Teams With The Most Premier League Trophies: Their Winning Chances in 2023

IPL Team with Most Trophies Win

The Premier League has been one intriguing cricket league, undoubtedly! It is celebrated like a festival in India with great energy and enthusiasm among the fans. Talking about the teams with the most Premier League trophies, we have to mention Mumbai and Chennai among all the teams. As the Premier League is still dominating cricket, we can talk about the same with more interest and look at the winning chances of the teams participating out there.

Evidently, Mumbai is the only team that has made its darkest impression with the maximum wins. Following the same, Chennai Super Kings is one of the teams with the most Premier League trophies. If we see at the other hand, Delhi has made a very undelightful record of losing the maximum number of times in the Premier League.

But, the entertainment remains alive with this cricket league. Let us find out more about the teams with the most Premier League trophies in all seasons.


The well-known captain of the team, Rohit Sharma has shown the maximum number of wins in the Premier League seasons. They are one of the best teams with the most Premier League trophies and stand to be the most successful one!

They have played the highest number of matches and have won them with a winning percentage of 54.46. They are also known to be one of the best openers in the world with the two best bowlers, Jasprit Bumrah and Trent Boult.

Mumbai has won 5 trophies which makes them stand out of all! We need to appreciate the wise captain for the same and the hard work shown by the team in all the super entertaining Premier League seasons.

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It is one of the teams with the maximum Premier League trophies and bags the second position following the Mumbai team. They have 122 victories in 211 matches played by them. The team has always shown loyalty to its players and provided them with numerous chances to show their abilities.

The most loved, MS Dhoni has been leading the team for the last 14 years which has been a reputable performance. They are literally, the real champions of all time which has been shown by them!


They are the well-known two-time Premier League champions and are one of the teams with the most Premier League trophies, evidently. But, the first three seasons of the Premier League have been a disaster for the team but then they emerged as one of the best teams in the Premier League seasons.

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Who will win Premier League in 2023?

The winner prediction for the Premier League 2023 still remains very difficult for everyone. The teams with the most Premier League trophies have been showing up with great performances. It could be Gujarat Titans or the all-time favourite and champion, Mumbai. They are still the most dangerous team for the Premier League seasons and can cross the winning path, yet again!

But, as we all know cricket is a very uncertain sport and any team can show their new skills which can make a difference in the whole new season. But, till now the predictions for the winning team in 2023 favor the Gujarat team.

The teams with the most Premier League trophies have emerged to be the best ones in all the seasons. Let’s see which one we can see now in the winning position.

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