Your Extensive Guide to Poker Probabilities and Odds

poker probability

The poker game has grabbed the interest of many online gamers, but few know better about poker probability and odds. The poker game is about understanding the maths behind poker hands, bets, calls, and flops. The game isn’t solely determined by luck but requires the application of strategies and mathematics behind every move. Thus, understand the calculation of poker probabilities and odds well to make the right decisions. Hence, here’s your chance to explore fundamental concepts, such as evaluating the probability of drawing a winning hand and more. 

What are Poker Probabilities and Odds?

Poker probabilities and odds are important concepts that players must know before they start making decisions at the online poker table. Usually, there is a general belief that both concepts are the same. But that’s not true. 

Poker probabilities are the likeliness of a specific event occurring during a poker game. It may include the likeliness of drawing a particular hand or hitting a particular card. Poker odds refer to the ratio of probabilities of a certain event taking place to not taking place. As a poker player, you must be well-versed in poker statistics related to probability and odds since it helps you be a successful poker player and helps you gain a competitive advantage over other players.

Poker Hands Probability

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You can make or deal in 2,598,960 different 5-card hands in a poker game. Let’s have a better understanding of how these combinations split up in various poker ranks of hands by observing the following poker probability chart:

Frequency (Distinct Hands)Probability (%)Odds (~)Possibility of Poker Hands
Royal Flush40.000154%1 in 649,740
Straight Flush360.00139%1 in 72,193
4-of-a-Kind6240.0240%1 in 4,165
Full House3,7440.1441%1 in 694
Flush5,1080.1965%1 in 509
Straight10,2000.3925%1 in 255
3-of-a-Kind54,9122.1128%1 in 47
Two Pair123,5524.7539%1 in 21
One Pair1,098,24042.2569%1 in 2.4
High Card1,302, 54050.1177%1 in 2

In a nutshell, the following are a few important points that you must note from the above table:

  • The poker hands are ranked sequentially, ranging from the ones difficult to make to the ones easiest to attain.
  • The above rankings range from high-valued hands, including royal flush and straight flush, to low-valued poker hands, including one-pair or high card.
  • Royal flush and straight flush are high-valued hands because they are the most difficult to make and have little probability of turning up. On the other hand, the one-pair or high card hands are easy to make owing to high probability and, hence, less-valued.
  • The probability of a pair in a poker game is approximately 42%.
  • The chance of attaining a full house in a poker game is less than even 1%, i.e., approximately 0.1441%.

Understanding the above probabilities and ranking of poker hands helps players gauge the strength of their hands compared to their opponents. 

Standard Poker Odds and Probabilities

In a poker game, there are two types of the most common odds: Odds related to certain hole cards and odds of a made hand flopping. Let’s understand both in detail:

1- Odds Dealing With Certain Hole Cards in a Poker Game

In a poker game, your winning depends on the hole cards, i.e., the cards with which you start a game. For example, you have a high probability of winning with two Aces as your hole cards. Thus, knowing which hole card combinations are strong is important for forming your poker game strategies. 

Suppose you have a poker hand with AK (Ace-King). In that case, you can have 16 combinations with 4 Aces and 4 Kings. Out of these 16 combinations, 4 will belong to the same suit, while 12 will not. Concerning pocket pairs like AA or KK, every value has a total of 6 combinations. Pocket Aces turn up approximately every 221 hands. In contrast, AK turns up once in every 332 hands. These probabilities are helpful in determining the likelihood of you forming a hand in poker.

2- Odds of Flopping a Made Hand in a Poker Game

A ‘flop’ is when the first three community cards are revealed. The odds of flopping a made hand means forming a strong hand right after making the flop. The chart below shows the probabilities of flopping a made hand:

Card CombinationsFlop HandProbabilityOdds
Unpaired CardsA Pair29.0%1 in 3.5
Pocket PairA Set11.8%1 in 8.5
Connected CardsA Straight1.3%1 in 77

Basic Rules of Poker Probabilities

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It is important to understand that referring to the above charts would be difficult for every poker hand, especially when gauging chances to improve and relating it with the pot odds. Thus, using the following shortcut and tricks, you can learn how to calculate the improvement in your poker hand probability:

  • If you multiply the number of outs (cards that help make a winning hand) available on the flop by 4, you can calculate your approximate chances of making a poker hand at the turn or river (with two more cards to come).
  • Similarly, by multiplying the number of outs available on the flop or turn by 2, you can calculate the approximate chances of making a poker hand at the next card.
  • However, sometimes, you may vary the number of outs you consider as you think about whether those cards will be helpful to your opponents in making a hand.

How to Play Online Poker On Big Cash?

If you are about to play a game of poker on Big Cash, follow the following steps and stand a chance to win exciting cash rewards:

  • For the Poker app download via Big Cash, go to the platform’s official website, scan the QR code, or get the app link through SMS. After successful download, register on the app by creating an account with strong credentials.
  • After the Big Cash poker app download, log into your account and choose a Poker variant from the different options that Big Cash offers. After selecting a variant, enter a poker contest or join a table of your choice by paying the appropriate entry fee.
  • After the game begins, you can place or raise your stakes. You can also fold your hand after evaluating the strength of your hand. Your aim must be to win the pot containing all the money put in by other players.
  • After all the poker rounds, all players reveal their cards, and the player with the best hand wins the pot. After winning, the player can withdraw the winnings safely through BigCash’s verified transaction partners.

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Thus, get a grip on the poker probabilities and odds before playing a game online. The mentioned probabilities and odds are your roadway to success, as they will help you understand the game’s depths and form your strategies accordingly. Playing poker has abundant opportunities to make real money. Hence, understanding the intricacies of poker probabilities and odds is necessary for making informed decisions. So, get going with Poker on Big Cash and live the dream of winning real prize money with every poker win.


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