Big Cash Launches FREE POKER Insurance to Maximise Your Winnings

Poker Insurance

Life is tough!! Yes! In the case of all material and immaterial things. Loses and Gains are the variables in life. So we, human beings, came up with the idea of Insurance to ensure that we don’t lose anything, however, potentially losing is still there but you get the possible valuation back.

Insurance is a financial product that protects against potential losses or risks. It is a contract between an individual and an insurance company, where the insured pays a premium in exchange for the insurer’s promise to compensate for certain losses or damages. Be it health, property, automobiles or even your life, everything can be insured. But, have you heard about Poker Insurance?

Amazing, isn’t it? Yes, you heard it right… Big Cash Poker Insurance is a thing and surely a thing that amends all of your losses. This incredible exclusive feature is brought to you by Big Cash, your favourite RMG gaming app. Also, this is free of cost as NO Premium is required or asked. Simple to understand and simpler to apply. It’s free Poker insurance for the bets made by players while grinding. For all those who thought of saving money on bets, he is your deal. While grinding on stakes, when you score a straight or higher, your bets will be insured by Big Cash up to 100% so that you play without any loss or any ‘fear of loss’.

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So How Will This Free Poker Insurance Apply to Your Game Table?

With ‘n’ number of Poker Tables going on in your Big Cash app you will notice a blue-green insurance badge. Whenever you will open a Poker contest screen on Big Cash App you will be notified about the same.

At the time of ‘Flop’ when cards open, whenever you get a Straight or higher hand, poker insurance will get activated automatically. And a fixed maximum amount is insured. You bet or you raise, and the sum will be insured so that you don’t lose even a penny (just a statement). Chuckles.

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Hands Ranks for Poker Insurance

Let’s Understand With the Following Examples –

For example – If you are playing on a 1000/2000 cash table and the shown max insured amount is Rs. 1500 then –

Scenario 1: If you bet Rs. 500 and lose, you will get Rs. 500 back in your Big Cash poker account.

Scenario 2: If you bet while grinding Rs. 1200 and unfortunately lose then also you will get Rs. 1200 back.

Scenario 3: If you bet for Rs. 2000 and then lose then you get Rs. 1500 back as the max insured amount is Rs. 1500 for this table.

Isn’t this easy and wholesome? Life can be unpredictable but not your Poker Games! Big Cash Poker insurance! Protect your bankroll and build on your success. So play now…. Without the fear of losing. That’s why Big Cash says… FREE INSURANCE KE SATH KHELO POKER BINDAAS

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