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Make Every Friend Count

Introduction to Fantasy Games

Fantasy sports is all about making your virtual teams from the real players. You must come up with your prior research and knowledge to form your squad to win big! There are numerous types of fantasy sports like - fantasy cricket, kabaddi, football and basketball as well. The users need to utilise their 100 credit points to make their team and come on the virtual ground. 


After the match ends, you will be allotted points based on the player's performance, more points would lead to higher winnings. It also depends on the expertise of the user who is making the team. Join different contests and leagues for the major winnings and cash prizes in total. Also, join multiple teams to have increased chances of your winnings with the same.

A Guide To Understand Fantasy Games

If you haven’t tried your skills on the most amazing gaming platform - Big Cash, you are missing out on something really amazing. The app provides you with a smooth user interface, which guides the user after downloading the app. You can easily have fun with the numerous fantasy games and win Big Cash rewards with the same. 

Choose your game and with which you want to build up your team. Under every section, there are different money winnings games available to play! Follow these simple steps and begin with your own gameplay session. 

  • Select a match from the list of upcoming matches or the series which has been going on. You can make your choice and proceed with the same. 
  • Make your squad with the best 11 players once you have decided to play the match. Let your knowledge and skills reward you with the best cash prizes and big winnings. Research should be done for every type of player whom you want to have in the team. 
  • Make a wise decision for choosing your captain and vice-captain for the team. This is counted as an important step as the captain comes up with extra 2x points. These players can ultimately bring good fate to the team and let your winnings increase. 
  • Join the contest, according to your own skills and abilities for the game. There are numerous contests on the Big Cash app, like head-to-head, grand contests, champions contests and much more! Also, you can practice and enhance your skills with the freerolls that are available
  • Go on, save and register your team! All your teams can be seen under the “my matches” tab. Also, you can make any changes you like before the game starts. Make changes with the “edit team” option to change any player in the line-up. 

You can follow the match under the live tab and see how the progress is going to see your own scores. After you win the game, withdraw your cash prizes from your wallet or bank account. Get started by demonstrating your inner cricket passion and have the ultimate rewards lined up in your account. Download the Big Cash app now.

Win big with some excellent tips and tricks! You can get started with your own preferred game and bag your big winnings.

Research for Player’s Recent Performance

Players should be in their best form so that they come up with more points in the game. You need to strike a perfect balance between form and potential. Most of the users go for the players who seem to have performed well in the previous matches, ignoring their potential or only choosing their favourite ones in the game, which should not be done. You should always identify the player’s potential and analyze their record against the opponent while picking players. 

Check Out The Pitch Report

Pitch conditions also play a crucial part in winning a game! One of the underrated fantasy tips, but you should consider it. Identify which pitch would be there in your match and choose the players accordingly. Players would be chosen according to that only, so keep in mind to let your research come out first. 

Weather Forecast

Picking a team according to the weather is also very important! Although you might have the perfect team for a full game, the rain throws away all of your great strategies and tricks to win big. So, every fantasy player should be aware of the weather in which they are going to play. 

Comprehend The Rules 

Before diving into the cash contests, you should always look up the rules and guidelines to get started with the game. If you are not aware of such things, you might end up making penalties and fouls. So, get started first by learning and understanding the rules of fantasy sports. Boost up your winnings by engaging in more and more contests!

The Big Cash app not just offers you the best fantasy gaming experience, but also provides you with the biggest cash prizes with the same. Have the real thrill of fantasy games with the best user interface and easy controls. 

Here are some of the benefits that you should know about indulging in fantasy sports. 

Not Just About Cricket

The Big Cash app not only provides users with fantasy cricket but also some other games like car games, casual games etc. More and more users have been diverted to such online games with more interest and keep them going with some big prizes and entertainment. 

Biggest Cash Prizes and Offers

There are plenty of cash rewards, offers and bonuses for the users playing on the app. Play, win and withdraw within seconds, which is the best thing about the platform. Enjoy the 100% safe and secure gaming environment with lots of other real players and win big! 

Best Graphics and Features

The Big Cash app offers the best-in-class graphics and features that can be enjoyed by users. With the evolved technology, the app is constantly striving to give the best gaming experience to the users. Start your own gameplay now and win the huge cash rewards now. 

Fantasy sports have a rich and intricate history that intertwines the development of games, both physical and digital, with the evolving interests and engagement of fans worldwide. The journey of fantasy sports encompasses a variety of formats, from board games to video games, and the genre's growth has paralleled the rise of iconic series such as "Final Fantasy." 

 Early Beginnings: Board Games and High Fantasy

The roots of fantasy sports can be traced back to the early 20th century with the emergence of board games. These games often incorporated elements of high fantasy, drawing inspiration from myth, folklore, and literature. The concept of immersive, strategic gameplay began to capture the imagination of players, setting the stage for more complex fantasy games.

The Digital Revolution: Video Games and "Final Fantasy"

Key Milestones in the "Final Fantasy" Series:

  • Final Fantasy IV (1991): Introduced a deeper narrative and complex character development, setting new standards for RPGs (Role-Playing Games).
  • Final Fantasy V (1992): Expanded on the job system, allowing players greater customization of their characters.
  • Final Fantasy VI (1994): Widely regarded as one of the greatest video games of all time, it featured an ensemble cast and a mature, intricate storyline.
  • Final Fantasy VII (1997): A landmark title that brought the series into 3D, significantly boosting its global popularity.
  • Final Fantasy VIII (1999): Known for its realistic character designs and the innovative Junction system.
  • Final Fantasy IX (2000): A return to the series' high fantasy roots with a classic medieval setting.
  • Final Fantasy X (2001): The first in the series to feature voice acting and fully 3D backgrounds, set in the world of Spira.
  • Final Fantasy XI (2002): The series' first MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), expanding the fantasy world into an online multiplayer experience.
  • Final Fantasy XII (2006): Introduced a real-time battle system and an open world.
  • Final Fantasy XIII (2009): Known for its stunning visuals and complex story.
  • Final Fantasy XV (2016): Offers an open world and action-based combat, set in the world of Eos.
  • Final Fantasy XVI (Upcoming): The latest instalment, eagerly anticipated by fans, promises to deliver another groundbreaking experience.

Evolution and Expansion: Fantasy Games and Beyond

As the "Final Fantasy" series evolved, so did the concept of fantasy sports. The immersive storytelling and intricate gameplay mechanics of these video games inspired a new generation of fantasy sports enthusiasts. These fans sought to create their own fantasy leagues and games, drawing on the rich lore and strategic depth found in series like "Final Fantasy."

The influence of fantasy video games extended beyond the screen. Board games and tabletop RPGs (Role-Playing Games) began incorporating digital elements, blurring the lines between physical and virtual play. Games like "Final Fantasy Tactics" introduced strategic, turn-based gameplay that could be enjoyed both online and offline.

The Modern Era: Fantasy Sports Today

Today, fantasy sports encompass a wide range of activities, from traditional board games to advanced video games and online leagues. The community of fans continues to grow, fueled by a shared love of high fantasy and strategic gameplay. The enduring popularity of the "Final Fantasy" series, with titles like "Final Fantasy III" and "Final Fantasy XIV," showcases the timeless appeal of fantasy games.

1- What are fantasy sports? 

Fantasy sports is the concept of making your virtual teams with real players and making your winnings with their points. It gets you involved at a more personal level and helps you to have a fun time with some ultimate cash rewards as well. 

2- Can you win real money with fantasy sports?

Yes, you can win some massive cash prizes and ultimate rewards by showing up your skills in the fantasy games. Start playing and see how big you can win with the same. 

3- Are fantasy sports skill-based?

They are completely based on skills and strategy! You need to come up with the best tricks to have your own rewards. Selecting a team of so many players turns out to be a huge task that comes with great research and observation.  

4- What is a fantasy league?

A fantasy league is a contest in which the users, who are taking part in the games, join in to bid to compete with the other players. But, they need to enter with a small entry fee which can be doubled after they play well in the game.