Why Is Fantasy Cricket So Popular in India? Top Factors.

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In recent years fantasy cricket has become popular in India and worldwide. It allows fans to use their knowledge of the sport to form virtual teams and compete against each other. Engaging with the sport and feeling part of the action is fun and thrilling. The high number of online platforms and mobile apps has made it easier than ever. The game is fantastic and worth trying, whether you are starting out or a diehard fan. Let’s understand why fantasy cricket is popular.

What is Fantasy Cricket and Why is it Important For Indians –

The world of fantasy sports has taken the sports by storm, and no other form of fantasy sport has gained as much traction in India as Fantasy Cricket. With the rise of leagues like the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the growing popularity of cricket in the country, fantasy cricket platforms have become a significant part of the digital gaming landscape. 

But what exactly is fantasy cricket, and why is it so important for Indian sports enthusiasts?

Understanding Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket is a virtual game where participants create their teams of real-life cricket players. These teams compete based on the actual performances of these players in live cricket matches. Points are awarded based on various criteria such as runs scored, wickets taken, catches, and more. The success of a fantasy team depends on the performance of the selected players in real matches.

The Importance for Indian Sports Fans

1. Engagement and Immersion:

Fantasy cricket offers fans a unique opportunity to engage with the sport on a deeper level. It transforms passive viewership into active participation, where every run, wicket, or catch becomes a point of excitement.

2. Connection with Players:

Through fantasy cricket, fans develop a stronger connection with their favourite players. They closely follow their performances, analyze statistics, and make strategic decisions, enhancing their overall understanding of the game.

3. Community and Competitiveness:

Fantasy cricket platforms foster a sense of community among sports enthusiasts. Players compete against friends, family, and other fans, creating a competitive yet enjoyable environment.

4. Skill Development:

Participating in fantasy cricket requires analytical thinking, strategic planning, and decision-making skills. It encourages users to research players, study match conditions, and make informed choices, contributing to their cognitive development.

5. Entertainment Value:

Beyond the thrill of competition, fantasy cricket adds an element of entertainment to sports fandom. It transforms ordinary matches into exhilarating experiences, where every ball bowled and every shot played holds significance.

The Growth of Fantasy Cricket Platforms

The advent of fantasy cricket platforms such as Fantasy Premier League, Mobile Premier League, and others has revolutionised the fantasy gaming landscape. These platforms leverage technology, including artificial intelligence, to enhance user experiences, offer real-time updates, and provide engaging gameplay.

Impact on the Fantasy Sports Industry

The success of fantasy cricket has paved the way for the growth of the fantasy sports industry in India. It has attracted investments, created employment opportunities, and fueled innovation in sports gaming technologies. The industry continues to evolve, offering new features, contests, and prizes to captivate the ever-expanding community of fantasy sports enthusiasts.

Fantasy Cricket is Popular For the Following Reasons

1. Capability to Put Together an Outstanding Team

In fantasy leagues, there are virtual representations of each player in the Premier Leagues. Fans can create their fantasy squad and are allowed to pick any player from every recognised team. In reality, it is hard to own a cricket team, but it’s achievable in the digital arena. With the right resources, fans can assemble a squad from scratch to enjoy playing the fantasy cricket game. They enjoy the experience of seeing players of their choice dominate the competition and help them win. It makes them feel they belong as they participate indirectly in real leagues and tournaments.

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2. Allows People to Showcase Cricket Expertise

At a given time, you may have experienced people claiming they know more about cricket than they do. It can be tough to take, but fantasy cricket is a way to stop them from talking and see their skills. Before creating a team, it’s crucial to consider a player’s previous performance. Using reliable statistics is essential to help to make a game prediction. With fantasy cricket, fans get a platform to showcase their sports expertise.

3. It Helps Keep Up to Date with Cricket

Sometimes it takes work to keep up to date with leagues, tournaments, players’ injuries, etc. But with fantasy cricket, fans are constantly updated with cricket news and developments. It can be new cricket rules, regulations or players performing well globally. Fantasy cricket allows fans to know all the developments in cricket through gameplay.

4. The Thrill of Leagues and Tournaments Is Enhanced

Several factors contribute to fans enjoying the leagues and tournaments. They include celebratory atmosphere, format, unpredictable nature of the game and series boundaries. However, you only get an increase in the thrill through virtual cricket. Fans have a lot to get thrilled about when a fantasy team resonates with the actual sport. It gives the fans more reasons to follow different formats for enjoyment.

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5. Chances of Winning Real Cash Rewards

Who doesn’t love to win money after doing something they love? Fantasy cricket fans get a chance to make a squad that consists of their favourite players. They can enjoy the game as they win some cash rewards. It can be a remarkable way to relax, support players you love virtually and earn money. It’s a perk that is continuing to get more and more fans joining the virtual cricket world.

6. Helps Improve Their Skills

Most people love cricket but don’t have time to practise real cricket. However, virtual cricket allows fans to practise, enjoy the game and improve their skills. It assists in enhancing bowling, batting, field and wicket-keeping skills. Additionally, you can learn through watching the games of other players and coaches.

7. High Demand for Cricket

Before, playing money games on the internet was impossible, but it has become part of day-to-day life. But today, it’s possible, and more people are becoming cricket fans, increasing its demand. It’s only possible for some to watch these leagues, and playing on fantasy cricket apps enables those who can’t participate. Now several platforms offer these services, which have increased in popularity.
There are reasons why the sport has become popular, but you require to consider the following when making a squad.

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Things to Consider When Creating a Fantasy Cricket Squad

1. Focusing on Reward Points

Fantasy cricket players should avoid getting into big matches with high reward points. The points entice them despite no knowledge of the subject or the match at hand, leading to loss. The big tournaments and leagues are played by seasoned players who know the game too well as they have been on the scene for a long time. Starters must understand this and avoid more significant rewards than the other available matches. It’s crucial to avoid this mistake and study the game well.

2. Select Captains Wisely

Captains and vice captains you select for the squad are vital as they drastically affect performance. A captain will gain significant points compared to other players on the same lineup. A vice-captain can also do the same but garners lower points than the captain. Most people make the mistake of selecting captains based on their liking and not by performance. Ensure you look at the player’s statistics before including them on your squad. The player’s performance determines the results of the game.

3. Research Before Finalising the Fantasy Cricket Team

Research is vital for any player who plays fantasy cricket. Research is the primary aspect of the game and helps players curve and defeat opponents. The more detailed the research, the better the results. Pitch status and player stats for the research data to help pick the right players. Players with no knowledge of the game go directly and select players based on popularity. They do this without knowing if they will perform or not. So ensure you have done your due diligence to form a great team.

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4. Choose the Right Match

When players log in to any fantasy cricket app to play fantasy cricket, there are different match options. The match options that players need to select to gain reward points. Players with no knowledge select random matches and will end up losing. In such a situation, no information can be fatal. So choosing the right type of game is essential.

Fantasy cricket is popular due to various reasons. It helps improve skills due to the high demand for cricket, the possibility of winning cash and helps keep up to date with the game. However, players need to avoid mistakes to make a great squad.


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