How to Become a Big Cash VIP: A Comprehensive Guide


Are you a passionate gamer seeking to elevate your gaming experience to a higher level? Do you want to unlock exclusive rewards, bonuses, and privileges while enjoying your favorite games? If your answer is yes, then becoming a Big Cash VIP might be the perfect choice for you. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the steps to achieve VIP status on Big Cash and explore the exciting benefits that come with it.

The VIP Journey

Big Cash offers a tiered VIP program that rewards players for their dedication and gameplay. There are three VIP levels you can aspire to reach:

1- VIP

Requirement: To become a VIP user, you need to make a cumulative bet of Rs 5000 in 30 days.


  • Double Daily Rewards: Enjoy twice the rewards each day.
  • Rs 10 Weekly Bonus: Get a weekly bonus of Rs 10.
  • Exclusive Contests: Participate in exclusive contests for VIP members.
  • Higher Referral Bonus: Earn Rs 20 as a referral bonus.
  • Redemption Limit: Redeem your earnings up to Rs 20,000.
  • Exclusive Tournaments: Gain access to special VIP tournaments.
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2- VIP Plus

Requirement: To reach VIP Plus status, you must bet a total of Rs 50,000.

Benefits :

  • Double Redemption: Enjoy the privilege of redeeming your earnings twice as often.
  • Triple Daily Rewards: Triple your daily rewards.
  • Rs 30 Weekly Bonus: Receive a weekly bonus of Rs 30.
  • Exclusive Contests: Access exclusive contests designed for VIP Plus members.
  • Higher Referral Bonus: Continue to earn Rs 20 as a referral bonus.
  • Redemption Limit: Increase your redemption limit to Rs 30,000.
  • Exclusive Tournaments: Keep participating in exclusive VIP tournaments.
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3- VIP Pro

Requirement: To achieve VIP Pro status, you need to bet a cumulative total of Rs 100,000.


  • Triple Redemption: Get the opportunity to redeem your earnings three times as often.
  • Fivefold Daily Rewards: Enjoy a whopping fivefold increase in your daily rewards.
  • Rs 100 Weekly Bonus: Receive a generous weekly bonus of Rs 100.
  • Exclusive Contests: Compete in special contests tailored for VIP Pro members.
  • Higher Referral Bonus: Continue to earn Rs 20 as a referral bonus.
  • Redemption Limit: Raise your redemption limit to Rs 50,000.
  • Exclusive Tournaments: Continue to access exclusive VIP tournaments.

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Terms and Conditions

It’s important to understand the terms and conditions associated with the Big Cash VIP program:

  1. Target Achievement: To become a Big Cash VIP, VIP Plus, or VIP Pro, you must achieve the specified cumulative bet target within a 30-day cycle.
  2. Status Allocation: Your VIP status will be determined based on the cumulative bet value recorded on the Big Cash app for the given 30-day cycle. If you meet the requirements, you will be allocated the respective VIP status.
  3. Benefits: The benefits associated with each VIP level are subject to change, so it’s essential to stay updated with the latest terms and conditions on the Big Cash platform. How to Start Your VIP Journey

Becoming a Big Cash VIP is an exciting opportunity for gaming enthusiasts. To begin your journey, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Big Cash App: If you haven’t already, download the Big Cash app from
  2. Register and Log In: Create an account on the app or log in if you already have one.
  3. Start Playing: Dive into your favorite games on the platform and start making bets.
  4. Track Your Progress: Keep an eye on your cumulative bet value within a 30-day cycle to see your progress toward VIP status.
  5. Achieve VIP Status: Once you reach the required cumulative bet value, you’ll be upgraded to the corresponding VIP level.
  6. Enjoy the Benefits: Start reaping the rewards of being a Big Cash VIP, from increased bonuses to exclusive tournaments and more.
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Remember, the journey to becoming a Big Cash VIP is a testament to your dedication and skill as a gamer. So, gear up, play your best, and unlock a world of exclusive privileges and rewards on Big Cash. Happy gaming!

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FAQs About Big Cash VIP Membership

  1. What is Big Cash, and why should I become a VIP?

Big Cash is a gaming platform that offers exciting rewards and privileges to its VIP members. Becoming a VIP allows you to enjoy exclusive bonuses, contests, and more while playing your favorite games.

  1. How many VIP levels are there on Big Cash?

There are three VIP levels on Big Cash: VIP, VIP Plus, and VIP Pro. Each level comes with its own set of benefits and requirements.

  1. What are the requirements to become a VIP on Big Cash?

To become a VIP, you need to make a cumulative bet of Rs 5000 in 30 days. For VIP Plus, it’s Rs 50,000, and for VIP Pro, it’s Rs 100,000.

  1. How do I track my progress towards VIP status?

You can track your cumulative bet value within a 30-day cycle on the Big Cash app. This will help you monitor your progress towards achieving VIP status.

  1. How do I start my VIP journey on Big Cash?

To start your VIP journey on Big Cash, you need to download the Big Cash app, create an account or log in if you already have one, start playing games, track your cumulative bet value, and achieve the required bet amount for your chosen VIP level.

  1. Is becoming a Big Cash VIP a one-time achievement, or do I need to maintain it?

To maintain your VIP status, you need to continue meeting the cumulative bet requirements within each 30-day cycle. If you fall below the required amount, you may lose your VIP status.


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