the games but are significantly used whenever needed. 

    So, you need to give equal value to both of them in the Teen Patti game! They can lead to your winnings when played accordingly. 

    What Are The Different Rules For 3 Patti Sequences? 

    The Teen Patti game comprises some rules that every player needs to know. It will help you build an understanding of the game and help you win it easily. 

    Here are some of the hands, which you need to know! 

    • Trail, or trio 
    • Straight flush 
    • Sequence/straight 
    • Colour
    • Pair
    • High  card 

    They are somehow similar to the poker game, so you would find it convenient to understand some of them. But the major difference is that the Teen Patti game uses three cards instead of five, just like in poker. 

    Teen Patti Sequence List

    Here is the sequence list for the 3 Patti game. The hand rankings in the game are:

    • Three-of-a-kind -  (where all three cards stand with the same rank) - 2 of hearts, 2 of Diamonds, and 2 of Spade.
    • Straight flush ( when all three cards are arranged sequentially from the same suit as well) - 2-3-4 of Hearts.
    • Straight (three cards are arranged sequentially but not from the same suit) - 2 of hearts, 3 of diamonds, 4 of spades.
    • Flush (three cards from the same suit but not arranged in a sequence) - 4-6-8 of spades. 
    • Pair ( two cards out of three from the same rank) - 8 of hearts, 8 of spades. 
    • High card ( when cards do not belong to either of the categories) -

    Every player gets 3 cards in the game, face down initially. When the betting proceeds, the players have the option to bet or fold. If the player goes down for a bet, the action will continue in the clockwise direction, either calling the bet or raising it in the game. 

    The game will continue like this until the players have folded with one player remaining or until they have matched the highest bet. When the betting is completed, every player needs to reveal their cards and the one with the highest hand would win the pot. 

    The Highest Sequence in The Teen Patti Game

    In the Teen Patti game, a trail or a trio would be considered the biggest sequence in the game. It is known to be a combination of three cards from the same rank. For example, three aces or three jacks would make a trio or trail in the game. 

    Also, for any player, the probability of getting this sequence is less than other sequences. So, get along with the game and try to get the higher-ranked trio instead of the lower-ranked! 

    Tips and Tricks to Build the Highest Teen Patti Sequence

    You need to learn the rules as well as the hierarchy of the game to make your winnings. Always ensure that you have understood the game rules accordingly and their strengths will keep you informed while playing and also enhance the chances of winning throughout the game. 


    Teen Patti is one strategic game, you should always come up with your new tricks to accomplish more. Do not play every hand, and keep your patience intact throughout the game. Instead, fold and wait for a better hand to come along which will keep your game safe. 

    Emotions Need To Be Controlled

    You should not get carried away with your emotions during the game. Even when you're winning, keep a check and stop wherever needed! Also, when you feel dejected, come back and make sure you are playing with a fresh mind again. This would help you to have a good gameplay session throughout. 

    Play Small Bets 

    This is very important during the 3 Patti game! Don't come with the bigger bets, because playing with the smaller ones can help you play more games at the same time, you can manage your bankroll with all the effectiveness. Also, come bigger when you know it is needed. 

    Practice Makes You Perfect

    The practice would definitely make you a pro at the game! It will help you in improving with more and more experience. Play with your friends and also compete with some pro players to have your learnings. It would also help you to understand the game at a better pace. 

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