The Ultimate Guide to Online Ludo Success with 4 Players


Ludo is like a mix of luck and planning. Luck encompasses elements beyond your control, except for the ability to influence how you roll the dice, especially when you obtain two sixes in succession. Therefore, it is crucial to devise a strategic approach to play the “ludo game” intelligently.

Here, we will discuss the winning strategies for playing Ludo games online for 4 players.

Expert Winning Strategies for Ludo Game Online 4 Players

After downloading and registering for the Ludo game, have you ever wondered how to win the game? Especially when luck does not favour you? Well, you can do that by following these strategies.

1- Keep Everything Moving: 

When you play Ludo online, don’t just use one token all the time. Spread the action. Move all your tokens to have the best chance of winning. Doing this way, you can ensure that your tokens are spread everywhere, and you don’t limit yourself to moving a single token all the time. It will also help in proceeding further. Unlike traditional Ludo, all your tokens are open online. Spread them out strategically to avoid losing points.

2- Take Your Opponents’ Tokens: 

It’s not just about getting your tokens out. You want to send your opponents’ tokens back to their starting area. Capture their tokens whenever you can. But remember, moving forward is more important than capturing your opponent’s token.

3- Change When You Roll:

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Online Ludo can be tricky, but try changing your rolling style when you roll the dice. If you’ve been quick a few times, slow down your dice roll the next time. Mix it up!

4- Block Your Opponents:

If you are unable to take your opponents’ pieces, block them instead. Stop them from moving forward or capturing your pieces by cleverly placing yours.

5- Pick Your Style: 

Everyone has their way of playing Ludo. Some like playing it safe, others more aggressively. Decide how you want to play before you start. Winning or having fun – you choose!

6- Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks: 

To keep moving forward, don’t just play it safe with tokens about to win. Spread out your tokens and make careful moves. Choose tokens that won’t get easily caught.

7- Capture Smartly: 

Go for the ones farthest from the start when taking your opponents’ pieces. If it’s their last token, grab it!

8- Play It Safe:

To keep your tokens safe and make the game tough for your opponents, stay about 6 spaces away from them. However, when you’re running away, leave more than 6 spaces between your tokens.

9- Plan Your Moves:

Have a strategy from the start. It will help you throughout.

10- Stay Alert:

Just like in a football match where goals can be scored until the last moment, in Ludo, staying active is essential. Don’t miss your chances. Keep looking for opportunities to proceed and capture your opponent.

11- Protect Your Lead Token:

Keep your leading token safe, as it likely has earned the most points. Opponents will target it to prevent losing those points. If you keep your lead token in a safe box, do not move it until you get a large number to take to the house. 

12- Respect Your Opponents:

Treat your opponents as rivals in a battle. Cutting their tokens increases your winning chances, so be aggressive. Cutting your opponent’s tokens will help you stop them from cutting yours. So, if you can cut their tokens, go for it. Show no mercy!

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13- Master Time Management:

Both overall match time and turn time matter. Learn when to take your time and when to play quickly.

14- Parking Strategy:

Consider keeping a token near your starting point while advancing others. It helps block opponents and secures an advantage.

15- Use Safe Boxes: 

Safe boxes protect your tokens from being cut. Use them when entering enemy territory for better safety.

16- Know Your Opponent: 

Check your opponents’ profiles to gauge their skill level. It helps you plan better against them.

17- Dice Management:

Use big dice rolls to move tokens closer to home, securing points. You can use small dice numbers on tokens near the beginning spot.

18- Rule of 7:

Keep 7 boxes ahead of opponents to minimise their chances of catching up. The game employs dice ranging up to 6, making it less probable for your rival to roll a 2 consecutively. Therefore, positioning your token at a distance of 7 spaces or more from your opponent’s on the board is a prudent strategy. This manoeuvre increases your security and grants you an advantageous stance within the game.

19- Remember Token Positions:

Keep track of your tokens’ locations to make informed moves and seize opportunities to cut opponents’.

20- Home>Kill:

Prioritise reaching home over cutting opponents’ tokens, as reaching home yields more points and boosts your chances of winning.

21- Practice for Skill:

Just like any skill, practice improves your game. Start with free games, then gradually move to playing for money.

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Ludo Game Online 4 Player on Big Cash Live

Big Cash Live is a leading online gaming platform with several exciting games. Playing the Ludo game online for 4 players on this platform is simple.

  1. Download the Big Cash Live app from the Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. Create an account and verify your mobile number.
  3. Deposit money into your Big Cash Live account.
  4. Go to the “Games” section and select “Ludo”.
  5. Choose the “4 Player Cash Game” option.
  6. Select the table with the stakes you want to play for.
  7. Wait for other players to join the table.
  8. The game will start once all the players have joined.
  9. Roll the dice to move your tokens around the board.
  10. The first player to get all their tokens to the home square wins the game.

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Playing the Ludo game online for 4 players, such as in a Ludo app, is simple. You can win easily by using these strategies. Remember that even with all these strategies, the game also depends on the outcome of the dice, which is the luck factor. But that keeps it fun and exciting every time you play. The trick is to mix careful thinking with being ready to change your moves based on how the game goes on.


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