Tips and Tricks to Play 8 Ball Pool Game

The massive popularity of the 8-ball pool game has reached exceptional heights now. The online mode of this game was introduced in 2013, and since then there has been a huge traffic of gamers on the online platforms. And why not? The incredible 8 ball pool game is really fun to play and rewarding as well. It keeps you entertained and helps you to generate passive income in your free time. 

The game is usually played as singles or doubles on a pool table. It is played with cue sticks, one cue ball, 15 object balls and the black 8 ball. The cue ball is used for striking the other balls and compared to snooker and billiards, this is a super-fun game to play and win with. Not even face the hassle of going anywhere physically because you get the online version on your smartphone, which is really convincing for anyone to play and indulge in the game. 

Top 10 Strategies to Win 8 Ball Pool Game

Here are the top tips and tricks to ace the game with all your knowledge and win massive cash rewards. 

1 - Know About The Rules

It is very important to get familiar with the 8 ball pool rules of the game. So, here are the basic guidelines that everyone must imbibe before diving into the cash game. 

  1. If the player pots the black and the cue ball goes along with it, this would directly end the game, so always make a goal and then shoot! 
  2. The player should always pot the black ball at the end when the object balls have been potted. 
  3. In a tier that needs a calling pocket on the 8 ball, potting the 8 balls into an uncalled pocket will again end up in losing the game. 

2 - Be Aware of The Fouls in The Game. 

The ball needs to hit the edge around the table. This should be done, otherwise, that shot is regarded as a foul. The opponent moves the cue ball wherever they want after your foul is done. 

  • If you pot on your opponent’s ball, it would be a foul. 
  • If you hit your opponent’s ball, it would be a foul. 
  • If you pot the cue ball, it would be a foul. 
  • If the cue ball doesn't touch your desired ball, then it would also be a foul. 

3 - Keep Playing Every Day 

Log in daily to play at least a few shots, as it would be one of the best practices you can acquire for the game. Play on the Big cash app, and earn massive rewards after you have learned the game thoroughly with the practice matches. So, build up good learning with the game and win big. 

4 - Know the Power of Cues

When you indulge in the 8-ball pool game, know that the cues will have 4 different attributes: 

  • Spin: this is the amount of spin you can put on your shot. 
  • Force: how hard you can hit the cue ball 
  • Aim: this is the goal and would determine the length of your aim line when taking a shot. 
  • Time: how much time you have taken to take the shot. 

Knowing this would enhance your strategy and know which cue will help in which situation. Also, you would understand why you should buy better cues that will help to earn more with the game. 

5 - Know Which Table To Play On

Prior to commencing a match, it's essential to have a clear understanding of selecting the appropriate table in an 8-ball pool game. As a newbie, you should initiate with the practice games only which do not come with higher entry fees. When perfection comes with the cue shots, then consider playing the cash games and move on to the higher tables. The pots also increase, so master your game by showing great skills at such tables. Know which game to play during the online version. 

6 - Power Your Shot Accordingly

The power you use to shoot your shot in the 8-ball pool game is as important as the accuracy. If you hit a hard shot, it would tend to stay out. Also, many times a gentle nudge to a ball will give you a better shot in the game. So, acknowledge the power of your shot for better winning in the game. The player needs to predict their shots accordingly so that it lands on the winning surface.

7 - You Need to Time Your Shot

Nothing can be worse than time running out before making your shot in the game. The player would get a limited time for making their move and to make them better, tap and drag the pool table surface in front of the tip of the cue, it would help you to move the cue faster. So it would help you to make some precise shots with better adjustments. No time issues and a great shot is what you want in a 8-ball pool game. 

8 - Plan Beforehand

Do you know what works best? Planning your move and shoot beforehand! If that is done, plan what kind of spin or how much power you can demonstrate to have that perfect shot! If you want to swipe sideways or move it quicker, it is totally up to you and how you want to proceed with the game. Basically, planning is what helps you in having a timely shot in the game. 

9 - Practice More

When you play more and more every day, it not only helps you boost your own skills and strategies but also deepens your understanding of how to play 8 ball pool effectively. Come and play 8 ball pool on the Big Cash app to ensure your winning moves against tough opponents.

10 - Know Your Opponents

Keeping an eye on the opponents would help you to improvise your own moves during the game. Knowing more about their strategies would let you gain more experience and lead to more winnings as well. 

FAQs About 8 Ball Pool Tips and Tricks

1- What is the golden rule for winning an 8-ball pool game? 

Breaking perfectly is a skill that you should master in the 8-ball pool game. If you have never played the game a significant number of times, you can hit the lead squarely. 

2- What is the best strategy to win an 8-ball pool game? 

You should know the power of your cues and see what magic they can do with the game. It would help you to gain more rewards and winnings with the same.

3- What is the best cue in an 8-ball pool? 

Archon cue with the full 10 points of force stat with the combination of 9 spin points is the best cue in the 8-ball pool game. 

4- How does an 8-ball pool decide who breaks? 

Whoever’s ball gets closer to the head rail goes first in the 8-ball pool game. This is how you can make sure who will go first in the game! 

5- How can I improve my 8-ball game?

In order to improve your 8-ball pool game you need to learn to prioritize your shots. Once you know which one to shoot first would help you win the game for sure. 

6- Where is the best place to hit in 8 ball?

In order to hit at the best place in the 8-ball pool game you need to place the cue ball all the way to the right on the Baulk line after that you need to directly aim at the fourth ball of the table. 

7- How do you play pool for beginners?

If you are a beginner the best tactic would be to disperse all your and your opponent's balls. You need to make sure that your opponent does not get a good shot.

8 - How do you break into the 8-ball pool game like a pro?

The best way to break into the 8 ball pool game like a pro would be to place your cue ball at the very end in the right hand corner and then trying to hit the fourth ball on the table.