Benefits of Big Cash Membership: Why You Should Have Big Cash Membership


Are you ready to embark on a rewarding journey with Big Cash? We offer three exciting membership levels, each packed with its own set of perks and bonuses. In this blog post, we’ll take you through the details of these memberships, helping you choose the one that best suits your gaming preferences and budget.

Big Cash Membership Has 3 Levels:

1- Silver Membership

Cost: Rs 99

As a Silver Member, you not only gain access to the exclusive benefits of Big Cash, but you also receive a fantastic free bonus of Rs 150. Here’s the calculation behind this generosity: for each day of your 30-day membership, you’ll receive Rs 5, adding up to a total bonus of Rs 150.

The Silver Membership is an excellent choice for those looking to test the waters and enjoy some added perks while gaming.

2- Gold Membership

Cost: Rs 199

Stepping up to the Gold Membership not only intensifies your gaming experience but also provides a more substantial bonus. With a membership fee of Rs 199, you’ll receive a generous free bonus of Rs 600. The calculation here is straightforward: Rs 10 multiplied by the 60-day duration of your Gold Membership.

This tier is perfect for avid gamers who are looking to maximize their winnings and enjoy an extended period of benefits.

3- Diamond Membership

Cost: Rs 299

For those who crave the ultimate gaming experience and rewards, the Diamond Membership is the way to go. While the membership cost is Rs 299, the free bonus you’ll receive is a whopping Rs 1350. The calculation behind this impressive bonus is Rs 15 multiplied by the 90-day duration of your Diamond Membership.

This top-tier membership is designed for the most dedicated gamers who want to reap the maximum benefits and elevate their gaming adventure to new heights.

In summary, Big Cash offers a range of membership levels to cater to different gaming preferences and budgets. Whether you choose the Silver, Gold, or Diamond Membership, you’ll enjoy a thrilling gaming experience and generous bonuses that will enhance your gameplay. So, don’t wait any longer; pick the membership level that suits you best and start winning big with Big Cash!

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Other benefits of Big Cash Membership:

1- Free Daily Bonus

One of the standout perks of being a Big Cash member is the daily free bonus. Each day, you’ll receive a free cash bonus, which means you’re literally earning money just for being a member. It’s a fantastic way to boost your Big Cash wallet & play games from that bonus & earn exciting rewards.

2- Ludo Contest – Free Entry and Winnings

If you’re a fan of Ludo, you’re in for a treat with Big Cash Membership. As a member, you get free entry into Ludo contests. This means you can participate in exciting Ludo tournaments without spending a dime. Not only do you get to play your favorite game, but you also stand a chance to win real cash prizes. It’s a win-win situation for gaming enthusiasts.

3- Free Entry Call Break Contest

For those who enjoy playing Call Break, Big Cash Membership offers free entry into Call Break contests. This ensures you can make the most of your break time by indulging in your favorite card game. No need to worry about spending money on entry fees; your membership covers it, letting you enjoy some competitive gaming whenever you need a break.

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In conclusion, Big Cash Membership offers a host of advantages that make it a must-have for gaming enthusiasts. Whether you prefer Ludo or Call Break, the free contest entries, daily bonuses, and potential bonus rewards can significantly boost your gaming experience and earnings. So, why wait? Join Big Cash Membership today and unlock these fantastic benefits while enjoying your favorite games. It’s your path to fun and winning!

FAQs About Big Cash Membership

Q1: What is Big Cash Membership, and what does it offer?

Big Cash Membership is a gaming membership program with three levels: Silver, Gold, and Diamond. It offers various perks and bonuses to enhance your gaming experience.

Q2: What are the membership levels, and how much do they cost?

Big Cash Membership has three levels:

  • Silver Membership: Rs 99
  • Gold Membership: Rs 199
  • Diamond Membership: Rs 299

Q3: What is the daily free bonus for Big Cash members?

Big Cash members receive a daily free cash bonus, allowing them to earn money just for being a member. The bonus amount varies depending on your membership level.

Q4: How can I become a Big Cash member?

To become a Big Cash member, you can choose from the Silver, Gold, or Diamond Membership levels and pay the respective membership fee. Once you’ve subscribed, you’ll enjoy the associated benefits.

Q5: Is there a specific duration for these memberships?

Yes, each membership level has a specific duration: Silver (30 days), Gold (60 days), and Diamond (90 days).

Q6: How do I join Big Cash Membership, and where can I find more information?

You can join Big Cash Membership by downloading the Big Cash App from and selecting your preferred membership level.


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