Best Four-Player Games to Play Online In 2024

Best 4 Player games to play online

Tired of playing solo? Get your hands on the most popular four-player or multiplayer games online and let the gaming thunder begin. If you are highly intrigued with adrenaline-pumping shooting-based games or love to solve the highly demanded mission games – these games can be the best time pass for you! Let the immersive gaming experience begin with your friends by just sitting at your home. Pick up your smartphones without any delay, because gaming has just begun.

Type of 4-Player Games?

Playing online games would have made you familiar with some of the multiplayer games that are designed to be played with four people simultaneously. These games appeal to the social aspect of gaming by having your friends or family in the competition!

1- Cooperative Games:

In cooperative four-player games, all players work together to achieve a common goal or overcome challenges presented by the game. Examples include games like “Pandemic” or “Forbidden Island,” where players collaborate to solve puzzles, complete missions, or save the world from a threat.

2- Competitive Games:

Competitive four-player games involve players competing against each other to achieve victory. These games can range from sports simulations like “FIFA” or “NBA 2K” to racing games like “Mario Kart” or fighting games like “Super Smash Bros.”

3- Party Games:

Party games are designed for social gatherings and often feature simple gameplay mechanics and a high level of player interaction. Games like “Mario Party,” “WarioWare,” or “Jackbox Party Pack” are popular choices for parties and gatherings due to their fun and accessible nature.

4- Board Games:

Many traditional board games are designed for four players. Classics like “Monopoly,” “Scrabble,” “Risk,” and “Settlers of Catan” can be enjoyed by a group of four.

5- Card Games:

Numerous card games are suitable for four players, such as “Bridge,” “Hearts,” “Spades,” and “Euchre.” Additionally, modern card games like “Uno” and “Exploding Kittens” are designed for four or more players.

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Best 4 Player Games to Play Online in 2024

  1. Poker
  2. Rummy
  3. Teen Patti
  4. Ludo
  5. Minecraft
  6. Castle Crashers
  7. Divinity: the Original Sin
  8. Plates Up
  9. BGMI
  10. Among Us
  11. Rocket League
  12. Overcooked 2
  13. Dead by Daylight
  14. Fortnite
  15. Overwatch
  16. Sea of Thieves
  17. Monster Hunter
  18. Pokemon Go
  19. Call of Duty
  20. Kahoot

1- Poker

Playing online poker on the Big Cash app offers an exciting and convenient way to indulge in your passion for poker while potentially winning big. The Big Cash app provides a user-friendly platform that allows players to participate in a variety of poker games, from Texas Hold’em to Omaha, all from the comfort of their mobile devices or computers.

With a wide range of tables catering to different skill levels and betting limits, players can choose games that suit their preferences and bankrolls. The app also often hosts tournaments and events that add an extra layer of competitiveness and the chance to compete against skilled players from around the world. Whether you’re a seasoned poker pro or a novice looking to hone your skills, playing online poker on the Big Cash app can provide hours of entertainment and the opportunity to win real cash prizes.

2- Rummy

Big Cash is a popular mobile gaming app that offers players the opportunity to enjoy the thrilling card game of online rummy. With its user-friendly interface and exciting gameplay, Big Cash has become a go-to platform for rummy enthusiasts. Players can join virtual tables and compete against opponents from around the world, showcasing their rummy skills and strategic thinking.

The app also offers various rummy variants, ensuring players of all levels can find a game that suits their preferences. What sets Big Cash apart is its real cash rewards, allowing players to win money while playing their favourite card game. So, whether you’re a seasoned rummy pro or a beginner looking to hone your skills, Big Cash provides an engaging and rewarding experience for all.

3- Teen Patti Game

Online Teen Patti has become a popular card game in India, and the Big Cash app offers an exciting platform to enjoy this classic game with friends and players from around the world. With its user-friendly interface and seamless gameplay, Big Cash makes it easy for players to immerse themselves in the thrilling world of Teen Patti.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, you can test your teen patti sequence-making skills in various game modes available on the app. Additionally, Big Cash offers the opportunity to win real cash prizes, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game.

4- Ludo

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Playing online Ludo has become a popular pastime in the digital age. This classic board game, which originated in India, has found a new home on the internet, allowing people from all over the world to enjoy it with friends and family, regardless of geographical distances. Online Ludo offers a convenient and accessible way to relive the nostalgia of rolling the dice and strategically moving your tokens around the board.

It provides a platform for friendly competition, fostering social connections, and creating memorable moments. With various online Ludo platforms and apps available, players can customize their gaming experiences, choose opponents, and even chat while playing, adding an interactive element to the traditional board game.

5- Minecraft

Minecraft, the iconic sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios, has taken the gaming world by storm with its online multiplayer mode. In this virtual realm, players can collaborate or compete with friends and fellow gamers from around the globe, seamlessly bridging geographical distances to build, explore, and survive together. Whether constructing elaborate structures, embarking on daring adventures, or battling menacing mobs, the online Minecraft experience fosters a sense of creativity.

6- Castle Crashers

Online Castle Crashers is a popular multiplayer video game that brings the classic beat ’em up genre into the digital age. In this exciting online adventure, players team up with friends or join forces with fellow gamers from around the world to embark on a whimsical journey to rescue princesses, defeat evil villains, and save the kingdom.

With its charming and colourful art style, humorous storyline, and accessible gameplay, Online Castle Crashers offers hours of entertainment and camaraderie as players work together to slash, bash, and magic their way through hordes of quirky enemies and challenging bosses.

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7- Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is an acclaimed role-playing video game that immerses players in a rich and immersive fantasy world filled with magic, intrigue, and divine conflict. Developed by Larian Studios, this game invites players to create their unique characters and embark on a thrilling adventure filled with deep storytelling, challenging battles, and intricate decision-making.

Set in the mysterious realm of Rivellon, where the power of divinity is at the centre of a cosmic struggle, players must choose their path and alliances carefully as they explore a beautifully crafted open world. It is a fun multiplayer game to choose from!

8- PlatesUp

PlatesUp is an exciting and engaging tabletop game that brings friends and family together for hours of fun and laughter. In this culinary-themed game, players take on the roles of aspiring chefs, competing against each other to create the most mouthwatering dishes.

The game combines strategy, creativity, and a dash of luck as participants collect ingredients, plan their recipes, and try to outdo their opponents in the kitchen. With its colourful and beautifully designed game board, PlatesUp immerses players in a culinary world where they must balance their culinary skills with resource management. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a novice in the kitchen, PlatesUp is a recipe for entertainment that will leave you hungry for more. So, gather your friends, set the table, and get ready to savour the excitement of PlatesUp!


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is a viral mobile battle royale game developed by Krafton Inc. It is essentially the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, rebranded and customized to cater to the specific preferences and regulations of the Indian gaming community. BGMI offers players an intense and immersive gaming experience, where they parachute onto an island and battle it out to be the last person or team standing. It continues to evolve with regular updates, events, and collaborations, ensuring that players always have new content to explore and enjoy.

10- Among Us

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“Among Us” took the gaming world by storm when it was released in 2018 by InnerSloth. It quickly gained immense popularity due to its simple yet engaging gameplay that fosters social interaction and deduction skills. The game is set on a spaceship, with up to ten players taking on different roles. Among these players, up to four are impostors, while the rest are crewmates.

The primary objective of the crewmates is to complete various tasks around the ship and identify the impostors among them. Conversely, the impostors aim to sabotage the crew’s efforts and eliminate them one by one without being caught. The game is heavily reliant on communication, as players must discuss their suspicions and alibis to determine the impostors’ identities.

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11- Rocket League

“Rocket League,” developed by Psyonix, is a unique fusion of soccer and vehicular mayhem. Released in 2015, it has consistently maintained its popularity thanks to its thrilling gameplay and high skill ceiling. In “Rocket League,” players control customizable rocket-powered cars in a soccer match where the objective is to score goals by hitting a massive ball into the opposing team’s net.

The game’s accessibility lies in its simplicity: you don’t need to be a soccer or car enthusiast to enjoy it. However, as you and your friends delve deeper into the game, you’ll discover its complex mechanics and strategies that make for an incredibly rewarding experience.

With a team of four players, you can create exciting strategies and execute impressive plays. You can coordinate passes, set up shots, and work together to defend your goal. “Rocket League” offers a wide range of game modes, from the standard soccer match to unique variations like Hoops (basketball) and Dropshot (break the floor to score).

12- Overcooked! 2

“Overcooked! 2” is a delightful cooking simulation game developed by Ghost Town Games. It takes teamwork to a whole new level as you and your friends step into the shoes of quirky chefs working together in chaotic kitchens.

In “Overcooked! 2,” players are tasked with preparing a variety of dishes while navigating treacherous kitchens filled with obstacles, dynamic environments, and time constraints. Each player must take on different roles, such as chopping ingredients, cooking, plating, and washing dishes. The catch is that kitchens are rarely conventional, with moving platforms, portals, and other hazards adding to the chaos.” Overcooked! 2″ is perfect for a group of four players seeking a lighthearted and entertaining cooperative experience. It’s a game that brings laughter and chaos to your gaming sessions, making it an ideal choice for friends looking to collaborate and test their culinary skills in hilarious ways.

13- Dead by Daylight

“Dead by Daylight” creates tension and suspense, making it a perfect choice for horror enthusiasts and those who enjoy thrilling gameplay experiences. The game offers a variety of survivors and killers, each with their unique abilities and playstyles. This diversity keeps the gameplay fresh and encourages experimentation.

The cooperative aspect of “Dead by Daylight” comes to life as survivors must work together to outwit the killer, communicate their locations, and coordinate rescue attempts when their teammates are captured. The game’s immersive atmosphere, suspenseful gameplay, and teamwork requirements make it an excellent choice for a group of four players seeking an adrenaline-pumping multiplayer experience.

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14- Fortnite: The Battle Royale Phenomenon

What makes Fortnite a standout 4-player online game is its combination of strategy, building mechanics, and sheer excitement. As you and your squad parachute onto the island, you’ll scavenge for weapons and resources while constructing structures to gain the high ground. The game’s dynamic environment, frequent updates, and the thrill of being the last squad standing make it a must-play for any gaming group.

Fortnite also features regular in-game events and challenges that keep players coming back for more. The inclusion of cross-platform play means you can connect with friends regardless of their gaming platform, ensuring no one gets left behind.

15- Overwatch

While Overwatch is known for its competitive scene, it also offers a thrilling 4-player experience in its Quick Play and Arcade modes. Forming a team of four allows you to strategize and create synergies between heroes, enhancing your chances of victory.

Overwatch’s emphasis on teamwork and communication is essential for success. Coordinating ultimate abilities and understanding each hero’s strengths and weaknesses are key to overcoming the opposing team. The game’s constant updates and addition of new heroes and maps ensure that it remains fresh and exciting for both casual and competitive players.

16- Sea of Thieves:

Embark on a pirate adventure with three friends in Sea of Thieves. Sail the open seas, search for treasure, battle other players, and engage in epic naval combat in this cooperative multiplayer game.
Gather your friends and have a good game online!

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17- Monster Hunter: World:

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Join forces with three fellow hunters in Monster Hunter: World and embark on epic quests to hunt ferocious monsters. Coordinate your attacks, gather resources, and craft powerful gear to become the ultimate hunters.

18- Pokemon Go

Pokémon in various real-world locations, such as parks, landmarks, and neighbourhoods. The game promotes physical activity and social interaction, as players can team up to tackle raid battles or compete in friendly battles. With its engaging gameplay and the thrill of discovering and collecting Pokémon in the real world, Pokémon Go has fostered a dedicated global community and remains a prime example of the potential of augmented reality in gaming.

19- Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a highly popular online video game franchise that has captivated gamers worldwide with its thrilling first-person shooter gameplay. Known for its intense action, stunning graphics, and immersive multiplayer modes, Call of Duty has become a cultural phenomenon in the gaming industry.

Players assume the roles of soldiers in various historical and fictional settings, engaging in epic battles and missions. With a strong emphasis on teamwork and strategy, Call of Duty’s online multiplayer component offers a diverse range of maps, weapons, and game modes that cater to different playstyles. Whether you’re a fan of competitive multiplayer, cooperative campaigns, or captivating storytelling, Call of Duty offers an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience that keeps millions of players coming back for more.

20- Kahoot!

Kahoot! is a popular and engaging online learning and quiz platform that has revolutionized the way people, especially students, interact with educational content. It offers a unique and interactive approach to learning and assessment, making it a favourite tool for teachers and learners alike. Participants can join Kahoot! sessions using their smartphones or computers, where they answer multiple-choice questions in real time.

This dynamic and interactive learning experience not only enhances knowledge retention but also encourages active participation and teamwork. Kahoot! has proven to be a valuable educational resource, promoting engagement, collaboration, and a love for learning across a wide range of subjects and age groups.

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Online gaming is all about connecting with others, and 4-player games offer a perfect balance of teamwork and competition. The top 10 best 4-player online games listed above cater to a variety of gaming preferences, from shooters to strategy, survival, and even farming. So gather your friends, or make new ones online, and dive into these fantastic multiplayer experiences that promise hours of entertainment and camaraderie. Whether you’re battling it out in Fortnite, unravelling mysteries in Among Us, or exploring the vast world of Minecraft, these games are sure to provide countless memorable moments and exciting adventures.


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