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    Are you ready to dive into the thrilling world of fantasy cricket? Well, look no further because Big Cash has got you covered! Let's explore what makes this multi-gaming app the ultimate destination for cricket enthusiasts like you.

    Big Cash has introduced a new feature in the fantasy cricket, from now on instead of choosing 11 players to make a fantasy team, Big Cash also gives you an option to choose 5 players only to make your fantasy team. Sounds interesting right? 

    Here is how you can participate in Big Cash 5 player fantasy game and win up to 5 Lakh per day. 

    1. Go to The Big Cash Fantasy Section: To create your fantasy team you need to download the Big Cash app and navigate to the Big Cash Fantasy section. This is where you will see different fantasy contests going on based on the matches. 

    2. Choose Your Five Players: Now select the 5 best players as per their performance to make your dream team! It's all about quality over quantity, folks.

    3. Mix and Match: You can't just stack your team with all-stars from one team. Big Cash keeps things fair by allowing a maximum of 3 players from a single team. It's all about striking the perfect balance between talent and teamwork.

    4. Captain: Every team needs a leader to choose wisely, because your captain earns double the points, making them a crucial part of your winning strategy.

    5. Making Your Team: The Players You Need

    When building your fantasy squad, here's what you need to keep in mind:

    • Bowlers (1-2): These are your go-to players for taking wickets and keeping the runs in check.
    • Batsmen (1-2): The powerhouse hitters who rack up those valuable runs for your team.
    • All-rounders (1-2): The versatile players who excel both with bat and ball, adding depth to your lineup.
    • Wicketkeepers (0-1): The guardians of the stumps, crucial for those lightning-fast catches and stumpings.

    6. Points Make Prizes: Here's the catch - you've got a budget of 50 points to create your team. Spend wisely to maximize your chances of victory!

    7. Play, Compete, Win: Once your team is set, it's time to jump into the action! Participate in contests, face off against fellow cricket fanatics, and vie for your share of the prize money. With Big Cash Fantasy Cricket, the excitement never ends!

    So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to experience the adrenaline rush of T20 cricket like never before, only on Big Cash!