Big Cash Announces No GST on Add Cash (Deposit) – 100% Tax FREE


Big Breaking News

Indian Government has imposed 28% GST on Deposits or Add Cash in Real Money Online Gaming Sector with effect from 1st October 2023. From now on, according to the new GST policy of the government, people playing online real money games will have to pay 28% GST.

But the bigger breaking news is that India’s favourite Gaming App Big Cash has decided to bear all the GST to itself to provide benefit and relaxation to its players.

Yes, now NO GST to be levied?? ? on Add Cash on Big Cash App.

Here, you can play without any worries and hassle like before, you will get the full amount of your added cash to play.

And if you are still not playing on Big Cash App till now then what are you waiting for? Hurry!! Go on Big Cash and play without any stress on cash deduction worries. Isn’t it relieving and beneficial that there is No GST on your Add Cash?

Let us explain this with an example, suppose you added Rs. 100 Add Cash to your Big Cash Wallet –

  • Then you will get a total of Rs. 100 in your Big Cash Wallet to play, without any deduction, no terms and conditions apply, 100% PLAYABLE.
  • You will see the transaction summary as – Rs 78 (Add Cash) + Rs 22 (GST).
  • This is because your Rs.100 is inclusive of GST so Rs. 78 = 100/128 which means Rs. 22 is your GST amount.
  • But as we explained earlier, you will not have to pay any GST, as Rs.100 is your pure payable amount.

So now you understand why Big Cash is India’s 1 & only platform where everything is 100% sure-

  • 100% Playable Bonus
  • 100% Tax Refund
  • 100% Safety & Security

And from now on 100% GST Refund as well.

Just Like That Big Cash is 0% Stress and 100% Benefits…. to ‘’Big Cash Pe Aao aur Apna Game Dikhaao’’

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