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35 Best Poker Apps to Play Real Money Poker Games in India: July 2024

July 11, 5:07 pm

If you are looking for what to play when you are getting bored in your day-to-day life. Then definitely playing cards is a super sorted option. Those beautiful decks of 4 shapes have our hearts and skills. Although, cards can be played in different styles and have a variety of options online and offline as …

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Mobile Poker: Best Mobile Poker Apps to Earn Money Online

July 9, 4:24 pm

Poker lovers just need a table to play poker be it offline or online. So is mobile poker. Mobile poker is a game where Mobile lovers prefer to play poker games on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This can be done through dedicated apps or mobile-optimised websites provided by various online poker platforms. …

Poker vs Teen Patti

Teen Patti VS Poker: Major Differences Between Poker and Teen Patti

July 4, 12:51 pm

Do Clubs, Diamonds, Spades and hearts excite you? Are you the type of person who gets a thrill while playing cards, but struggles to decide over which variant to play? Playing cards is your ‘’ Free time ka sathi’’ but your indecisive nature is stopping your gameplay? Then this article is for you… Dive in …

Poker Playing Styles

Different Types Of Poker Playing Styles

July 3, 4:15 pm

Poker is more than a card game; but is a people’s game played with cards. When navigating the poker gameplay, there are numerous aspects to understand, from the rules, instructions, and levels. You should focus on identifying the type of poker player you are, basically how tight and loose you play. While it might be …