A Comprehensive List of All Real Money-Earning Games

real money earning games

Imagine playing games on your smartphone and winning real money anytime, anywhere. There are plenty of real money-earning games in India; you should know them if you are an ardent gamer. These days a quick search on the Google Play Store or App Store allows you to explore various games with guaranteed winnings each second. Moreover, online gaming apps provide guides and rules to help you play the games seamlessly. Check out this comprehensive list of all real money earning games you can download and play on your phone.

Call Break

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Call break is a fun-filled, entertaining card game with plenty of opportunities to earn money. This game follows the same principles as other card games like Spades, Euchre, Canasta and Hearts. Call Break is very popular in India and is known by names like Lakdi, Lakadi, Ghochi, Call Bridge, or Call Break Taas. It is played among four players using a standard 52-card deck. Play the game and earn money online by scoring the highest points after completing all rounds. Besides, Call Break is an easy-to-learn game with endless entertainment, and players can win up to Rs 20 crores daily.


Ludo is one of the best games to earn money, with a solid reputation online and offline. It is also among India’s most popular board games, where players compete to reach their home triangle first while collecting points. Big Cash offers two versions of Ludo, Big Ludo and Fast Ludo. Every move you make increases your score while capturing opponent tokens when playing Ludo.

In addition, reaching home with a token gives you extra points to lead. Players are required to earn more points with the fewest moves to win real cash ludo game. The difference between Big Ludo and Fast Ludo is that Big Ludo requires players to make the most points with the least moves. At the same time, Fast Ludo has a timer for players to complete their moves.


Rummy is a game that most Indians are familiar with because it is easy to understand and play. Big Cash Rummy is a money-earning game that beginners can quickly get started to play and win. The game is played among four to six players using two standard deck cards. You can play the online rummy game and earn money online by melding or discarding the cards to create valid sequences and sets for a valid declaration.

The player who makes the first declaration ahead of their opponents wins the prize. To make the game more engaging, Big Cash offers three versions of the game, Pool Rummy, Point Rummy and Deal Rummy. The rules for these best games to earn money are similar, but the objectives differ.


Poker is a popular money-earning game that has existed since the invention of online gaming apps. It is also one of the games Indians enjoy playing. The game’s objective is to play with community and hole cards to create a winning hand.

All players contribute to the pot prize, and the one with the best hand wins. Online Poker is also a skill-based game that demands practical and analytical skills. Big Cash has multiple poker variations like Super Omaha, Omaha Poker and Hold’em Poker, which all have different goals. More than Rs 5 lakh is won daily on Big Cash.

8-Ball Pool

If you are a pool enthusiast, an 8-ball pool is a great way to play your favourite game and win real money. This skill-based offers a unique way to play pool, and it has simple rules for making to ensure fairness and accuracy. Players pay an entry fee to enter a contest contributing to the pot prize for the best games to earn money.

On the pool table are 15 coloured balls, a cue ball and a stick for potting the balls. The goal is to try and pot all your balls before your opponent to win the pot prize. Big Cash has multiple 8 ball pool online contests where players can enter based on their experience levels.

Fantasy Cricket

Cricket is among the best games to earn money among the Indian population, and Big Cash offers players a chance to make money from their favourite game. Fantasy cricket games allow you to create your XI and earn points for their scores and skills.

Entering a fantasy cricket league means that you are competing against real opponents, where the one with the most points wins. This is one of the fantasy games you play and win real money. Take your time to learn and build the gaming skills to beat your opponents easily.

Knife Hit

If you have been practising darts as a part-time activity, knife hit offers a chance to test your shooting skills. The app has a rotating wooden block where you throw knives and hit the areas with marked points. The points you hit on the table contribute to your overall score and place you above your opponents. Knife Hit is a simple real money-earning game with straightforward rules and an accurate point-scoring system. Avoid hitting the bombs on the rotating block because they will end the game instantly, and you lose cash. Finishing your rounds earlier earns you bonus points which grows the payout prize.

Bulb Smash

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Bulb Smash is a relatively new game in online gaming platforms where you hit bulbs for fun. Bulb smash real money games is popular Big Cash game where players have better winning opportunities. It features a carousel with coloured bulbs mounted on it. It also requires better memory skills to remember the colour of the balls you should hit.

Once the carrousel starts rolling, you use a slingshot to hit them and earn points. The game’s objective is to earn the highest points, a maximum of 100. The game has multiple prize options depending on the tournaments you are playing.

Most Indian players are already familiar with the games; some win money. Online gaming apps may also have one or more of these games, offering convenience to players. If you have been looking for the best games to play, try the ones on this list. There are multiple tournaments to participate in and win real prizes, and players receive various bonuses daily.


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