Best Online Poker Tournaments in India to Play Online

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Online poker games have been evolving day by day! We have seen a massive amount of audience participating in the numerous types of tournaments just by sitting at their home. Online poker tournaments have become a thrilling way for poker enthusiasts to test their skills, compete against top players, and potentially win substantial cash prizes from the comfort of their own homes. With a plethora of options available, it can be challenging to decide which tournaments to participate in, so here are the best tournaments that you can participate in.

Type of Poker Tournaments in India

There are several types of poker tournaments in India that one needs to check out. Each tournament has its format, different winning amounts, different playtime etc. Here is a list of different types of poker tournaments you need to look out for –

1- Freeroll Tournaments

Freeroll Poker Tournaments are a type of tournaments that need no entry fee to register in the game. You can register for these tournaments for free of cost and win money.

2- Satellites Tournament

Satellite tournaments are kind of a gate to bigger and better tournaments at a lower prize. Suppose you need to enter a tournament that has an entry prize of ₹1000 so you can participate in the satellite tournaments that have a comparatively lower entry fee and if you win the satellite tournaments you can participate in the bigger tournament free of cost.

3- Sit and Go

Sit and Go is a type of tournament where players do not need to register beforehand or wait for the tournament schedule. In sit and go as soon as the required number of players join the game starts, and it ends quickly. This format of the tournament is famous for its leniency and availability.

4- Flights

Flight tournaments are the tournaments that are played as a qualifying event for main tournaments. You can play as many flights as possible. and your best score will be considered for the main tournament. These flight tournaments are organized in so many places, and at so many times, these are like auditions for main events.

5- Bounty

Bounty as the name suggests – each poker player has a bounty on their head. You eliminate a player you get the bounty amount set on their head. These bounty amounts are typically derived from the entry fees paid by the players. Bounty tournaments are super profitable if you are a pro player as you can remove as many players as you can and win money for every removed player.

6- Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs):

MTTs are larger-scale tournaments that attract a large number of players competing for significant prize pools. These tournaments feature multiple tables and progress through various stages until a final table is reached. Players accumulate chips to survive each level and advance in the tournament. Many online poker sites, including the best ones, host regular MTTs with varying buy-ins and guaranteed prize pools, making them a favorite among serious players.

Choosing the Best Poker Site:

When selecting an online poker site to participate in tournaments, consider factors such as reputation, game variety, software quality, security measures, and available payment options. Look for sites like Global Poker, Black Chip Poker, and Replay Poker that offer a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience, along with opportunities to play real money poker tournaments of your choice.

List of Best Online Poker Tournaments

Tournament NamePlatformWinning Amount
Daily Poker TournamentBig Cash₹10000+
Poker VIP Club TournamentBig Cash₹50000+
WSOP OnlineWorldwide$1 Mil+
World Poker Tour ChampionshipsWorldwide$1 Mil+
Indian Poker ChampionshipOffline (India)$1 Mil+
PokerStars Sunday MillionPokerStars$1 Mil+
Partypoker MILLIONS OnlinePartypoker$1 Mil+
888poker XL Series888poker$2 Mil+
MicroMillions on PokerStarsPokerStars₹1Crore
GGPoker WSOP Super CircuitGGPoker$100,000
Big One-For-One DropWSOP$1 Mil+
The Triton Super High Roller SeriesUSA$1 Mil+
World Championship of Online PokerUSA$2 Mil+
European Poker TourEurope$2 Mil+
Spring Championship of Online PokerWorldwide$1 Mil+
Super High Roller BowlWorldwide$1 Mil+
PokerBaazi’s Baazi Grind SeriesPokerBaazi₹50000+
PokerStars Big BangPokerStars₹50000+
Adda52 Online Poker TournamentsAdda52₹50000+
Spartan Poker TournamentsSpartan Poker₹50000+

1- Big Cash Poker Tournament

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If you are looking for a fun and exciting way to test your poker skills, let us introduce you to the best-ever Big Cash app’s poker tournaments where you have the chance to win the biggest prize pool! Put your poker hands down on the most exciting poker game only on the Big Cash app. Poker promotions on the Big Cash app are a quick and easy way to make some money.

Make your participation easy by downloading the app and signing up with the account. Once you enter, navigate to enter the tournament, as it is open to everyone, you can play it easily. There are multiple rounds of play, with the winners of every round coming to the next level. These are the poker promotion tournaments to look out for. Big Cash is one of the best online poker apps to tryout.

Here is a List of Poker Daily Tournaments Going on the Big Cash App

TimingsWinning Amount Winners
12 AM Everyday₹1000 Total First Price ₹100754
2 AM Everyday₹1000 Total First Price ₹100754
8 AM Everyday₹1000 Total First Price ₹100754
10 AM Everyday₹1000 Total First Price ₹100754
12 PM Everyday₹1000 Total First Price ₹100754
2 PM Everyday₹1000 Total First Price ₹100754
4 PM Everyday₹1000 Total First Price ₹100754
6 PM Everyday₹1000 Total First Price ₹100754
8 PM Everyday₹1000 Total First Price ₹100754
10 PM Everyday₹1000 Total First Price ₹100754

2- Exclusive VIP Club Poker Tournament

You cannot miss this daily tournament if you love online poker! The leading gaming platform, Big Cash has introduced the Exclusive VIP club poker tournament where you can win a jaw-dropping prize by showing your relevant skills and knowledge. Get your registration done now for the bigger excitement, winnings and new learnings only on the Big Cash app. Download the app now.

3- World Series of Poker Online (WSOP Online)

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) needs no introduction. It is the most prestigious live poker tournament series globally, and it has made its mark in the online poker world as well. WSOP main event (World series poker) Online events run throughout the year, with the highlight being the WSOP Online Bracelet Series, offering players the chance to win coveted WSOP bracelets from the comfort of their homes. With various buy-ins and game formats, there’s something for everyone in the WSOP Online tournaments. Participate in world series of poker online and win money.

4- World Poker Tour Championships

It is a worldwide popular gaming and entertainment brand for users who are keenly interested in online poker! The world poker tour has hosted international poker tournaments as well as a television series that also includes playdowns and final tables since it began in 2002. When we talk about online poker tournaments, it came out as one of the biggest that the users have been enjoying since then. Most of these tournaments take place in las vegas.

This year, the WPT champions club is open to the champions of legitimate WPT main tour events. The winners would be appreciated with a massive prize pool worth $1 million. There are tons of fans who are always waiting for this tournament to have their excitement and winnings boosted up!

5- Indian Poker Championship

The Indian Poker Championship (IPC) is a popular poker tournament series held in India. It is one of the largest and most prestigious poker events in the country. The IPC typically features a series of poker tournaments with varying buy-ins and formats, including Texas Hold’em and other poker variants.
The IPC has been instrumental in promoting the game of poker in India and has attracted both amateur and professional players from across the country. It provides a platform for poker enthusiasts to showcase their skills and compete for significant cash prizes.

6- PokerStars Sunday Million

PokerStars is one of the most well-known online poker platforms, and the Sunday Million is one of its flagship tournaments. It features a substantial guaranteed prize pool every week, making it one of the most attractive events for both recreational and professional players. The buy-in is reasonable, and the tournament structure is designed to provide players with a deep run experience. Improve your poker strategy in order to participate in these daily tournaments.

7- Partypoker MILLIONS Online

Partypoker’s MILLIONS Online series is a high-stakes online poker festival with massive guaranteed prize pools. It attracts top-notch players from around the world, offering a chance to win life-changing sums of money. With a range of buy-ins, including satellite events to qualify for the big tournaments, partypoker MILLIONS Online is perfect for those looking to compete at the highest level.

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8- 888poker XL Series

888poker’s XL Series is a recurring tournament series that offers a diverse schedule of events, including a variety of poker formats and buy-ins. It caters to players of all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros. The XL Series is known for its generous guarantees and the opportunity to win big without breaking the bank. A good poker strategy will come in handy while participating in this.

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9- MicroMillions on PokerStars

For players on a budget, PokerStars offers the MicroMillions series, which features low buy-ins with substantial prize pools. This tournament series is an excellent choice for recreational players and beginners looking to gain experience and possibly win some cash along the way. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy competitive poker without risking a significant bankroll.

10- GGPoker WSOP Super Circuit Online Series

GGPoker has made a significant impact in the online poker world, and its partnership with the WSOP has led to the creation of the WSOP Super Circuit Online Series. This series brings the WSOP experience to players worldwide, with a wide range of events, buy-ins, and the opportunity to win official WSOP Circuit rings. For offline poker tournaments Las Vegas is the mecca.

11- Big One-For-One Drop

The “Big One for One Drop” is a high-stakes poker tournament that was first held in 2012. It is known for having one of the largest buy-ins in the history of poker tournaments. The buy-in for this event is typically set at $1 million, making it an exclusive tournament that attracts some of the world’s top poker players and wealthy individuals.

The Big One for One Drop has been held periodically, and it has featured a mix of professional poker players and wealthy amateurs. It has consistently offered one of the largest prize pools in poker history, with the winner typically receiving a multimillion-dollar payday.

12- The Triton Super High Roller Series

The Triton Super High Roller Series gained popularity for hosting events with buy-ins ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, making it one of the most exclusive and high-stakes poker series in the world. These tournaments typically took place in various locations around the world, including cities like Montenegro, London, Jeju, and more.

13- World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP)

It is an annual series of online poker tournaments hosted by PokerStars, one of the largest online poker platforms in the world. WCOOP typically features a wide variety of poker games and formats, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, and more.

The WCOOP series is known for its high guaranteed prize pools, attracting top poker players from around the globe. It usually spans several weeks, with multiple tournaments held each day, culminating in a Main Event with a significant prize pool. The series offers players the opportunity to compete for substantial cash prizes and prestigious titles from the comfort of their own homes.

14- European Poker Tour

The European Poker Tour (EPT) was a popular series of poker tournaments held in various locations across Europe. It was established in 2004 by the online poker company PokerStars and quickly became one of the most prestigious and well-known poker tours in the world. The EPT featured a wide range of poker variants, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and more. Manage responsible gaming and win money.

Each season of the European Poker Tour typically consisted of several events held in different European cities, culminating in a grand finale known as the EPT Grand Final. These events attracted top poker players from around the world, as well as amateurs looking for a shot at fame and fortune. The EPT was known for its high buy-ins and substantial prize pools, making it a significant stop on the international poker circuit.

15- Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP)

Spring Championship of Online Poker, is a popular online poker tournament series hosted by PokerStars, one of the world’s largest online poker platforms. The SCOOP tournament series typically takes place each spring and features a wide range of poker games and buy-in levels, catering to both recreational and professional players. Here are some key features of the SCOOP tournament series:

Variety of Games: SCOOP offers a diverse selection of poker games, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, and mixed games. This variety allows players to test their skills in different formats.

Buy-In Levels: SCOOP events have various buy-in levels, from low stakes for beginners to high stakes for experienced players and high rollers. This makes the series accessible to a wide range of players with different bankrolls.

Guaranteed Prize Pools: Many SCOOP events have guaranteed prize pools, ensuring that there is a minimum amount of money up for grabs, regardless of the number of participants.

Main Event: The SCOOP Main Event is usually the highlight of the series, featuring a substantial prize pool and attracting some of the best poker players from around the world.

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16- Super High Roller Bowl

The Super High Roller Bowl is a prestigious and high-stakes poker tournament that attracts some of the best professional poker players from around the world. It is known for its extremely high buy-in, which typically ranges from hundreds of thousands to even millions of dollars, making it one of the most exclusive and lucrative events in the poker world.

The Super High Roller Bowl was first introduced in 2015 and has since become an annual event. It is usually hosted in various locations, including Las Vegas, where many of the world’s top poker tournaments take place. The tournament format may vary from year to year, but it often includes a mix of No-Limit Texas Hold’em and other poker variants. The Super High Roller Bowl not only offers substantial cash prizes but also attracts significant media attention due to the high-profile nature of the participants.

17- PokerBaazi’s Baazi Grind Series

PokerBaazi is renowned for its Baazi Grind Series (BGS), a recurring tournament series with various events spanning different poker variants. The BGS offers enormous prize pools and opportunities for players to earn big. PokerBaazi also stands out for its loyalty program, where players can accumulate points and redeem them for tournament tickets and other rewards.

18- PokerStars India

PokerStars, a global leader in online poker, has a dedicated platform for Indian players. It offers a wide range of tournaments, including the popular “Sunday Special” and “Big Bang” events. PokerStars is known for its robust software, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable online poker experience.

19- Adda52 Online Poker Tournaments

Adda52 is a pioneering platform for online poker in India, known for hosting a wide range of poker tournaments. They offer a variety of tournament formats, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and more. Adda52’s flagship tournament, “The Big Millions,” is a marquee event with a massive prize pool, attracting top players from all over the country. Additionally, they host daily and weekly tournaments catering to players of all skill levels.

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20- Spartan Poker Tournaments

Spartan Poker has established itself as another prominent player in the Indian online poker scene. The platform hosts a plethora of tournaments, including the Spartan Super Series (SSS), the Spartan Elite Series (SES), and the Daily Majors. These tournaments provide players with diverse formats and buy-in levels, making them accessible to a broad audience.

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Rules of Top Online Poker Tournament

1- Three Levels in the Poker Tournament

On Big Cash Poker Tournaments there are three levels and point value increases in every level. For the first level point value remains 5, for the second it increases to 10 and for the last round it increases to 20. Meanwhile in regular poker it remains the same.

2- Free Entry

Most online poker tournaments have free entry and players do not need to pay any money in order to participate in the tournament in several poker room. They get 1500 Poker chips at the start of the game as a starting pack and they have to use that to play the game.

3- Game Duration

Poker Tournament lasts longer compared to normal poker games. This is because of the number of people participating in the poker tournaments vs the number of people participating in the poker game.

Meanwhile, you can start playing the normal poker game anytime you want and can leave the game anytime you want. But with poker tournaments, there is a specific set time for each poker room that you need to wait and you need to register before playing the game.

4- Cash Prize

In normal poker you can play as much as you want there is no prize limit as to how much you can earn but in a poker tournament, there is a set prize limit for each poker room and you can not win more than the set limit.


Online poker tournaments for cash games in India have transformed the way people experience this beloved card game. The accessibility, variety of formats, and substantial prize pools make these tournaments an attractive option for both recreational players and professionals. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to compete at the highest level or a newcomer hoping to build your skills, there’s a poker tournament in India for you. But make sure that responsible gaming need to be done when it comes to poker.


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