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    The cricket season is officially on. As the most awaited tournament goes live, so does the Fantasy cricket craze. Big Cash brings you awesome features that you will surely like. These features will not only amaze you but will let you win real cash and amazing surprises. 

    So One Of these features is ‘’Favourite Team’’. Cheering for your favourite team in the T20 legue is an exhilarating experience that fosters team spirit, unity, and a sense of belonging among fans. It adds to the entertainment and excitement of T20 matches, creating memorable moments of joy and participation.

    Supporting your team emotionally invests you in the sport, allowing you to share the ups and downs, victories, and challenges with fellow fans. But Big Cash will also cater to you financially as you will win a scratch card whenever your team wins any match. 

    Let's see what you have to do- 

     1- Register Your Account

    Download the Big Cash app by visiting the official website of Big Cash and download the app. Once installed, register your account and verify it by submitting OTP requests. 

    2- Go to The Fantasy Cricket Section

    Open the Big Cash app and click on the fantasy cricket section. Once you go to the fantasy cricket section you will find three different features- 

    Fantasy - Where you can create a 5-Player Team 

    Yes/No - Where you will answer two questions related to the every day's match and every correct answer will make you win double. 

    Favourite Team - Here you will have to choose your Favourite Team for once and whenever your team wins, you will also win rewards. 

    3- Choose Your Favourite Team 

    Now choose your favourite team based on what your prediction says. So whenever your team wins, you will also win. Make sure you visit the section to collect your rewards every time your team wins. 

    Cheering for your team is not just about the game but also about supporting the players, celebrating success, and creating lasting memories of shared triumphs. The combination of fast-paced cricket, star-studded line-ups, entertainment elements, and passionate fan support makes the T20 an incredibly thrilling and captivating tournament for cricket enthusiasts worldwide.