Rules to Follow While Playing 8 Ball Pool

One popular cue sport that can provide you with ultimate fun offline as well as online. But, you must know about certain rules which can guide you through the game to win big rewards. It is a call shot game played with a cue ball and fifteen object balls, numbered 1 through 15. A player must pocket balls of the group numbered 1 through 7 (solid colours), while the other player has 9 thru 15 (stripes). The one who would pocket his 8 balls first without any fouls would be considered the winner of the game. 

What Are The 8 Ball Pool Rules? 

1- Call Shot

Typically, players must call the ball and pocket they intend to hit. For instance, if you are shooting a striped ball into a corner pocket, you should announce both the ball number and the pocket. If the called shot is successful, you can continue shooting otherwise, it passes on to your opponent. 

The opening break is not a “Called shot”. The one who performs a break shot in 8-ball may continue to shoot his next shot so long as he has legally pocketed any object ball on the break. 

Also, when you are doing the call shot in the 8-ball game, it is not necessary to demonstrate details such as the number of banks, cushions, caroms etc. The balls pocketed on a foul would stay pocketed, regardless of whether they belong to the shooter or any other player. 

2- Rack and Break

The game starts with 15 balls racked in a triangle at the foot of the table. Any player will break by hitting the cue ball from behind the head string, trying to scatter the balls. 

3- Groups

Those 15 balls would consist of seven solid-coloured balls, numbered 1 to 7, seven striped balls with 9 to 15 and the black 8 ball. One of the players would be assigned the solids, and the other will be assigned the stripes. 

4- Break Shot

To have a legal break, the breaker with the cue ball behind the head string must either pocket a ball or drive at least four numbered balls to the rail. If he/she is not able to make that legal break, it is considered to be a foul. Then, the incoming player has the option of accepting the table in position and shooting. 

5- Jump and Masse shot foul

In the 8-ball pool game, while “cue balls foul only” is the rule of play when a match is not presided over by a referee, a player should also be aware that it will be considered a cue ball fall if during an attempt to jump or even masse the cue ball. 

6- Ball Potting

When a legal break is done, players take turns attempting to pocket the balls of their designated group. So, if a player pots a ball, they would get another turn. 

7- Pocketing the 8 ball

The player who legally pockets all their group’s balls, be it stripes or solid, would get to shoot the 8-ball to win the game. But, potting the 8-ball before your group is cleared or fouling during the shot results in losing the game. 

8- Fouls in 8 Ball Pool

There are some common fouls that can be done in the 8-ball pool game. Have a look at them. 

  • Not hitting any balls with the cue ball on a shot. 
  • Pocketing the cue ball or potting the 8-ball on the break. 
  • Not hitting the lowest numbered ball first but except on the break. 
  • Potting the 8-ball in the wrong pocket or before your group is cleared. 
  • Hitting the cue ball off the table. 

9- Scratch

If any player scratches or pots the cue ball, the opponent gets the ball in hand, allowing them to place the cue ball anywhere on the table for their next shot.

10- Scoring in 8 Ball Pool

A player would be entitled to continue shooting until he fails to legally pocket a ball of his group. After pocketing every ball, he is allowed to shoot the 8-ball. 

11- Combination Shots

The player can also go for the combination shots, but the 8-ball cannot be used as a first ball in the combination except when the table is open during the game. 

12- Object Balls Jump off the Table

In case of any object, the ball has jumped off the table, it would be considered as a foul and loss of turn, but unless it is the 8-ball, it would result in the loss of the whole game. 

13- “SAFETY” Shot

A player can go for pocketing an obvious object ball and then discontinue his turn at the table by declaring “safety” in advance. It is considered to be a legal shot. Also, if the shooter intends to play safe by pocketing an object ball, before the shot, he has to declare the “safety” first. In case, he does not declare, the shooter will be required to shoot again. 

Loss of 8 Ball Pool Game

The player tends to lose the game in such scenarios. 

  • Fouls when pocketing the 8-ball
  • Pockets the 8 ball on the same stroke as the last of his group of balls. 
  • Jumps the 8-ball off the table at any point in time. 
  • If any player pockets the 8 ball in a pocket other than the designated ball. 
  • Pockets the 8 ball when it is not the legal object ball.