List of Orange Cap Holders In IPL

Orange Cup in IPL

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a professional Twenty20 cricket league in India. It was founded by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in 2008. The IPL features franchise teams representing different cities and regions of India.

Key Features of The IPL Include:

  1. Format: The IPL follows a Twenty20 (T20) format, which is an abbreviated version of cricket featuring shorter matches that typically last around 3 hours.
  2. Franchise Teams: The league consists of eight franchise teams, each owned by different business entities, celebrities, or consortiums. These teams compete against each other in a round-robin format during the league stage, followed by playoffs and a final to determine the champion.
  3. International Players: The IPL attracts top cricketing talent from around the world, with international players joining the teams through player auctions.
  4. High-profile Matches: IPL matches feature some of the most high-profile cricketers, both from India and abroad, and are known for their exciting and entertaining style of cricket.
  5. Fanbase and Spectatorship: The IPL has a massive fanbase and is one of the most-watched cricket leagues globally. It draws large crowds to stadiums and has a significant viewership on television and digital platforms.
  6. Revenue and Sponsorship: The IPL is not only a significant sporting event but also a commercial juggernaut. It attracts substantial sponsorships, advertising, and media rights deals, making it one of the wealthiest cricket leagues globally.

Overall, the IPL has revolutionised cricket by blending entertainment, sports, and business, making it a highly anticipated event every year for cricket fans worldwide.

What is Orange Cap in IPL?

The “Orange Cap” is an individual award given to the leading run-scorer in the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket tournament. Throughout the IPL season, the player who accumulates the most runs wears the Orange Cap while on the field, symbolising their status as the top run-scorer at that point in the tournament. As the season progresses, the cap may change hands as different players outscore each other. It’s a prestigious recognition in the IPL, highlighting the consistency and performance of the batsmen throughout the tournament.

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Orange Cap Winner in Indian Premier League-

The Orange Cap is awarded to the top run-scorer in the IPL. The player who accumulates the highest number of runs in a given season dons the Orange Cap while fielding. David Warner has clinched the cap three times, while Chris Gayle has secured it twice. Notably, Virat Kohli holds the record for the most runs scored in a single IPL season, amassing 973 runs in 2016.

In IPL 2023, Shubman Gill of the Gujarat Titans claimed the Orange Cap. Gill accumulated 890 runs across 17 matches, boasting a strike rate of 158.08. His impressive performance included three centuries and four half-centuries.

Shaun MarshKings XI Panjab6162008
Matthew HaydenChennai Super Kings5722009
Sachin TendulkarMumbai Indians6182010
Chris GayleRoyal Challengers Banglore6082011
Chris GayleRoyal Challengers Banglore7332012
Michael HusseyChennai Super Kings7332013
Robin UthappaKolkata Knight Riders 6602014
David WarnerSunrisers Hyderabad5622015
Virat KohliRoyal Challengers Banglore9732016
David WarnerSunrisers Hyderabad6412017
Kane WilliamsonSunrisers Hyderabad7352018
David WarnerSunrisers Hyderabad6922019
KL RahulKings XI Panjab6702020
Ruturaj GaikwadChennai Super Kings6352021
Joss ButtlerRajasthan Royals8632022
Shubman GillGujarat Titans8902023

List of Orange Cap Winners-

2023 – Orange Cap Winner – Shubman Gill (Gujarat)

Shubman Gill of the Gujarat team clinched the Orange Cap in 2023 after delivering exceptional performances throughout the season. With a total of 890 runs in 17 matches, Gill played a pivotal role in Gujarat’s journey to the final for the second consecutive year. His remarkable average of 59.33 and an impressive strike rate of 157.80 underscored his dominance on the field.

Notably, Gill hammered 3 centuries and 4 half-centuries during the season, joining the elite club of batters who have surpassed the 800-run mark in a single season. His achievement places him third in the list, following the feats of Virat Kohli in 2016 and Jos Buttler in 2022. Despite falling short of Virat Kohli’s record-setting 973 runs in a season, Gill’s outstanding performance solidified his status as one of the most formidable batters in the league.

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2022 – Orange Cap Winner – Jos Buttler (Rajasthan)

Jos Buttler played a pivotal role in guiding Rajasthan to their first final appearance since 2008. Accumulating a remarkable total of 863 runs in 17 matches, Buttler showcased an impressive average of 57.53 and a striking strike rate of 149.05. His performance included 4 centuries and 4 half-centuries, solidifying his position as the second batter to surpass the 800-run mark in a single season, following Virat Kohli’s achievement in 2016. Buttler’s impactful contributions were instrumental in Rajasthan’s successful campaign, marking him as a formidable force in the league.

2021 – Orange Cap Winner – Ruturaj Gaikwad (Chennai)

Ruturaj Gaikwad achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first uncapped Indian player to secure the Orange Cap in the Indian T20 League while representing Team Chennai. Gaikwad’s consistent batting prowess caught everyone’s attention as he amassed 635 runs in 16 matches, maintaining a commendable strike rate of 136.26 throughout the season.

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2020 – Orange Cap Winner – KL Rahul (Punjab)

KL Rahul delivered an exceptional season with the bat while leading Punjab. Despite his team finishing 6th in the points table, Rahul showcased remarkable performance at the top of the order. Accumulating a total of 670 runs in 14 matches, Rahul maintained an impressive average of 55.83, comprising 5 half-centuries and 1 century.

2019 – Orange Cap Winner -David Warner (Hyderabad)

David Warner staged a remarkable comeback in 2019 after his suspension in the 2018 season, becoming the first player in IPL history to clinch the Orange Cap three times. Prior to 2019, Warner had secured the Orange Cap twice before, representing Team Hyderabad in the 2015 and 2017 editions.

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2018 – Orange Cap Winner – Kane Williamson (Hyderabad)

Kane Williamson made history as the first player from New Zealand to claim a spot on the IPL orange cap winners list. His impressive tally of 735 runs across 17 innings propelled Sunrisers to the final, where they faced defeat against the Chennai Super Kings, largely due to Shane Watson’s outstanding century.

2017 – Orange Cap Winner – David Warner (Hyderabad)

Once again, David Warner secured a spot on the IPL orange cap winners list. He amassed a proficient total of 641 runs in 14 innings, leading the Sunrisers to the playoffs, where they suffered a defeat against the Kolkata Knight Riders.

2016 – Orange Cap Winner – Virat Kohli (Bangalore)

Virat Kohli showcased an outstanding performance during the IPL season in 2016, setting a record with 973 runs, the highest ever scored in a single IPL season to date. His remarkable achievements included four centuries, one of which was achieved in a shortened 15-over match against Punjab Kings. Kohli, serving as the captain, successfully led his team to the final; however, they narrowly missed victory against David Warner’s Hyderabad.

2015 – Orange Cap Winner – David Warner (Hyderabad)

David Warner, the victor of the T20 World Cup for Australia in 2021, clinched his inaugural orange cap in 2015. This achievement elevated him as the fourth Australian to be featured on the IPL orange cap winners list. Notably, Warner served as the captain of Sunrisers Hyderabad; nevertheless, his team missed out on securing a spot in the playoffs.

2014 – Orange Cap Winner – Robin Uthappa (Kolkata)

Robin Uthappa made history by being the first player on the IPL orange cap list to also be a part of the IPL-winning team in the same season. The initial phase of the IPL took place in the UAE region due to general elections in India during that year. While Uthappa faced challenges during the tournament’s first stage, his return to India for the second leg saw a transformation in his batting approach. He was promoted to open the innings alongside Gautam Gambhir, the Kolkata captain. This strategic move proved fruitful as Uthappa set a T20 record with 40+ scores in 8 consecutive games, ultimately accumulating 11 such scores, which stood as an IPL record at that time.

2013 – Orange Cap Winner – Michael Hussey (Chennai)

Michael Hussey, the third Australian player on the IPL orange cap winners list, matched Chris Gayle’s record from the previous season by amassing 733 runs across 16 innings, which encompassed 2 playoff matches against the Mumbai Indians. Despite his efforts, Chennai reached the final; however, a formidable bowling display from Lasith Malinga and Mitchell Johnson shattered their aspirations of clinching a third IPL trophy.

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2012 – Orange Cap Winner – Chris Gayle (Bangalore)

Chris Gayle secured his position on the IPL orange cap list for the second time. Despite missing the beginning of the IPL season due to injury, he made a strong comeback and enjoyed a successful campaign. Gayle amassed 733 runs, including 7 fifties and a century, maintaining an impressive strike rate of 160.74. Notably, he smashed 59 sixes throughout the season, setting a record for the most sixes in a single IPL season, a record that still stands.

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2011 – Orange Cap Winner – Chris Gayle (Bangalore)

Chris Gayle, a two-time T20 World Cup champion, earned his spot on the IPL orange cap list during his debut season with the Royal Bangalore Challengers. Accumulating 608 runs across 12 innings, he was also honoured as the player of the 2011 IPL tournament. Gayle played a pivotal role in guiding Bangalore to the final, although he faced the disappointment of being dismissed for a duck in the crucial match. Additionally, he led the season in most sixes hit, totalling 52.

2010 – Orange Cap Winner – Sachin Tendulkar (Mumbai)

Sachin Tendulkar, the legendary cricketer, was honoured as the player of the tournament during the 2010 edition of the IPL. He assumed the role of team captain for four matches, leading Mumbai to the final. However, Mumbai fell short against Chennai, with the latter’s superior bowling and strategic decisions led by MS Dhoni. Tendulkar’s total of 618 runs from 14 innings surpassed Shaun Marsh’s record, albeit requiring three more innings than Marsh to achieve the milestone.

2009 – Orange Cap Winner – Mathew Hayden (Chennai)

Matthew Hayden, the former Australian opener and two-time ODI World Cup winner, secured the orange cap in 2009 with a total of 572 runs from 12 innings. Despite his retirement from the international team, Hayden showcased remarkable performances throughout the tournament. His proficiency in run-scoring at the top order significantly contributed to Chennai’s advancement to the semifinals.

2008 – Orange Cap Winner – Shaun Marsh (Punjab)

The inaugural recipient of the IPL orange cap was Shaun Marsh, a former Australian cricketer. Despite sitting out the opening 4 games of the tournament for Kings XI Punjab, he amassed 616 runs during the first IPL season. Marsh’s standout performance included a century in Punjab’s final league match against the Rajasthan Royals, who emerged as the first IPL champions. His contributions played a pivotal role in Punjab’s journey to the semifinals.

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FAQs About Orange Cap Holders in IPL

1- What is the Orange Cap in the IPL?

The Orange Cap is awarded to the leading run-scorer in the Indian Premier League (IPL) tournament.

2- How is the Orange Cap winner determined?

The player who scores the highest number of runs throughout the IPL season wears the Orange Cap.

3- When was the Orange Cap introduced in the IPL?

The Orange Cap was introduced in the inaugural season of the IPL in 2008.

4- Can a player win the Orange Cap even if his team doesn’t win the IPL title?

Yes, a player can win the Orange Cap irrespective of whether his team wins the IPL title or not. It is solely based on individual performance in terms of run-scoring.

5- Who are some of the notable Orange Cap winners in IPL history?

Some notable Orange Cap winners include Virat Kohli, Chris Gayle, David Warner, and Shane Watson.

6- How many times can a player win the Orange Cap in the IPL?

There is no limit to the number of times a player can win the Orange Cap. It depends on the player’s performance in each IPL season.

7- Is the Orange Cap awarded only at the end of the IPL season?

Yes, the Orange Cap is awarded to the leading run-scorer at the conclusion of the IPL season.

8- What happens if two or more players have the same number of runs?

In the event of a tie, the player with a better strike rate is awarded the Orange Cap.

9- Can a bowler win the Orange Cap in IPL?

No, the Orange Cap is specifically awarded to the leading run-scorer. However, there is a separate award called the Purple Cap for the leading wicket-taker.

10- Has any player won both the Orange Cap and the IPL title in the same season?

Yes, there have been instances where a player has won the Orange Cap and also been a part of the IPL-winning team in the same season.


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